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Covid Plays Cupid by Cindy Van Vreede
Two women, strangers to each other, meet and fall in love during the pandemic lockdown.
Feature Romance For sale 64pp
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Century Boy by Tom Olson
A disaffected young musician is drawn into the chaotic world of a rising local band but when he discovers their renegade lifestyle is funded by robbing banks, will he chase his rock and roll dream?
Feature Action, Thriller For sale 106pp
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The Husband by Nick Padmore
A therapist in a passionless marriage starts to fall in love with her depressed patient's perfect husband, but he might well be too good to be true.
Short Drama For sale 14pp
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Forgotten by Kevin Powers
A photographer documenting a World War II memorial has an encounter with an old man and is reminded not to forget the lessons of the past.
Short Drama, History For sale 6pp
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The Black Canary by j west
A ruthless gangster has everything until is wife is abducted, when it's unclear whose a cop and whose a gangster, Johnny will stop at nothing to get her back.
Feature Crime, Drama, Thriller For sale 135pp
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1975'd by Evan Starkman
A small-time cyber thief pays an unusual price for his crime: He's banned from using all electronic devices made after 1975.
Short Comedy, Sci-Fi Available for Free 9pp
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Facets by Derek Matthews
Stranded on a remote island days after his wedding, Mark struggles to keep himself and a stranger - a mysterious young woman - alive. But will her secret be a bigger threat than the island?
Feature Drama For sale 110pp
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The Cemetery Plots by Donahue Silvis
Three old ladies don't wish to be buried alone. They buy cemetery plots and begin to find men willing to share the everlasting.
Feature Comedy For sale 118pp
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Persian Cowboy by Cumberlain Rattlesnake
Two cowboys enter a bar. One orders whiskey, the other hot tea. One takes offense. Do the cowboys shoot or find a way to coexist? Comedy short contained
Short Action, Comedy For sale 7pp
Calypso by Fiona Faith Ross
A bereaved young American woman travels to 'the old country' to connect with her last remaining family, an aunt she's never met who believes herself to be the immortal sea-goddess, Calypso.
Feature Action, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Thriller For sale 85pp
A Simple Kind of Life by Oscar Moreno
After discovering his daughter's principal was the frontman of his favorite band, a young man befriends him to revive his music career and start one of his own.
Feature Comedy, Drama For sale 100pp
Deep Fried Sh!te by David J. Keogh
A bungled robbery in the Scottish Highlands force a separated couple to work with their kidnappers. Lost, pursued by police, thieves and upset campers, they race to reunite and survive each other and the wilderness.
Feature Comedy, Crime, Drama, Romance For sale 117pp
The Seed by Art D'Alessandro
In the near future we find out that society has yielded just a bit more and government will become our next best thing to man's best friend.
Short Sci-Fi For sale 9pp
NORJAK by James Shearer
A retired legionnaire in need of cash decides to skyjack an American airliner.
Short Action, Crime, Drama, History, Mystery For sale 12pp
Jewel by Tamara Steren
When a timid, rookie lawyer defends a case that hits close to home, she finds inspiration from her renown actress-suffragist great grandmother's diaries for courage to save women's lives and change the course of history.
Feature Drama, History For sale 100pp
Farewell Dinner by Tony Jerris
A woman stuck in a loveless marriage makes her husband an anniversary dinner that is to die for... literally!
Short Drama For sale 5pp
Swimming to Hawaii. by Jason Cooper
When homeless vet Brad with PTSD is tricked into taking the place of a notorious but elusive hit man at a Mafia wedding, the bodies still add up.
Feature Action For sale 96pp
Lemon Aid by Daniel Broderick
It's great learning experience for every child to operate a lemonade stand in front of their house, and for the parents who realize too late how much this little enterprise is gonna cost 'em.
Short Comedy, Family For sale 10pp
The Worst of Times by Daniel Broderick
But I never really said, "Let them eat cake." Everything that's happening is not my fault. Too late. The people have spoken. The revolution is here.
Short Drama, History For sale 6pp
The Strange Warning by Maurice Vaughan
After a gullible nineteen-year-old finds a strange warning in her date's bathroom, she tries to figure out what it means.
Short Drama, Mystery For sale 6pp
Bingo, Burgers and Baddies! by Chris Welch
Two estranged families led by a divorced couple rob a rough but lucrative bingo venue at the same time. Only to be thwarted by a disgraced comedian, now bingo caller, and his sharp mouthed daughter.
Feature Action, Comedy, Crime For sale 88pp
The Rockford Files Pilot: Disclosure by Joseph Bianco
Iconic PI, Jim Rockford killed off Point Mugu Rock California. Was it an accident or foul play? Sara Butler and Rockford's illegitimate son travel to CA to find out the truth.
TV Pilot Drama For sale 81pp
Earth Shaker by Richard Guimond A
An unscrupulous curator and his beautiful, archaeology associate unearth the legendary Greek Minotaur, who lies in perpetual sleep. They smuggle the intact body from Crete to Washington, D.C., where all hell breaks out.
Feature Drama, Horror, Romance, Thriller For sale 117pp
Distorted State by Mark Heflin
A young woman is stalked by a little girl claiming to be her daughter.
Short Horror, Mystery, Thriller For sale 17pp
Flicker by Mark Heflin
A young girl succumbs to the noises around her.
Short Horror For sale 5pp