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Story & Logistics
Dark Side of the Mind by Elizabeth H. Vu
A young farmhand with harmful tendencies spirals into madness when she sees her dead lover’s ghost, who she is convinced has come back to seek revenge for a past indiscretion.
Feature For sale 88pp
The Sock Monster by Shane Grant
We all have the experience: Two socks go into to wash, but a single sock comes out. Is it a black hole? A sock eating machine? Ofcourse not, socks simply get lost on the way to and from the washing machine …although occasionally …something else...
Feature For sale 90pp
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A Fine Day for a Beheading by Steve Garry
The CIA sends a senior strategist and her clandestine lover, an Arab-American analyst, to Riyadh to head off a plot to override civilian aircraft autopilots, unaware the target is something with far graver international repercussions.
Feature For sale 99pp
Julie by Stephen Cottage
An exploration of conductor Julian's disastrous marriage, torrid affair, dubious proclivities, and his relationship with a wheelchair-bound blind woman.
Feature For sale 83pp
Lucked Out by Ba Kiwanuka
Hunted by killers, chased by cops – a foster kid must confront her past to save her family from death and herself from being convicted for murder.
Feature For sale 99pp
For Your Dreams by CJ Walley
A hardy country girl with nothing to lose is forced to transport drugs by a small town crook, but instead she double-crosses him in a last ditch bid to fulfill her sister's dreams in Vegas.
Feature For sale 100pp
Sellouts by Chris Weber
Set in the New York fashion industry, Sellouts follows the crew of a small creative agency as they balance their artistic aspirations with their love of money.
TV Pilot For sale 35pp
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Storm's Eye by CJ Walley
Haunted by a figure she saw in the eye of a cyclone, a girl discovers individuals creating brutal weather events and learns they are drawing together to kill thousands with a super-storm.
Feature For sale 92pp
Twin Blades from LA by Michael Good
In this exciting, sci-fi/action feature, twins from LA travel through time to protect the world from the best assassins the Hand of Dirge as they descend through time to destroy the fabric of life.
Feature For sale 106pp
Casualty of War by J.E. Clarke
On a routine drug bust, Officer Janice Mitchell kills her first suspect. Then she gets to know him...face to face. An exploration re: the War on Drugs - with a supernatural twist.
Short Free (subject to permission) 23pp
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The Giant and the Flaming Box by Shane Grant
...while we wallowed in our fear, those elements of oppression gave birth to a beast that marked our distorted reality for destruction.
Feature For sale 130pp
Manhattan Madam by CJ Walley
Following a violent fight, a bordello madam faces off with a fearsome customer and finds herself torn between securing future profits and protecting her staff.
Short Free (subject to permission) 10pp
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Hydrophobia by Chris Courtney Martin
Stranded in a hurricane, a woman treats her husband's hydrophobic rabies before discovering his fear of water is not just a symptom.
Short For sale 11pp
Branded by Natalie Ekberg
When a drug addict who has committed suicide enters hew new 'post mortem' residence, her only objective is to find her baby.
Short Free (subject to permission) 12pp
The Secret by Eve Noel
A woman's return to town after eighteen years to confront her abuser only to meet her fate at the hands of a killer.
Short For sale 20pp
Lawrence by Milethia Thomas
Some loves are meant to last a lifetime.
Short For sale 4pp
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A Bit of Angelic Humbug by Linda Hullinger
A well-meaning eight-year-old girl sends anonymous Christmas cards to the folks in her grandmother’s neighborhood, creating chaos between friends and families.
Feature For sale 88pp
Danger Gorilla by Deen Gill
Genius criminal Brainpan is formulating the perfect heist, but to pull it off, he needs a gorilla with a transplanted human brain- fortunately Brainpan is also a skilled neurosurgeon.
Feature For sale 89pp
Witch Hunt by J.E. Clarke
Magic and politics prove to be strange bedfellows in this sendup of economics, the McCarthy trials, and the current political atmosphere...
Short Free (subject to permission) 9pp
Interstate Juggernaut by CJ Walley
In a post-WWIII LA, a drifter helps a farm girl search for medicine, but they find themselves caught up in an action packed feud between a crazed ex-colonel at the helm of a massive traveling war machine and what remains of the city's military.
Feature For sale 90pp
Talk by Allen D
A conversation between three women takes a dark turn.
Short Free (subject to permission) 7pp
Safe Place by J.E. Clarke
A young girl relies on a mentor to get her through an ordeal. But what lies on the other side of a door may be far worse than it seems.
Short Free (subject to permission) 5pp
Plainsville by Siobhan E. McKendrick
The town on the edge of the final frontier
TV Pilot For sale 50pp
Kissing Death by Fausto Lucignani
Life treats an erratic mobster and a pulchritudinous woman with a night of sex and a day of death.
Short Free (subject to permission) 9pp
Vicious by Anthony Fertino
A young woman moves into a new apartment to pursue a career in psychology and the love life she desires, opposing her parents entirely. Soon, she believes her new neighbor may be dangerous.
Short For sale 14pp