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Story & Logistics
Alternative Route by J.E. Clarke
Trapped in a limousine speeding God-knows-where, a rich socialite bargains to get the itinerary changed.
Short Free (subject to permission) 7pp
Madam Lucinda by Jason K. Allen
A man visits a psychic seeking knowledge about his love life and his favorite fishing hole. Instead, he learns about his strange fate consisting of hunchbacks, dungeons and werewolves.
Short For sale 10pp
Jagged Edge by Tamara Herman & Cindy Aronson
In her search for restoration from the childhood sexual abuse that scarred her, magazine editor Lily Stone gives her trust and heart to Ryder Bishop, a powerful and beautiful venture capitalist, who alone carries a secret that binds together their...
Feature For sale 110pp
Manhattan Story by B. R. Smith
A powerful broadway theatre critic falls in love with the lead actress in the musical his scathing review just closed.
Feature For sale 103pp
Opposite Ends of the Fence by J.E. Clarke
Abortion is a hard enough decision for any teen... especially with conflicting views at play.
Short Free (subject to permission) 6pp
Corpse Flower by Michael Kospiah
After a brutal home invasion, a psychotic mother must go head-to-head with a sadistic plastic surgeon to save her abducted little girl -- a little girl who isn't as innocent as she seems.
Feature For sale 97pp
Fridge Feeder by Anthony Cawood
A desperate woman turns to technology to help her diet, however the AI tech has other ideas of how to help.
Short For sale 10pp
Absobloodylutely Fabtastic by Laz Rojas
A British pop singer/spy is put in an untenable position and confronted with a choice between her singing and espionage careers when her investigation of a secret plot against England in 1967 uncovers a connection to a music industry mogul.
Feature For sale 128pp
The Best Candidates by J.E. Clarke
When the colonists for a new world are chosen - what are the crucial traits to select?
Short Free (subject to permission) 6pp
Kith by Steve Garry
As the last human on Earth struggles against her treacherous environment and her desperate loneliness, a frightening creature begins to prowl the ruins in which she lives.
Feature For sale 100pp
Decisions by J.E. Clarke
A battered woman reconnects with the little girl she once was.
Short Free (subject to permission) 7pp
Pale Horse by Chris Courtney Martin
When a reclusive author shelters a man who escaped captivity with her long-missing brother, they’re tormented by the zealot responsible.
Feature For sale 104pp
Villette by David Wagner
A young teacher and a moody professor who fall in love as they investigate a haunting on the ancient school grounds.
Feature For sale 128pp
The Sock Monster by Shane Grant
We all have the experience: Two socks go into to wash, but a single sock comes out. Is it a black hole? A sock eating machine? Ofcourse not, socks simply get lost on the way to and from the washing machine …although occasionally …something else...
Feature For sale 90pp
Alien Liberation Front (A.L.F.) by J.E. Clarke
Alien abductions ruined their lives. Now Dena, Mark and Kirk are on the run - and it'll take a rogue alien to save them.
Feature For sale 92pp
Hopscotch by J.E. Clarke
Fleeing the massacre of her family, an old Obeah woman takes shelter in the Bronx. But when she takes an abandoned brother and sister under her wing, she finds worse horrors lie in store.
Feature For sale 105pp
Blackjack's Moonlight by Ismael Hernandez
A teen girl fights to escape her ghetto hell after killing a rapist; she gets a little help from her hummingbird protector, the corpse of her father, and the assassin who caused his death.
Feature For sale 106pp
Through Glass Darkly by Anthony Cawood
A tech obsessed husband would love the new Google Glass but his Romany wife would rather have a new sofa.
Short For sale 10pp
"Y" by Fausto Lucignani
When a mysterious, targeted pathogen kills her father, a Jewish doctor struggles against time to save her community from decimation.
Feature For sale 123pp
Takedown by Shail Kamini Ramcharan
When four brilliant executives are charged with the daunting task of saving their billion dollar corporation from financial collapse, they are faced with an unexpected enemy with murderous intentions.
Feature For sale 108pp
Positively Shambolic by Laz Rojas
A British pop singer/spy and her partner embark on a confusing and whimsical adventure across 1966 Europe as they try to unravel what appears to be a mysterious international plot, only to face a personal adversary who has manipulated them every...
Feature For sale 133pp
The L Equation by Anthony Cawood
A talented mathematician slaves over an equation that could change the face of humanity, as her dedicated assistant struggles to tell her exactly how he feels.
Short For sale 10pp
The Seashell by Jason K. Allen
A young girl finds a seashell and holds it to her ear, expecting to hear peaceful ocean waves. Instead she hears Mother Nature's disappointing son, who's filling in for his busy mother.
Short For sale 8pp
Julie by Stephen Cottage
An exploration of conductor Julian's disastrous marriage, torrid affair, dubious proclivities, and his relationship with a wheelchair-bound blind woman.
Feature For sale 83pp
Safe Place by J.E. Clarke
A young girl relies on a mentor to get her through an ordeal. But what lies on the other side of a door may be far worse than it seems.
Short Free (subject to permission) 5pp