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Will Mullins
Wilmington, United States

Several of my feature scripts have been under option to L.A. based production companies. Some of my short scripts have been produced, in addition to a pitch pilot for my reality series concept Haunted U.S.A. I wrote and directed a murder-mystery short film called The Victim that won the award for Best Professional Narrative Short Film at the UNA George Lindsey Film Festival, in addition to screening at numerous other film festivals.

My scripts have also been successful in various screenplay competitions, including two recent Honorable Mention wins in the long running Screenplay Festival script competition, a Bronze Award win at L.A. Sci Fi and Horror Festival, and a Finalist script at Die Laughing script competition in L.A. My novella adaptation of my own screenplay Miller's Ridge is under contract to be published in print and ebook format in the near future. I reside in the coastal film production hub of Wilmington, North Carolina. 


13 Feature Screenplays

 3  Hour Long Spec Pilot Scripts

 3 Novellas

 1 Web Series short Webisode Pilot Script

 + A stack of treatments (one of which won 5th place in the TvWriter.com/Writesafe Present-A-Thon competition as a reality series concept)

 + More work in progress, as well as frequent rewrites and polishes...

 ... What I have posted here are several of my available short scripts and a few low budget features. I am pitching higher budget scripts via other means. Thanks for taking a look!




Scripts By Will

First Class Perceptions
An absurdist journey through the first class section of an in-flight airplane
Short Comedy, Drama, Fantasy For sale 10pp
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Gens: Scratch Off
A recently laid off forty nine year old wins some money and hires a group of Gen Z's to hang out with him because none of his own friends are available.
Web Series Pilot Comedy, Drama For sale 13pp
Soul Crossing
College students researching a series of grisly murders in the Louisiana swamps come face to face with vengeful spirits that have the power to take human life.
Feature Horror For sale 83pp
Murder Biz
Tagline: It's murder trying to make it in this business.
Feature Crime, Mystery For sale 81pp
Magic Mood Rings
When a stupid, psychotic addict is presented with the opportunity to inherit a fortune, he must make use of his limited ability to choose in order to fulfill the requirements of his grandmother's will.
Short Comedy For sale 8pp
Hidden Invader
A family hides a secret in the attic as a horrible plague spreads across the land.
Short Horror For sale 9pp
West Virginia Wizard
A group of college seniors go on a road trip to meet a self-proclaimed mystic known as the West Virginia Wizard.
Feature Comedy For sale 88pp
Darlene's Transformation
A startling and terrifying transformation takes place after Casey and Danielle hook up at a private party in L.A.
Short Horror For sale 4pp
The Winter's Take
Linda and her ex convict father John mount a search for a fortune in cash that John buried years earlier after a bank robbery.
Short Action, Crime For sale 23pp