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Touch Nothing, Change Nothing by Scott Nelson
Two researchers travel back in time with the secret mission to prove once and for all that you cannot change the past.
Short Sci-Fi For sale 9pp
Tacos Guapos by Cheryl Laughlin
Stuck working overtime on Valentine's Day, a berated publisher's assistant finds that her relentlessly awful boss still needs her for the little things after a batch of bad tacos.
Short Comedy, Drama, Romance For sale 10pp
Reality Bit Me - E2 by Jordan D. Romero
The Moon Prince and his Vampire Friend
Episode Action, Drama, Fantasy For sale 45pp
LOOK by Kevin Gerke
This story/movie explores the world through the eyes of a lonely man just hoping a beautiful woman would LOOK at him in a passionate way
Short Drama, Mystery, Romance For sale 19pp
The Recreators by Désirée Nordlund
Since God left humankind to its fate, the powers of recreation are taught to youngsters who never asked to carry the fate of the World on their shoulders.
TV Pilot Fantasy For sale 42pp
Alter Thy Neighbors by Paul Rowe
Aloof tenants trapped inside their apartment building must band together to survive the horrors they didn't know lived with them, side by side, all along.
Feature Horror For sale 91pp
Misadventures by Derrick Carroll
Four unique individuals, with equally hopeless and lost futures, decide to band together and become makeshift adventurers to begin a new one, while both simultaneously and accidentally saving the world from all evil.
TV Pilot Adventure, Fantasy For sale 63pp
Valiant Hero by Jordan D. Romero
A sarcastic superhero and his nerdy sidekick.
TV Pilot Action, Crime, Drama, Sci-Fi For sale 45pp
Fortunate Circumstances by Delwyn Resau James
A football star whose grandmother prophesized would be a great man. Things take a turn for the worse when he does the unthinkable and forgoes a successful football career to become a father.
TV Pilot Drama For sale 32pp
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Wait by Matthew Corry
A mother hides with her son from the outside world. Something is out there and they must hide, they must wait.
Short Horror Available for Free 2pp
The Fine Art of Poisoning by j west
Opal, a scorned wife is harboring a poisonous secret. But, will the obsessive pursuit of one policeman unmask her darkest sins, or will he become one himself?
TV Pilot Crime, History, Horror, Mystery, Thriller For sale 49pp
Comparative Advantage (Through Thick and Thin) by J.E. Clarke
Two female friends band together to survive the zombie apocalypse... and find some obstacles "weightier" than one might think...
Short Comedy, Horror Available for Free 13pp
Vengeance is a Lady by Michael F. Williams
A young boy, exploring his sexuality, is repeatedly brutalized by his homophobic father and routinely terrorized by a group of teen thugs. He flees his hometown and returns years later for vengeance.
Feature Thriller For sale 93pp
BLUE HELL by Eric Christopherson
In a small city in the Rocky Mountains, a young police detective from a nearby tribal reservation--half Native, half white--struggles with the local racial politics and her self-identity as she hunts a cop killer.
Feature Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller For sale 100pp
Stage 32 - Recommended
Last Two Writers by John Hunter
Two obscure and aspiring writers experience instant popularity after a mysterious virus kills off all the other writers in the world.
Short Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi For sale 8pp
Hardships by Nicholas P
An adolescent girl leaves the gang life, becomes a writer, finds love from 2 different men and fills the emptiness in her life.
Feature Crime, Drama For sale 88pp
Turn This Spaceship Around! by Jaye Blohm
An alien teenager mimics an Earthling in an effort to escape hometown bullies, unaware that she is about to face a bully of galactic proportions!
Feature Animation For sale 107pp
Before the Weekend by Derrick Carroll
A man on his way home from work accidently hits an unsuspecting deer, which begins a surreal and horrifying chain of events that forces him to survive the night against all manner of madness.
Short Horror, Thriller For sale 14pp
Reel by Steve Cross
A seriously disturbed writer wants to restart his life, but as he uncovers more and more of his past, he realizes that what he finds may ruin him professionally and personally.
Feature Drama For sale 98pp
Jailbreak by Rick Hansberry
A ragtag group of children play Jailbreak in an abandoned playground but some don't know what's really at stake (Co-written with J.E. Clarke)
Short Horror For sale 9pp
SHOWGHOSTS by Jerry Robbins
A troupe of deceased performers, who haunt an old London theater, enlist the help of a boy and his grandpa to put on a benefit show to save their home from the wrecking ball.
Feature Animation, Comedy, Family, Musical For sale 117pp
Libido by Kevin Lewis
A man must decide how he wants to spend his last act of intimacy after learning a rare medical condition will destroy his sex drive.
Short Comedy Available for Free 16pp
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Jersey Devil (Devils son) by Jordan D. Romero
The Devils son has risen - PILOT
TV Pilot Drama, Fantasy, Horror For sale 45pp
The Baron of Bunker Hill by Daniel Broderick
A former basketball star trying to come back from injury. An off-and-on supportive wife who redevelops areas of Los Angeles. And a real estate Ponzi scheme that threatens them both.
Feature Crime, Drama, Romance, Sport For sale 98pp
Backwards and in Heels by Marissa Slaven
A sensitive 17 yo in trouble at school is enrolled in a ballroom dance program. She must overcome her grief and guilt about her mother's death and help her dance teacher to save the school.
Feature Drama, Family, Musical For sale 100pp