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Zachary DiRienz
Saint Petersburg, United States

"If You're Not Laughing, The Audience Isn't Laughing" - David Lynch Quoting Mel Brooks to Me. (actually happened)

In short, I love to write genre-hybrids. Horror, comedy, thrillers, and sci-fi are my favorite. Particularly fond of surrealism and sticking in unexplainable moments of fantasy and the supernatural. Contrast is ever-present in my writing. Anything passed this is a formality.

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--- Originally from Toledo, Ohio. Formally educated in Video Production, but my heart belongs to screenwriting. My work spans many genres, but usually dwells in the Farcical and Satirical. Mystery and Suspense are my bread and butter. Golden-era Hollywood and Avant-Garde inspire me immensely. Some of my Favorite Films include The Aviator, Memories of Murder, The Big Short, Airplane!, The Elephant Man, and There Will Be Blood.
--- Majored/Certifications in Video Production.

--- Completed a number of scripts that range from comedy-horror to comedy-mystery to family-adventure.



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Currently Seeking


Currently Seeking

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Scripts By Zachary

In The Heat Of It
Golden-age noir meets Golden-age parody. A grizzled Private Investigator is hired to look for a woman’s missing mobster husband, sending him into a pratfall through the city’s underground world of crime.
Feature Comedy, Crime, Film-Noir, Thriller For sale 100pp
1 reader loves this script
Split Screening Presents... "Pilot"
Split Screening Entertainment has opened up its vaults to share unreleased TV pilots. From the 80's action romp "Jack Cougar: American F$%# You," to the All-Native American courtroom drama "Chief Justice."
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 24pp
Mother, Mother, Hear My Cries...
When a young college girl comes home for a break, she finds herself to not be alone. And it's the thing of nightmares.
Short Horror Available for Free 15pp
In a nondescript country of a nondescript era, exists a program meant to shield its people from the horrors of war. This program is Pyrinthium. Here, theoretical conversations can have very real consequences.
Episode Sci-Fi, Thriller Produced 16pp