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Xavier Zinn
Toronto, Canada

I am currently an Infrastructure Architect at a mortgage company. I went from a passing understanding of what a screenplay was to writing my first about 2 years ago. Enjoyed the process even thought it is harder than it looks.

I''ll be starting my third as soon as I decide what it is I want to write about.

Until I'm fully confident in what I am doing I'll be in learn mode for the foreseeable future.


Scripts By Xavier

Seven Days In June
Mathias and Amara are the best of friends, they don't know they're in a relationship but everyone else does. Will they ever figure it out with all the drama of high school?
Feature Drama, Romance For sale 85pp
The Christmas That Almost Never Was
Kris Kringle makes Christmas corporate and steals the holiday from his condescending brother Santa.
Feature Drama, Family For sale 107pp
A shy and anxious young woman finds herself held captive by a slick, corporatized human trafficking ring, only for her captor to fall in love with her, giving her a window to plan her escape.
Feature Crime, Drama, Romance, Thriller For sale 100pp
Sage Advice
Bob and Tim are two files who find themselves in an enviable position of which they take full advantage. When Bob tries to exploit the situation further, it’s clear only one listened to his parents.
Short Adventure, Comedy, Family Available for Free 5pp