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Story & Logistics
No Alarms and No Surprises by Harry Dieudonne
Constantly cooped up in his room, a group of friends discover their roommate may be stranger than they thought.
Short Comedy, Thriller For sale 22pp
Coffee Quest by Dare Kent
A search for coffee leads to violence.
Short Comedy, Crime For sale 5pp
Tricks by Linda Hullinger
After an aging, prank-playing woman goes too far, her sister attempts to end the gags forever.
Short Horror, Mystery For sale 12pp
Justice by Richard Russell
When his wife's killer walks away unpunished, the husband seeks his own version of justice.
Short Crime For sale 7pp
Wishbone by Jeremy Storey
When a grief-stricken, world-famous writer is given a chance to save the one he loves, he must face a profound decision; follow his heart, or doom a million strangers.
Short Drama, Fantasy Free (subject to permission) 23pp
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Beacon Calling by Chris Keaton
A group in a post apocalyptic snowscape seek out seeds for their future.
Short Sci-Fi Free (subject to permission) 11pp
Passed Over by JK Jones
An emotionally-shattered Junior College quarterback is forced to learn a lesson about life's hardships.
Short Drama, Romance, Sport For sale 16pp
Mine to Kill by David Wagner
In 1878 Nova Scotia, a teenage girl is possessed by six demons, including one that starts fires. Based on a true story.
Feature Horror, Mystery, Thriller For sale 123pp
Light Lunch by Barry Katz
A hungry man struggles to stretch a dollar at an upscale salad bar.
Short Comedy For sale 2pp
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Die Tankstelle by Elisabeth Meier
A young woman on her holiday travel stops at 2 am at a lonely, dark self service gas station when a young man rushes by and asks her for a strange favour.
Short Comedy For sale 4pp
Red Lipstick by Dare Kent
The drama and scars of turning 30.
Short Drama, Romance For sale 6pp
Remember by Will Hudson
An elderly man visits his childhood home.
Short Biography, Family For sale 4pp
Splat! by Kevin Hopgood
Anger rises and passions boil over as a paintball game gets deadly serious.
Short Action, Comedy Free (subject to permission) 13pp
Cherry-Fire Red by Steve Miles
A happy-go-lucky bum reflects upon his love of bicycles - other peoples’ bicycles…
Short Comedy Free (subject to permission) 6pp
Ned & Boomer Get Real by Jason K. Allen
Ned reveals to Boomer that he can predict the weather based on how much his butt cheeks sweat, so he's decided to become a meteorologist.
Short Comedy For sale 4pp
The Object of My Infection by David Lambertson
A CDC research technician uses the only tools available to her to stop an abusive husband
Short Drama Free (subject to permission) 14pp
Avoidance by James Barron
A socially anxious man goes to epic lengths to avoid an awkward conversation with an old acquaintance.
Short Comedy For sale 8pp
That Time of Year by Richard Russell
An old man goes back to the university where he met his wife.
Short Drama For sale 9pp
Don't get out of the car. by Joseph Ulloa
Picking up a stranger can be the death of you.
Short Horror For sale 5pp
Prank by Allen D
Two journalists are harassed by a caller who claims to have planted a bomb in their room. But is he telling the truth, or it is merely a prank?
Short Thriller Free (subject to permission) 14pp
Pitcher, Picture by Samuel Otieno
A schizophrenic is in the heart of a semi-desert,somewhere in East Africa,searching for his lost family. Are they even lost?
Short Mystery For sale 9pp
Poisoned by Anthony Fertino
A rich, sickly teenager suspects his home nurse has been poisoning him.
Short Horror, Thriller For sale 5pp
Table Of One by Luke Oliver
An old man gathers different ages of himself to chat over coffee.
Short Comedy, Drama Free (subject to permission) 6pp
23 and THEM! by Tim Westland
Those home genetic tests sometimes reveal more than you expect and can be life changing...
Short Horror, Sci-Fi For sale 14pp
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Credit where due by Shawn Davis
The killing of JFK was the greatest hit in history and now the second killer wants his due.
Short Thriller Free (subject to permission) 10pp
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