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The Darrow Chronicles: (Pilot) State of Idaho v. Big Bill Haywood by Daniel Broderick
In the 1900's, labor and management engaged in open warfare. Clarence Darrow defended union leaders suspected of dynamiting the Idaho Governor and the Los Angeles Times building, In 1912, Darrow himself became a defendant.
TV Pilot Crime, Drama, History For sale 64pp
Rocky Mount Boy by Kathryn Wasson
Based on a true story about a young man from a small town, who joined the Navy during World War II and became part of the most daring capture in Naval history.
Feature Action, Drama, War For sale 92pp
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Theodore: 2nd Class Angel by Bill Albert
Ok, Maybe Heaven Can't Wait
Short Comedy, Fantasy For sale 26pp
Sunlight by Désirée Nordlund
When his fellow soldiers at the fort constitute a threat to his brother, a young officer seeks help from the enemy, making him a traitor.
Feature Drama, War For sale 99pp
Vintage by Mike Underwood
After landing an audition for a Victorian period drama, a hapless actress must find the perfect costume. But her search puts her on a deadly collision course with one of history’s most notorious killers.
Short Horror, Thriller For sale 20pp
Seventh Son by Noel Hoffmann
A warrior living in the Amazon Rainforest is thrust out of his idyllic environment and into a world where spirits vie for power.
Feature Adventure, Fantasy, Horror For sale 94pp
Fair Dubs by David Chambers
When Earth is doomed, a disaffected, bisexual marbles fanatic secures a marble kept from her by the US President, and Earth, after a blatant “trisexual” leaning towards one gorgeous alien.
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 125pp
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Hidden by Mark Wesley
A desperate family’s quest to find a stolen inheritance before greedy treasure hunters beat them to the golden fortune hidden in an ancient piano.
Feature Crime, Mystery, Thriller For sale 107pp