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ZLeD Entertainment

ZLeD EnterTainment is small house production which consist of multitalented people. We always Explore new ideas, new journey, new discovery on behalf of enhancing our human civilization. Hoping you will see our scarce or strange productions that never seen before, because there are many UNseen dimensions surround you and me.

ZLeD Productions is a venue of new age tradition, high curious soul, estrange exhibit, cultural contemplation and new era entertainment boutique and various non branded productions, high achievement communities and stay calm at start up business. ZLeD Entertainment will nest a fresh new wave through energizing among them the expert community, writers, artists, film makers and young executives looking for an alternative lounge to be more relaxing, recreating and rejuvenating.

We eager to collaborate with vivid person or reputable company that reliable in film industry. We have some experiential documentaries and also good channel with filmmaker.

**Brain never die, Drain never dry...** 

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