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Yuvraj Rajwanshi

I'm an amateur screenwriter with one short film credited to my name. My main genre focus/interest primarily is in horror and thriller. Although I am constantly trying to broaden my spectrum.   

I hope you like my scripts.

Thank you.

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Scripts By Yuvraj

Night Steak
To fill the stomach of a starving little girl, an old man acknowledges the true evil in the dead of a night.
Short Drama, Horror For sale 3pp
2 readers love this script
Read Review by Michael J Kospiah
Dead Ahead
For a contract killer, things turn ugly when he messes with the wrong target.
Short Drama, Horror, Thriller For sale 3pp
2 readers love this script
Bats Can See
A visually impaired painter with an unusual gift soon discovers that her paintings bear resemblance to a forthcoming mishap.
Short Crime, Drama, Horror For sale 13pp
1 reader loves this script
Read Review by Michael J Kospiah
For a farmer, nothing is worse than seeing his crops destroyed. But there is always something much worse.
Short Drama, Family For sale 4pp
1 reader loves this script
A young man on a beautiful day decides to make his first move.
Short Drama, Romance For sale 2pp
1 reader loves this script
Last Good Deed
One night, a waitress experiences a true sense of helplessness.
Short Crime, Drama For sale 6pp
1 reader loves this script
Next Fence
Some situations are more than what meets the eye. That's what happens one night when a man comes home.
Short Drama, Horror, Mystery For sale 5pp
Silence Circle
An independent social worker soon learns the reason behind the absence of one of her clients during a therapy session.
Short Action, Crime, Drama For sale 17pp
The Gasman
In her house, a little girl acknowledges the presence of an unwanted guest.
Short Drama, Family, Horror For sale 4pp
A Vile Night
A peaceful night. Someone in the your front yard. What can go wrong?
Short Crime, Horror For sale 6pp