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Count of Ten by Simon Parker
His father is a forma champion. taking his son out of school he wants him to be the next big thing in boxing. But pushing him too hard his son will snap.
Short Drama Available for Free 7pp
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Light Lunch by Barry Katz
A hungry man struggles to stretch a dollar at an upscale salad bar.
Short Comedy Available for Free 2pp
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Food Prison by Richard Buzzell
A man gets into a dispute with his food-dispensing robot and ends up committing a food crime.
Short Comedy, Drama For sale 7pp
Grandma-Z by Craig Thomas
A couple of stoners must use a Ouija Board to summon the spirit of their dead grandmother in order to locate her mredical marijuana stash, or else spend the entire wake unstoned.
Short Comedy, Horror Available for Free 8pp
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Spaced Out by Fiona Faith Ross
When two women compete for the last space in the grocery store car park, the peculiar madness that grips humans behind the wheel escalates into a full territorial battle.
Short Comedy Available for Free 3pp
The Dirty Coach by sepehr Golmakani
Jacob McFarland is an ordinary, middle-class football fan who then becomes a manager through taking advantage of opportunities and achieves big money and great fame little by little by winning.
TV Pilot Sport For sale 8pp
Up For Grabs America by Rayyan Dabbous
A modern re-adaptation of Alfred de Musset's 1834 play Lorenzaccio, Up For Grabs America is a political satire staged in the year of Donald Trump's election.
Feature Crime Available for Free 89pp
Passed Over by JK Jones
A Junior College quarterback is pushed to the mental, physical and emotional brink after colleges reject him and his girlfriend dumps him.
Short Drama, Romance, Sport For sale 42pp
The Lost Fare by 6String Mercenary
An Uber driver in a hip well-to-do area experiences an annoying rider who dies en route, and has to find a way to get rid of the spirit that apparently haunts his car after.
Short Film-Noir, Thriller Available for Free 8pp
Bubba Flies by Mark Keigley
Bubba, 30, has the mental capacity of a four-year old. He loves him some butterflies. He loves Mama and Papa too. He's a hero.
Short Drama For sale 6pp
Sins of our Forefathers by Scott Nelson
A genealogist travels back in time to discover that our ancestors had lives before the history books cleaned them up, and his ancestor in particular.
Short Sci-Fi For sale 10pp
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In The Cupboards by Matthew Gilpin
The monster living in the Cupboards makes it difficult to have a nice cup of tea.
Short Horror For sale 2pp
The Pipe by Matthew Gilpin
Trapped in a strange room, a Pipe as her only weapon, one woman discovers the identity of her kidnapper, and their bizarre motive.
Short Comedy, Horror Available for Free 2pp
Patriot by Doug Robbins
Conservative Lee heads to the home his son in law shares with their daughter while Lee's daughter is at work and Lee has sinister intentions, unbeknownst to Lee's wife.
Short Crime, Drama For sale 2pp
Prank by Bob Stevens
Two journalists are harassed by a caller who claims to have planted a bomb in their room. But is he telling the truth, or it is merely a prank?
Short Thriller Available for Free 14pp
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Pet Names by Phil Clarke
Two guys try having a serious conversation about renaming know...their junk.
Short Comedy Available for Free 6pp
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THE RUBLE by Paul Barrett
What a great hike it will be, yes indeed.
Short Sci-Fi For sale 2pp
Sisters in Space by David Beshears
Claire and Amelia wake from cryo aboard a small escape shuttle, find themselves adrift eighty years in deep space. This is the story of their journey home. Seven episode webseries/miniseries.
Web Series Pilot Sci-Fi For sale 172pp
The Newbie by Cynthia Garbutt
A life on both sides of the pond. A young woman works to build the family she never had with her dutiful American father and estranged Irish/African mother.
Feature Family For sale 116pp
Summer's Charms by Steve Cross
Dean Summers gets anything but the relaxation he needs when he spends a weekend in the country, and two spinsters wind up accusing him of murder.
Feature Comedy For sale 84pp
He Drives Them (Crazy) by David Lambertson
An Uber Driver hearing voices in his head seeks a passenger to end his misery.
Short Drama Available for Free 10pp
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The Go-To Girl by David Troop
A lovesick lawyer pursues his sexy secretary with the help of a vivacious vixen.
Short Comedy, Romance For sale 10pp
Shootin' The Shorts Reader
Fresh Bake by Simon Parker
A young boy seeks refuge away from his gambling addicted father by smelling the cooking of a local small time baker.
Short Drama For sale 6pp
Abracadabra by Darren Seeley
An eccentric 19th century magician hired to expose a paranormal fraud gets more than he expected.
Short Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Thriller Available for Free 14pp
Exit Nothing by Patrick King
Nothing, a writer in his 20's is bored with his life and is thinking of escaping the city and moving down south to pursue a woman he's had an erotic online relationship with.
Short Drama For sale 18pp