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Dreams and Reality by Johnny Atkinson
A homeless man relives the drama of one simple interaction that led him to the streets.
Short Drama, Family, Romance Available for Free 10pp
Davey by Liam Cairns
Chris and Madi encounter disaster when their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, only to then have the menacing Davey terrorise them with seemingly malicious intentions. But is he all that he seems?
Short Comedy, Horror Available for Free 8pp
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The hypnotist by Cameron Benjamin
A woman suffering from night terrors and sleep paralysis is in for more than she bargains for as she seeks treatment to rid herself of these horrible visions.
Episode Drama, Horror, Thriller Available for Free 34pp
Letting by Valentyn Korotkevych
Mundane human story of nihilist meeting a believer.
Short Drama Available for Free 6pp
Nickel and Dimed by Barry Katz
In this spec mortgage company commercial, a smarmy salesman nickel and dimes an unassuming borrower who is trying to complete a home loan application.
Short Comedy Available for Free 1pp
Night of the Doll by Tom Batt
A child's doll becomes envious of her new toy and decides to do something about it during the night.
Short Horror Available for Free 3pp
The Forty-Year Quest by Fausto Lucignani
After forty years, a bipolar-depressive man locates the priest who sexually abused him.
Short Drama Available for Free 7pp
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Xolotl's Curse by Chris Keaton
A boy learns the hard way to stay out of other people's stuff.
Short Comedy, Fantasy Available for Free 13pp
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The Chase by Craig Thomas
When tasked with retrieving a stolen USB drive for a violent mob boss, a man must evade the clutches of the mobsters who stole it in the first place.
Short Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller Available for Free 14pp
jungle rot by Keithon De Bique
Share fear, loneliness, severing from civilization, means fending without the perks of modern society. That's Cody's predicament lost in the jungle. Seeing another day or being skull and bones in your hands.
Short Adventure, Crime, Mystery, Thriller Available for Free 13pp
BOP by Brent Woodroof
A jaded boxing instructor finds an unlikely protege in an inflatable bop clown that doesn't know when to stay down.
Short Comedy, Drama Available for Free 16pp
Room For Rent by Jonathan Sieff
Students living in a haunted house give a tour to a potential roommate where spooky shenanigans occur.
Short Comedy, Horror Available for Free 15pp
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It's All Relative by Ry Graves
Deceased relatives learn to get along when their living descendants move in together.
Short Drama, Family Available for Free 7pp
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I Am The Wanderer by Bradford N. Smith
Wandering alongside a desert highway, a man has nightly visions of a beautiful woman, and few options left for survival.
Short Drama Available for Free 4pp
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What Exactly Do Zombies Do in the Woods? by J.E. Clarke
Two lone survivors battle zombies - while debating some of the finer "biological" realities of their horrific world.
Short Horror Available for Free 6pp
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Breath of Fresh Air by J.E. Clarke
In a world where air is no longer free, a man struggles to give his child a better life... (Cowritten with Jake Harrell)
Short Sci-Fi Available for Free 18pp
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Internal Error by J.E. Clarke
As a group of AI prototypers will soon find out - even simulations aren't safe! (Cowritten with Jordi Mas)
Short Sci-Fi Available for Free 24pp
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Strange Smells in Dusty Hallways by J.E. Clarke
Sometimes, possession isn't the worst danger from ghosts...
Short Comedy Available for Free 5pp
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On The Pull by Craig Thomas
A woman flees from an unstoppable force, that will stop at nothing to catch her.
Short Comedy, Horror Available for Free 3pp
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Just A Load of Baloney by Kirsten James
When a student saves another from a bully they end up having to face their own fears and stereotypes of each other.
Short Comedy, Drama Available for Free 8pp
Trapping Santa by Javier Torregrosa
Zack walks in on his son Billy holding Santa hostage, who wants everyone's presents not just his own.
Short Comedy, Drama, Family Available for Free 5pp
Man's Best Friend by Steven Clark
Three days after a couple's beloved dog goes missing, a phone call arrives that will change the game. Forever.
Short Crime Available for Free 10pp
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Wild Things by Patrick Foster
A troubled teenage girl with anger issues is attacked one night. During the next full moon we discover that the anger of a teenager is nothing compared to what she is about to become.
Feature Horror Available for Free 96pp
Lydia's Song by Katherine Blessan
An idealistic woman heads out to Cambodia, taking a young Vietnamese girl into her home and heart. She ends up being betrayed by the man she loves when he sells the girl into sex-slavery.
Feature Drama Available for Free 118pp
My Valentine's Heart by Fausto Lucignani
After A young jewelry designer creates a unique Valentine’s pendant , her life encounters heart-breaking complications.
Feature Romance Available for Free 101pp
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