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William Lazenby
Fayetteville, United States

I write what I would want to read and what I would want to watch. Lover of Cosmic Horror and Grindhouse/B-Movie action.

Fear is the mind killer.

Scripts By William

The Immortality Tango
A woman falls into a world of assassins and espionage when her husband's father stumbles upon the source of everlasting life.
Feature Action, Adventure For sale 125pp
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A Kiss in the Dreamhouse, Pt. I in The Ladies Trilogy
A young male American on vacation in Amsterdam is swept into a world of dance, sex, and pain when he meets Venus, a cabaret dancer, and his enigmatic madam The Imperious.
Feature Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 113pp
A Dream Upon the Mountain, Pt. II in The Ladies Trilogy
A small Alaskan town is thrown on it's head when it's reclusive owner's mind snaps, spilling out Lovecraftian nightmares and revealing secrets of the town's past.
Feature Horror, Sci-Fi For sale 100pp
Dino Crisis
When a research facility goes dark, a team of government agents are sent in to rescue it's once presumed dead lead scientist. Once they touch ground, they're meet with a raw terror of prehistoric proportions.
Feature Horror, Sci-Fi Example of work only 77pp