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Story & Logistics
The End by Michael Norland
A play about three newly graduated high school students struggling with the fact of growing up and losing part of what they once were.
Feature Comedy, Drama For sale 104pp
The Forty-Year Quest by Fausto Lucignani
After forty years, a bipolar-depressive man locates the priest who sexually abused him.
Short Drama Free (subject to permission) 7pp
Burn The Ships by Rick Hansberry
Life lessons alter the courses taken by a teacher and his student.
Short Drama, Family, History For sale 5pp
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The Seashell by Jason K. Allen
A young girl finds a seashell and holds it to her ear, expecting to hear peaceful ocean waves. Instead she hears Mother Nature's disappointing son, who's filling in for his busy mother.
Short Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Family, Fantasy For sale 8pp
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Beast by Jonathan Wesley
A half-man half-yeti musters up the courage to escape his solitary life.
Short Comedy For sale 9pp
Movie Store by Daniel Kemp
A magical DVD store transports it’s down and out store clerk into the worlds of it’s movies.
Short Comedy, Drama Free (subject to permission) 9pp
Perspectives by Jasen Heffner
It seems a gaggle of teens just can't go camping in the woods without a series of murders. But every story has two sides.
Feature Comedy, Thriller For sale 90pp
Slasher by Craig Thomas
When Two drunk teens wander into the woods, they stumble upon a masked serial killer.
Short Comedy, Horror Free (subject to permission) 3pp
My Dog by Simon Parker
The end of the world, three friends and a dog are hiding out. With no food, two of the friends want to eat the dog, but his owner refuses to let that happen.
Short Drama For sale 7pp
Spoiler Paradox by Craig Thomas
When a young scientist discovers time-travel, his future self comes back to stop him before the future is spoiled forever.
Short Comedy, Sci-Fi Free (subject to permission) 5pp
Dead World Diary Part 1 by Logan McDonald
A man finds a video camera and documents his friends search for supplies and food.
Short Drama For sale 6pp
The Near Death Experience by Michael Kospiah
After barely surviving a brutal attack, a widowed suicide hotline operator "sees the light" and inflicts the same experience upon his callers to enlighten them, as a way of fulfilling his true purpose in life. But when he falls for the wife of one...
Feature Drama, Film-Noir, Thriller For sale 97pp
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Heavens gate. by Will Hudson
For two thousand years, Cronos have fought the armies of humanity to defend heaven’s gate, using what lies inside for their own personal gain. Now, a resistance fighter risks her life to get it back.
Short Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi For sale 6pp
Table Of One by Luke Oliver
An old man gathers different ages of himself to chat over coffee.
Short Comedy, Drama Free (subject to permission) 6pp
American Eagle by Rick Hansberry
A suburban single-parent family is a picture of success but you can't judge a family by its cover.
Short Drama, Family, Mystery For sale 5pp
Hero by Richard Russell
To impress his girlfriend, a man hires a thug to rob them.
Short Drama For sale 10pp
The Relevator by David Lambertson
A man faces life and death and life in a mysterious elevator.    
Short Drama, Mystery Free (subject to permission) 11pp
I Swear Inc. by Jason K. Allen
Since 1959, a secret company has existed whose job is to place one curse word into the English vocabulary every year -- in order to keep the language thriving and on the cutting edge.
Short Comedy, Drama For sale 5pp
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Ding by Steve Miles
A proud elevator operator fights to protect those in his charge from the sinister presence lurking on floor 13. Unless that is, they opt for the stairs…
Short Comedy, Horror Free (subject to permission) 9pp
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Pools in Vidia by Michael Norland
Four different stories taking place in four different times revolve around one aging farmhouse in the American Midwest.
Feature Drama For sale 104pp
Avoidance by James Barron
A socially anxious man goes to epic lengths to avoid an awkward conversation with an old acquaintance.
Short Comedy For sale 8pp
Tunnel by Matthew Corry
After they discover a mysterious tunnel on their family farm, a young brother and sister must deal with an ever increasing evil presence that has infiltrated their home, infected their parents and threatened their lives.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 75pp
Deal of a Lifetime by James Barron
A shifty car salesman becomes embroiled in a dangerous test of wills when multiple customers offer to purchase the same vehicle.
Short Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller For sale 12pp
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Love Is? by Jonathan Lindgren
Two girls talk about love in a classroom, which later leads to a love confession.
Short Drama, Romance Free (subject to permission) 11pp
Narrator by James Barron
A depressed employee is shadowed by another man who narrates his life out loud as part of an experimental therapy program.
Short Comedy For sale 10pp
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