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Story & Logistics
The Best Candidates by J.E. Clarke
When the colonists for a new world are chosen - what are the crucial traits to select?
Short Free (subject to permission) 6pp
Atomic Dummies by Steve Garry
Good-hearted but disaster-prone teens take jobs setting up mannequins for atom bomb testing in Nevada in 1955, leading to a weekend they won't forget.
Feature For sale 109pp
Branded by Natalie Ekberg
When a drug addict who has committed suicide enters hew new 'post mortem' residence, her only objective is to find her baby.
Short Free (subject to permission) 12pp
An Unselfish Act by Garrett Mallory Scott
Waking up from a horrific accident Teresa must trust the help of a complete stranger to survive, but Sara isn't telling her everything.
Short For sale 8pp
Italian Bayou by JK Jones
A New Orleans native must choose between playing professional basketball for his hometown and true romance in Italy.
Short For sale 6pp
Rivermeade by Siobhan E. McKendrick
A small village with a Big Bad secret.
TV Pilot For sale 60pp
That Guy by Elvira Drake
A nasty, snarky know-it-all regrets opening his big, fat mouth... more than once!
Short Free (subject to permission) 4pp
Fridge Feeder by Anthony Cawood
A desperate woman turns to technology to help her diet, however the AI tech has other ideas of how to help.
Short For sale 10pp
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Planet Rock by CJ Walley
After accidentally shooting a visitor to Earth in self defense, a hip hop loving fast-food worker tries to hide him from the CIA while moulding him into the perfect boyfriend.
Feature For sale 101pp
A Taste of Salsa by Fausto Lucignani
During a casual encounter, a man and a woman fall for each other while dancing to the electrifying rhythm of Salsa. .
Short Free (subject to permission) 9pp
Moonchild by Chris Courtney Martin
After a visit from her estranged mother, a young werewolf is forced to choose between a successful life in the human world and the survival of her pack.
Feature For sale 102pp
Cheated by Anthony Fertino
After a young woman's husband dies in an accident, she guiltily visits her ongoing lover to end the lesbian affair.
Short For sale 4pp
Divided by Anthony Fertino
An isolated African-American family discovers the country's been in a second civil war for months. After their father dies, teenage Carmela and her little brother must survive at their house in the woods, encountering soldiers.
Feature For sale 123pp
The Doll by J.E. Clarke
A reporter heads to a small town to investigate a missing person's report. When she is kidnapped, she falls into the clutches of an obsessed madman who turns his victims into living dolls...
Feature For sale 90pp
City Without Heroes by Deen Gill
As a super-powered sociopath lays waste to Detroit, a war vet suffering from PTSD tries to overcome her fear and doubt and engage one more enemy.
Feature For sale 103pp
Manhattan Madam by CJ Walley
Following a violent fight, a bordello madam faces off with a fearsome customer and finds herself torn between securing future profits and protecting her staff.
Short Free (subject to permission) 10pp
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Seek by Mark Renshaw
A kidnapped women must unleash a dark, deranged personality she has kept locked, deep inside her mind since childhood, if she is to stand any chance of surviving.
Short For sale 7pp
1 reader loves this script
Artisto-Rol by CJ Walley
An ambitious young actor pushes herself into the sordid underbelly of London while preparing for her dream role, but doesn’t like what she discovers about herself.
Feature For sale 96pp
Talk by Allen D
A conversation between three women takes a dark turn.
Short Free (subject to permission) 7pp
Delta Dog by Anthony Dionisio
A Detroit police officer must evade his corrupt department while infiltrating a narcotics cartel to locate and rescue his kidnapped girlfriend before she is executed by an audacious drug lord.
Feature For sale 84pp
Cold by Anthony Fertino
A teenage girl suffers from a condition that keeps her blood abnormally cold, trapping her in a temperature-regulated bedroom—but the cause may actually be paranormal.
Short For sale 8pp
Grady (The Last Dog) by J.E. Clarke
An old woman takes her dog on a walk... triggering her neighborhood's trip down memory lane.
Short Free (subject to permission) 6pp
Sarah O'Malley Takes a Frolic by Jason K. Allen
An uptight business woman who's having a bad day decides to go for a frolic in a field.
Short For sale 5pp
Interstate Juggernaut by CJ Walley
In a post-WWIII LA, a drifter helps a farm girl search for medicine, but they find themselves caught up in an action packed feud between a crazed ex-colonel at the helm of a massive traveling war machine and what remains of the city's military.
Feature For sale 90pp
Star Wars Genesis by Ryan Herring
The long distant past of the Jedi collides with the future, setting into motion events that could unbalance the universe and destroy the Order of the Jedi forever.
Web Series Pilot For sale 10pp