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Story & Logistics
How Can I Forget by Richard Russell
Psychics meet in a bar and survey their possible relationship.
Short For sale 11pp
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Roommates by Joao Nsita
A grief ridden guy is forced to move in with two strangers.
TV Pilot For sale 35pp
Nycto by Anthony Fertino
A young man returns home after receiving mental help to overcome nyctophobia, fear of darkness. He strains to find peace with his father, when it becomes clear his condition may not have been completely cured.
Short For sale 8pp
The Economy Sucks by J.E. Clarke
To provide for his family, a cash strapped businessman makes a desperate deal. Wall Street isn't the only blood sucker out there.
Short Free (subject to permission) 5pp
M.I.L.F.S by Tamara Herman & Cindy Aronson
Two 40-something women follow their dream of writing erotic romance novels; but what happens when their teenaged sons, conservative husbands, and judgmental community takes notice? Rife with innuendo, but clean on the screen, MILFS is exactly what...
TV Pilot For sale 57pp
Deal Breaker by Brett Martin
A lonely woman risks sabotaging the perfect date when she confesses that she's a registered sex offender.
Short Free (subject to permission) 11pp
Die Tankstelle by Elisabeth Meier
A young woman on her holiday travel stops at 2 am at a lonely, dark self service gas station when a young man rushes by and asks her for a strange favour.
Short For sale 4pp
Slasher by Craig Thomas
When Two drunk teens wander into the woods, they stumble upon a masked serial killer.
Short Free (subject to permission) 3pp
Christmas with Joel by Doug Robbins
Joel spends Christmas Eve with a waitress and her nephew.
Short For sale 11pp
Cold Cat by Nolan Bryand
When Phillip and his wife go on vacation, they ask Eric to look after their pets. When Eric finds the family cat, dead, he tries to make it look like it didn't die on his watch.
Short Free (subject to permission) 7pp
Behind Closed Doors by J.E. Clarke
Three men flee a botched bank robbery, seeking shelter in an elevator. But will they face more horrible truths inside
Short Free (subject to permission) 8pp
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The Zombie Who Liked Fred Astaire by Jason K. Allen
A zombie desires to dance like his hero, Fred Astaire. But first he must find a willing teacher.
Short For sale 10pp
People's Parties by Ben Clifford
Two self-involved, self-centered millenials battle a suicide attempt, an extremely unwanted pregnancy and disastrous sexual escapes in order to discover what it is be a "real adult" - whatever that means.
Feature Free (subject to permission) 81pp
Party Mom by David Troop
A fortyish Party Mom throws a tenth birthday party for her daughter at Chuck E. Cheese and single handedly becomes the life of the party.
Short For sale 6pp
Guilt Trip by John Staats
A short fare across town turns into a guilt trip down memory lane.
Short Free (subject to permission) 8pp
Stayin' Alive by J.E. Clarke
You know what they say. Vampires and Disco don't mix.
Short Free (subject to permission) 6pp
A Date With Death by Jonathan Wesley
A romantic evening takes an unexpected turn when a woman realizes she is on a date with a physical embodiment of Death.
Short For sale 8pp
Die Silberhochzeit by Elisabeth Meier
Ein Ehepaar, Mitte 40 oder älter, kommt von einer Silberhochzeitsfeier mitten in der Nacht nach Hause. Sie ist fröhlich, aufgedreht und träumt von ihrer eigenen Silberhochzeit während er irgendwie alarmierend still ist.
Short For sale 5pp
The Blooded by Tony Cella
A dark elven warrior avenges his tribe after an attack by human raiders, but the cycle of violence never ends.
Short For sale 15pp
Offline by Gary Rowlands
When a bed-ridden teen discovers his online crush has been murdered, he investigates her death, leading him on a hunt to stop her killer - before the serial psychopath strikes again.
Feature For sale 89pp
The Family Man by Gary Howell
Before a mob member can be named the new Capo, he has to take care of an unpleasant task to prove his loyalty to the Family.
Short For sale 10pp
Freed by Ian Courter
Freed from nearly a lifetime in prison, Lucius Johnson finds his past still imprisons him.
Short For sale 9pp
The Entertainer by Ville Nummenpää
When one´s life depends on entertaining. Literally.
Short Free (subject to permission) 2pp
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Dead World Diary Part 1 by Logan McDonald
A man finds a video camera and documents his friends search for supplies and food.
Short For sale 6pp
Balancing Act by Jason K. Allen
Odell Jones quit his job, went into the wilderness and began stacking rocks, but little did he know that this would lead to a cult following - and the eventual sport of rock balancing.
Short For sale 13pp