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Story & Logistics
Anton by Ange Fassinou
A boxing champion loses his eyesight after a car accident but he still wants to fight on the ring.
Feature For sale 90pp
Goldie by Brett Martin
A serial killer with a penchant for porridge stalks a true crime author she wants to write her life story.
Short For sale 6pp
3 Hours by Ana Torres-Alvarez
Laura finds a book that works as a bridge between the living world and the dead world.
Feature For sale 68pp
Don't Hurry To Judge by Gunel Huseynova
A young businessman is trying to earn a simple student's heart which he broke due to a big misunderstanding.
Feature For sale 88pp
Digging Two Graves by Matthew Emma
A vengeful, Greek-Cypriot assassin pursues the Turkish war criminal who murdered her brother, falls for her intended target's son and is forced to choose between love and retribution.
Feature For sale 109pp
The Writer's Journey Into Production Oblivion by Jonathan Sieff
A fledgeling screenwriter must deal with an incompetent director and a by-the-books producer who are eager to produce his work.
Short Free (subject to permission) 22pp
The Fourth Wish by Shelley Stuart
When a brilliant archaeologist's ancient find saddles her with magic to make three wishes come true, she must outfox modern and ancient foes and decurse herself before she makes a catastrophic fourth wish.
Feature For sale 104pp
Red Cups by Brett Martin
A shy couple have a meet cute at a seemingly ordinary party.
Short Free (subject to permission) 5pp
A Worthy Ascension by Matthew Emma
The Crown Princess of Greece must utilize skills learned as a special forces soldier to defeat a crime syndicate who murdered her Uncle (The King) and plan to execute a major drug deal.
Feature For sale 103pp
The Cursed by Gunel Huseynova
Four extremely dangerous inmates are at large after escaping from women's prison.
Feature For sale 138pp
30 MPH to Mach 3 by 6String Mercenary
An adventure of flight from the Wright Brothers to the SR-71 Blackbird told as a short story
Short For sale 29pp
The Time Fighter by Ange Fassinou
An ex marine and martial art instructor enters a dangerous time traveling fighting tournament in order to get a cure in the future to save his dying daughter.
Feature For sale 82pp
Lucky Kid by Brett Martin
A boy steals his father's bike and goes for a joyride.
Short For sale 13pp