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The Alt Wrong by Lori Crawford
A black ATF Agent who passes for white, risks breaking cover with a white nationalist organization who plans to commit genocide in order to stop a serial bomber targeting minority communities.
TV Pilot Action, Crime, Drama For sale 63pp
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Julie 2.0 by Dwayne Conyers
A suburban soccer mom with an erased memory must regain her dormant skills as a master assassin to rescue the President’s daughter while teaching her own daughter the skill of the trade.
Feature Action, Thriller For sale 92pp
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Ravager by Anthony Fertino
Susan, captive of a mysterious and dangerous man, steals an opportunity to contact her brother for help. Unfortunately, there may be more to her captor than expected.
Short Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 7pp
Hellfire And Brimstone by Rhonnie Fordham
Amidst a weird outbreak, a young couple seek vengeance against a group of vicious vampires. Twilight meets The Purge
Feature Action, Horror For sale 85pp
Ruby by Simon Wilkinson
Based on the true story of a very special survivor of the Grenfell Tower tragedy
Short Drama For sale 9pp
Hemera by Arthur L Burton III
Athena's spirit from the past manifests inside her, this bullied teenager with a bad temper gains inhuman strength, a family tragedy causes her to become a superhero to stop an evil she knows nothing about.
Feature Action, Adventure, Fantasy For sale 120pp
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Planning for the Past by Fausto Lucignani
After fifty years and an ill-fated love story, a man and a woman meet again as residents of a nursing home.
Short Drama, Romance Available for Free 12pp
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Smokescreen by Robert Cole
“Smokescreen” takes place in the warring world of the Mexican drug cartels and their murky relationship with the DEA.
Feature Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance For sale 96pp
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Berserkers by John Staats
Three survivors take refuge on a water tower as cannibalism overcomes the residents of a small town. It seems the new gluten-free diet is all the rage.
Short Horror, Thriller Available for Free 15pp
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Grandma's Hands by Chris Courtney Martin
Upon the death of her estranged grandmother, a downtrodden young woman inherits a pair of gloves which preternaturally compel her to strike back at the oppressive men in her life.
Short Thriller For sale 14pp
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Pari Passu by Daniel White
A shy business woman begins to lose touch with reality when flashes of another more violent life invade her memories.
Feature Action, Mystery For sale 111pp
Band Geeks by Brian Thomas
After years of bad luck, Catherine is excited to relive the good times at her High-School Marching Band reunion.
TV Pilot Comedy Available for Free 31pp
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Irrelative by Conor Matthews
Karen and Siobhan argue with a ghost and a Pro-Death advocate on the rights of homeowners to access exorcisms.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 25pp
> Greater Than by Deenur _
Bobbi, a 15 year old freshman, informs her dad she wants to tryout for baseball. Her dad's response, "but you're blind."
Short Comedy, Drama, Family For sale 15pp
The Box Room by Louise Johnson
A gangster plans to buy an isolated old house in order to do some enforcing but he meets his match in Gemma, single mum and estate agent from hell.
Short Crime, Drama, Horror For sale 12pp
Latigo's Star by Clayton Emery
In 1867 Montana, a war-weary drifter finds purpose when he’s drafted as a deputy marshal.
TV Pilot Western For sale 91pp
Penelope by Marvin Rawlins
Penelope face hardships of unemployment while seeking a meaning to her life.Loss after loss an unsuspecting path revealed itself.
Feature Action, Adventure, Romance For sale 121pp
Athena Cole Series - Pilot by Inky E
After an explosive meeting, a woman agrees to go on a talk show to challenge it's popular host. Their interaction started well, with laughter, clever quips, and applause. But ends in silence, shock, and fear.
Feature Drama, Thriller For sale 90pp
Death & Will: Death & the Wake-Up Call by Rachel Fischer
A detective plagued by visions of a stranger's death discovers she's real, becomes obsessed with discovering his connection to her igniting a supernatural war between Death and the God of Chaos.
TV Pilot Mystery, Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 64pp
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With This Ring by Mike Murphy
A young widow begins believing that her late husband desperately needs her help when the inscription on her wedding band inexplicably starts changing almost daily.
Short Fantasy, Mystery For sale 21pp
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The Newbie by Cynthia Garbutt
A life on both sides of the pond. A young woman works to build the family she never had with her dutiful American father and estranged Irish/African mother.
Feature Comedy, Family, Romance For sale 116pp
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Red Devil, Blue Sea by Darren Seeley
While exploring a sunken ship, three people discover that their mini-sub could share a similar fate.
Short Adventure, Drama, Thriller Available for Free 7pp
The FAQs of Life According to Sara by J.E. Clarke
A tomboy horror buff finds her world crumbling when her parents separate, she's bullied by the meanest girl at school, and confronted by puberty. She's got a lot of FAQs to learn!
Feature Comedy For sale 120pp
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Melissa on Ice by Michael Nguyen
A British-Japanese acoustic guitar-playing high school student is forced to become a figure skater in order to follow her mother’s footsteps.
Feature Drama, Sport For sale 120pp
Leia - A Star Wars Story by Simon Wilkinson
Along time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... With the galaxy on the verge of domination by an evil Empire, one plucky space princess decides to make a stand.
Feature Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi Available for Free 10pp