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William Lazenby
Fayetteville, United States

   Ever since I was young, I've been fascinated with the world of cinema and all that goes into creating it. I'll always remember seeing Kill Bill Vol. 1 when it was released and being blown away at the world, characters, cinematography, you name it. It was then that I realized that movies were so much more than just a theater ticket, that months and even years of work went into them, and I knew that was where I wanted to be.

   I began writing stories in noteboks, starting off as writing scenes from my favorite games and movies, and eventually into my own original content. It wasn't until high school when I read my first script, which just so happened to be Kill Bill. Again, I was blown away. Not just with script itself, but the format, the action lines, the dialogue. It was as if an enitre world was revealed to me, one that was just out of grasp until that moment. I started reading screenplay books, reading more scripts, and eventually began transforming those notebook stories into feature length scripts, which was not an easy task. I quickly learned that writing a script versus writing a regualr story were two vastly different avenues.

   Acts, pacing, tenses, basic building blocks of screenwriting. My enthrallment only intensified. Fast forward to present day, and I've got two scripts under my belt, and that ever burning desire to get them out there.I discovered this site on a whim, and figured I would join my fellow writers, and hopefully gain even more insight to this insane, captivating, and sometimes grueling world of screenwriting. 

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