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Story & Logistics
As Cold As Any Stone by Laz Rojas
A British pop singer/spy and her partner are caught in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse with a legendary KGB assassin after their destruction of a Soviet nerve gas facility in 1968 triggers a vendetta against everyone involved in the mission.
Feature For sale 141pp
The Escape by Matthew Corry
A desperate mother inside a religious cult makes a desperate break for escape with her daughter but it may be too late.
Short For sale 7pp
Positively Shambolic by Laz Rojas
A British pop singer/spy and her partner embark on a confusing and whimsical adventure across 1966 Europe as they try to unravel what appears to be a mysterious international plot, only to face a personal adversary who has manipulated them every...
Feature For sale 133pp
Artisto-Rol by CJ Walley
An ambitious young actor pushes herself into the sordid underbelly of London while preparing for her dream role, but doesn’t like what she discovers about herself.
Feature For sale 96pp
"Y" by Fausto Lucignani
When a mysterious, targeted pathogen kills her father, a Jewish doctor struggles against time to save her community from decimation.
Feature For sale 123pp
The Girl in the Fence by Anthony Cawood
An anomaly in an online photo opens a divide between a childless couple which may be resolved if only they can understand what the photo is trying to reveal.
Short For sale 8pp
Mindscape by Boomer Murrhee
When faced with death, a scientist who discovered a cure for the criminal mind is forced to match wits with an evil syndicate who is determined to keep it secret.
Feature For sale 90pp
Alternative Route by J.E. Clarke
Trapped in a limousine speeding God-knows-where, a rich socialite bargains to get the itinerary changed.
Short Free (subject to permission) 7pp
The FAQs of Life According to Sara by J.E. Clarke
A tomboy horror buff finds her world crumbling when her parents separate, she's bullied by the meanest girl at school, and confronted by puberty. She's got a lot of FAQs to learn!
Feature For sale 120pp
Cheated by Anthony Fertino
After a young woman's husband dies in an accident, she guiltily visits her ongoing lover to end the lesbian affair.
Short For sale 4pp
White Light by J.E. Clarke
Two close friends are hit by a truck. But has their age-old debate on religion been decided... yet?
Short Free (subject to permission) 4pp
Bittersweet by J.E. Clarke
A historian mourning the death of her daughter leads a group to explore a once-flooded town - but finds that the ghosts of its murdered children have not yet been laid to rest.
Feature For sale 105pp
Funk & Angel by Darlenne Susan Girard
A young woman killed by a stray bullet from a 'drive-by' gone bad, comes back as an 'Angel' to help find the people that murdered her.
Feature For sale 100pp
Madam Lucinda by Jason K. Allen
A man visits a psychic seeking knowledge about his love life and his favorite fishing hole. Instead, he learns about his strange fate consisting of hunchbacks, dungeons and werewolves.
Short For sale 10pp
Italian Bayou by JK Jones
A New Orleans native must choose between playing professional basketball for his hometown and true romance in Italy.
Short For sale 6pp
Variance by Deen Gill
Handyman Thomas Cole accidentally gets transported from the 20th century to the distant future where he has to run for his life, before his presence changes the balance of an interstellar war.
Feature For sale 100pp
Oversteer by CJ Walley
The surviving gang members of a car crash find their only salvation may be to kill the good samaritans that have offered their hospitality.
Short Free (subject to permission) 10pp
Lost In by Jessica Waters
After realizing that the backpack she stole contains insulin; Jemma decides to return it with unforeseen consequences.
Short For sale 14pp
Repentance by Fausto Lucignani
While walking the streets, a young, terminally ill prostitute experiences a spiritual event.
Short Free (subject to permission) 8pp
Through Glass Darkly by Anthony Cawood
A tech obsessed husband would love the new Google Glass but his Romany wife would rather have a new sofa.
Short For sale 10pp
Blueberry Special by CJ Walley
Mortally injured following a deal gone wrong, a small-time drug dealer finds herself holed up in a diner restroom with her friends long gone and her attacker closing in.
Feature For sale 84pp
The Trials Of Angela Davis by Phillip Hardy
Young Angela Davis explores her sexuality, embraces Marxism, becomes the most controversial educator in the country and is accused of being the mastermind behind the bloodiest courtroom shooting in history.
Feature For sale 134pp
Smooth Flowing Ash by Shane Grant
A young black officer struggling to stop a drug epidemic in his neighborhood is kidnapped and forced into a test by a government agency looking to recruit him. They exist to stop the same drugs and other inner city problems on larger scale, but...
Feature For sale 123pp
Decisions by J.E. Clarke
A battered woman reconnects with the little girl she once was.
Short Free (subject to permission) 7pp
Absobloodylutely Fabtastic by Laz Rojas
A British pop singer/spy is put in an untenable position and confronted with a choice between her singing and espionage careers when her investigation of a secret plot against England in 1967 uncovers a connection to a music industry mogul.
Feature For sale 128pp