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Special Teams by Patrice Williams Marks
An ex-football player opens up a ballet studio.
TV Pilot Comedy, Sport For sale 35pp
Avoidance by James Barron
A socially anxious man goes to epic lengths to avoid an awkward conversation with an old acquaintance.
Short Comedy For sale 8pp
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You Destroy Me by Jason K. Allen
A man sits beside a woman on a bench, but he gradually scoots away from her. When the offended woman questions his actions, it leads to a series of bitter insults which arouses them both.
Short Comedy, Drama, Romance For sale 7pp
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Love Will Lead You Back by McDalan Francois
Morgan's quest to get the girl that he wants, leads him to the girl tat he needs. He soon realizes in this romantic comedy, that true love will lead you back.
Feature Comedy For sale 95pp
Colette & Camille by Harker Jones
When a woman is left alone at night, she fears someone attempting to break in.
Short Thriller For sale 6pp
Damask Memories by Cam Gray
A pregnant refugee fights with authorities and the European winter for the life of her unborn child.
Short Drama For sale 5pp
Rockstar Patreon Supporter Shootin' The Shorts Admin
Dear Nancy. by Will Hudson
The descendant of a war hero reads letters sent to her grandmother during the second world war.
Short Biography, Drama, History, War For sale 3pp
The Boogeyman by Michael Good
A different take on the Boogeyman. A terrified boy must confront the Boogeyman as his world turns upside down. A short story about the famous Boogeyman.
Short Horror Available for Free 4pp
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Spinning by Richard Russell
Two friends travel life to discover they were meant for each other.
Short Drama For sale 21pp
Terminal Game by Fausto Lucignani
An unemployed man attempts to ensure his financial future by relying on his luck in an online casino.
Short Drama Available for Free 4pp
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Deadlywinks by Steve Cleary
Kidnapped and held captive in a cheap motel, the North American Tiddlywinks Champion is forced to play a rematch -- to the death.
Short Comedy, Thriller For sale 9pp
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Box 21 by Richard Russell
A young woman visits the man who wrote erotica for her mother.
Short Drama For sale 10pp
A Kindness by Tim Westland
A prisoner who sees death as his best chance of escape doesn't count on a Doctor who is ready to pass his own form of judgement.
Short Crime, Drama For sale 1pp
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Satan Claws by Matthew Taylor
An anxious boys Christmas joy is in danger when he discovers the truth behind Santa.
Short Comedy, Horror For sale 6pp
Lord of the Shelves by Jason K. Allen
Hoping to go straight, a former mob boss moves to a small town and gets a job as a librarian. But it won't be easy because he's paranoid, hot-tempered and prone to violence.
Short Comedy, Crime, Drama, Fantasy For sale 6pp
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Clowning Around by James Brandon
Agent one is tasked by an mysterious director to retrieve a target. The only thing standing in his way? Clowns.
Short Thriller Available for Free 8pp
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Bunnies by Ben Clifford
Twenty years after being rescued from his incestuous family as a child, a traumatized man attempts to find the twin sister he was separated from in the process.
Feature Drama For sale 113pp
Film Noir (The Nick Branson Detective Series) - The Repairman Cometh by Phil Clarke
On the night of the big fight, Nick Branson's still on the job - but his radio's on the fritz. Will help come in time to get a piece of the action?
Short Comedy, Crime, Film-Noir For sale 7pp
Shootin' The Shorts Reader
Where Bad Ideas Come From. by Ian J. Courter
Military procurement is always iffy business. Two soldiers at wits end and under the gun turn to the good idea fairy to save the day and their careers.
Short Comedy Available for Free 3pp
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DARK GENE by Gavin Paul Carter
Two orphaned and isolated teenagers with physical disabilities wish to reinvent themselves and start a new life; their eccentric grandmother intends to take their wishes literally. After all, we are all shaped by our family.
Feature Horror For sale 120pp
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Don't talk to Strangers by Simon Wilkinson
When a young child disappears the mother is frantic with worry, but all is not as it seems.
Short Horror For sale 4pp
Tooth and Nail by Manolis Froudarakis
Doctor Blake needs to speed up his wealthy aunt’s death, but his conscience isn’t the only obstacle.
Short Comedy, Crime Available for Free 6pp
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Blueberry Special by CJ Walley
Mortally injured following a deal gone wrong, a small-time drug dealer finds herself holed up in a diner restroom with her friends long gone and her attacker closing in.
Feature Comedy, Crime, Drama, Thriller For sale 80pp
Script Revolution Founder 19 readers love this script
Unplanned by Jurij Fedorov
2 men in a doctor's waiting room. They have an experience in common.
Short Comedy, Mystery, Thriller Available for Free 7pp
The Groom by Gilbert Cuevas
Prom, 1980's. Two teenage girls barely escape a serial killer, only to end up in the hands of the people who set him loose in the first place.
Short Horror For sale 12pp