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Story & Logistics
These Noble Savages by Christopher Kluck
After a brutal mission in Yemen six Special Forces Operators return home. As they heal physically and psychologically they soon learn that there may be more to their reality than meets the eye.
Feature Action, Adventure, Drama, War For sale 90pp
Imagination, smagination by Nolan Bryand
Little boys have crazy imaginations... or do they?
Short Comedy, Fantasy Free (subject to permission) 5pp
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Crystals and Rainbows to You by Steve Cleary
A wannabe spiritual guru in the Santa Barbara conscious community struggles to stay centered when an unwelcome visitor comes to town: an obnoxious old frat brother.
Feature Comedy For sale 93pp
Ana Marie's Inn? by Kyle Williamson
The curse of a Romanian girl, a kiss that can make, torture and take a life or several
Feature Thriller For sale 200pp
"Silver Diamond's Plot" by Matthew Emma
Á troubled ex-cop turned lawyer must thwart a racist organization from unleashing a sinister wave of terror.
Feature Action, Thriller For sale 109pp
New World Unexplored by Kyle Williamson
Looking for a new world due to extinction event, a tyrannical King threatens the existence of the survivors of Earth.
Feature Action For sale 247pp
Disaster by Kyle Williamson
Global Thermo black hole warfare, meteors death from above. Can it be stopped?
Feature Action For sale 138pp
Lambda by Christopher Kluck
Little Pelican Island is a peaceful and tranquil place to retire. There is no need to lock your doors. That is until the Lambda project, rabid Rottweilers, and the infected turn it all upside down.
TV Pilot Action, Horror, Sci-Fi For sale 55pp
The Gregor Syndrome by Kyle Williamson
even beyond the electric chair a game of cat and mouse threatens thousands of lives
Feature Mystery For sale 133pp
Solitude by Thomas J Campbell
A man abandons his family to spend his last moments alone.
Short Sci-Fi Free (subject to permission) 2pp
Unmasking Stella by Fausto Lucignani
A lonely clubber and a boinkable woman spend an unwonted night together.
Short Comedy Free (subject to permission) 7pp
The Farmer by Clive Howard
A simple farmer on a depraved world, whose family is brutally murdered by privileged travellers from another planet, does a murderous deal with a vicious city kingpin to avenge their death.
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 108pp
119: Assignment Manipulation by Kyle Williamson
Fast and The Furious meets James Bond
Feature Adventure For sale 189pp
A MAN'S MAN by Art D'Alessandro
A first date for a young man who's smitten and won't be denied.
Short Comedy For sale 12pp
Future Tense by Kyle Williamson
Young, Rogue James Bond type attempts to save the world from an extinction level event
Feature Adventure For sale 177pp
The Last Man from Gondo by Michael Good
Abel Mercher gets a second chance in life with a pact with the devil. Using his second chance, Abel roams the Wild West to find his brother, who took everything from him. FEATURE
Feature Sci-Fi, Western For sale 107pp
hipsterNOLA by Wilfred Esteves
An average man's life tragically changes after he's bitten by a hipster.
Short Comedy, Horror Free (subject to permission) 22pp
Runaround by Kyle Williamson
Death from the shadows Psychological thriller sends Jeff Vonner second guessing his reality, life, family, mind, and if he is a cold calculating murderer
Feature Thriller For sale 230pp
The Scramble by Gary Blake
After a one night stand leaves a stranger pregnant with his child, Buddy is tasked with raising $850 to pay for an abortion.
Feature Comedy For sale 123pp
Headlock Falls by Adam Swanson
Solomon Sanmartino, a disgraced former wrestling superstar, stares down the problems of bringing big city entertainment to his small midwestern town; facing a stable of immature wrestlers, a former wrestling nemesis, and a litigious ex-wife.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 27pp
Codename Justice by Kyle Williamson
a family trip turns into a race to stop a insurmountable evil in a corrupt city and country.
Feature Adventure For sale 198pp