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Writer's Block by Kevin Gerke
Famous author under pressure for her next bestseller has no clue what to write about she received 3 million dollar advances so she decides to become a serial killer and write about it
Feature Crime, Drama, Thriller For sale 66pp
H2O by Kevin Gerke
Alien crashed into a deep Lake in Minnesota it uses water to take on any life form but must return to its spacecraft on the bottom of the lake within 24 hours or die
Short Action, Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi For sale 44pp
Eight Ball by Kevin Gerke
A street gang called Eight Ball before going out on a crime spree always snore up an eight ball of cocaine problem being the newest member is an undercover cop who must score the drugs
Short Action, Crime, Drama For sale 17pp
The Blue Ball by Jona Doug
A selfish man finds his better self after he sets out to fetch a ball and ends up between the powerful forces of nature that took it and the graceful submission by which it's taken.
Short Family For sale 27pp
Under The Kitchen Big-Top by J. Alexander Johnson
Finding himself in a strange new place, a coffee bean falls in love with a navy bean. But how can he get past her disapproving parents?
Short Animation, Fantasy, Romance For sale 5pp
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BIH Please : Drastic times calls for Drastic Measures by Katrina Jaxson
After being fired on set, a frustrated and quick-tempered actress desperate to break into Hollywood, drastically changes her appearance to save her career and to avoid being blacklisted by Hollywood.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama For sale 34pp
The Dark Offer by Jane Tumminello
A struggling young female novelist reluctantly gets involved with a powerful publisher, unaware that he's a vampire who intends to make her one of his own.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 104pp
Fuck You, Michael Vick! by Adam Rocke
The four Pit Bulls of the Apocalypse teach convicted dog-fighter/torturer/murderer Michael Vick that paybacks are a bitch.
Feature Animation, Comedy For sale 94pp
Deciding Death by Chris Keaton
A depressed woman has to make a life or death decision that will determine the fate of her soul.
Short Drama, Fantasy Available for Free 5pp
Justice by J.E. Clarke
A woman mourns her teen son, killed in a police shooting. When the courts fail, where can Justice be found?
Short Drama Available for Free 20pp
Lost & Found: Am I ready for the world to truly see me as my true self? by Katrina Jaxson
After losing her I.D., a transgender socialite is forced to embrace who she is or risk becoming a recluse.
Short Drama For sale 6pp
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Soundboard: Watch who you tell your darkest secrets to by Katrina Jaxson
A prim and proper psychiatrist begins to take on the promiscuous and ill-advised traits of her clients and must separate her personal life before her dark past comes back to haunt her.
TV Pilot Drama For sale 52pp
The Wanting Season 1 Episode 7 Live By The Sword by Gary Stewart
A retired army ranger whose wife and daughter are terminally ill will try anything to save them from death, even if he has to leave them in the hands of supernatural creatures.
Episode Drama For sale 87pp
Yarrow Street by J. Alexander Johnson
When neighborhood dogs start disappearing and a young black man is the main suspect, a single mother will have to aid him in clearing his name.
Short Mystery, Thriller For sale 12pp
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The Changeling by Alexandra Keister
A young Scottish wife with a boorish husband and a colicky infant is convinced her child is a changeling. When an omen of death, the Black Dog, keeps appearing, the wife prepares for the inevitable.
Short Drama, Fantasy For sale 5pp
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The Worm that Turned by James Shearer
Never underestimate the quiet guy...
Short Crime, Drama Available for Free 1pp
Past is Prelude by Cindy Van Vreede
A woman facing a financial crisis, makes decisions based on the past that could complicate her future.
Feature Drama For sale 130pp
Caribbean Cruise Vacation by Jona Doug
A backward-thinking boomer must overcome his white culture-centric comfort zone when forced to take a black teen on a family cruise in place of his estranged son.
Feature Comedy For sale 115pp
LOL: The Assassination of Kim Jong-nam by Kevin Jay Broome
Two young women audition for an online prank show only to be tricked into assassinating the once future heir to the North Korean throne.
Feature Action, Comedy, History For sale 52pp
No Man's Property by James Brosnahan
Educated slave must rely upon her faith, medical knowledge and cunning to evade slave hunters and escape her abusive master. Inspired by a true story.
Feature Adventure, Drama, History For sale 108pp
Mermaniac by Rodriguez Fruitbat
An alcoholic merman goes on a rampage when a resort town prepares for a lakeside bikini contest.
Feature Comedy, Horror For sale 98pp
End Zone by Jerry Robbins
Recovering from severe leg injuries, a college football star is terrorized by a mysterious figure who breaks into his home.
Feature Thriller For sale 92pp
Home Matters by Fernando Moreno
A stagnant caregiver gets summoned home to care for his grandmother, who has Cancer.
Feature Drama, Family For sale 98pp
The Defilement of Sacred Things by J. Alexander Johnson
When a church is vandalized before its anniversary celebration, a local priest works with the police and the mayor to discover who did it and why.
Short Drama, Mystery For sale 8pp
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Raisin Men: Is my relationship worth saving? by Katrina Jaxson
The employees of an unorthodox private investigation agency that believes men are either grapes (good) or raisins (bad), are forced to look at their own personal relationships before they break up another happy home.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama For sale 61pp
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