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William Gunn

I'm a sixty-seven year old sufferer of Multiple Sclerosis  who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.  I've been married to the same Amazing, Wonderful Woman for 45 years.  In the Immortal Words of the Great W.C. Fields, "How she's stood it this long I'll never know?"

I've had some poetry and prose published in very obscure literary journals over the years.  However, I've recently became interested in Screenwriting.  I've written a few scripts so far. I believe I've gotten better--at least I hope I have--otherwise, what's the point?  Remember -- Pracice makes Something!

I've joined the professional support group Stage 32 in order to gain more exposure for my work. Thus far I have. One of my colleagues has said my writing is "wonderful" and has called me a "genius".  And because of these sterling accolades I now get a $10 Discount  off every $100 Purchase I make at the Local Grocery Store.   And if you believe that I have a really nice Bridge in Brooklyn I'd love to sell you.  It's barely been used...maybe a few billion times. I can get you a really good price.

I collect Japanese Swords and have a nice a few that you could shave with.  I have a Library of over 2,000 Books and I enjoy Science, Politics and Ancient History.


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Scripts By William

Two Time Travelers have a Blast in the Past!
Short Comedy, Sci-Fi For sale 6pp
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DR. JACK GREYSON travels to MARS in 2187 to become the Chief-of-Staff of MARSPORT GENERAL HOSPITAL. The Job turns out to be more trouble than he thought. A Lot More!
Feature Action, Mystery, Sci-Fi For sale 100pp
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