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Brown Bottle Flu by Brandi Self
A frustrated writer struggles to work while being belittled by a belligerent drunk woman who wants to relive the past.
Short Drama, Fantasy For sale 10pp
Sanctuary by Oscar Moreno
In order to protect a young immigrant, an activist must prevent a group of white supremacists from breaking into her home.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 90pp
Out With The Old by Sarah Kennedy
An older woman’s transition to assisted living exposes the callous nature of her son whose obsession with finding hidden cash threatens not only his marriage but also his sanity.
Short Drama For sale 10pp
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Ludlow by Sarah Kennedy
Ludlow, Colorado (1913/14). A beleaguered Greek miner draws a reluctant strike instigator into the throes of a Colorado mining revolt, sparking a labor dispute with horrifying consequences. Based on a true story.
Feature Drama, History For sale 111pp
Retribution by Nicholas P
A young woman escort starts a relationship with a billionaire playboy and a photographer, but things go south when she learns that one of them is the son of the devil.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 86pp
Life Without Parole by Bill Loiselle
An American middle-class and bizarrely dysfunctional family, at the centre of which is Katie, a teenage girl who struggles with boys, jobs and a fluctuating waist line, proving they are actually quite normal
TV Pilot Animation, Comedy, Family For sale 37pp
Paperboy by Todd Heilesen
Ben faces expulsion from high school due to poor grades and bad behavior. Concerned, Ben’s father gets Ben a job as a paperboy, flashing back to his own experiences as a paperboy in 1981.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Family, Sport For sale 101pp
The Stratford - Episode One: "Something Wicked This Way Comes" by Mike Ryder
Tony Two Trips shows up, uninvited and unwelcome, on the run from Russian gangsters who have vowed to kill him.
Episode Comedy For sale 61pp