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Cold Dog by Rob Herzog
Two hapless men trek to the country to find a final resting spot for a beloved pet.
Short Comedy, Drama For sale 10pp
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Sam's Perspective by Sean Batjer
Though questions and memoirs, travel and search the truth on what the hell happened to Sam.
Short Thriller For sale 23pp
Murder! by Elizabeth H. Vu
After a tragedy causes her marriage to deteriorate, a woman suspects her husband of murderous intent.
Feature Drama, Mystery, Thriller For sale 81pp
Unknown Woman by Jerry Sammers
The woman ran to the road and asked for help,but immediately lost consciousness, and when she woke up in the hospital,the woman did not remember who she.
Short Thriller For sale 15pp
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A Spectacular Boy by Scott Boxenbaum
In 1980 Los Angeles, a 13-year-old suburban misfit boy dealing with the suicide of his older brother and a dysfunctional family dynamic finds solace and friends in the punk rock world.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama, Family For sale 68pp
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Mountain In My Way by Kevin Gerke
Transport plane full of convicts with undercover FBI agent posing as a convict crash on Mount Rainier can Agent Sam get back to his family or die trying with many obstacles in his way
Short Adventure For sale 7pp
Tough Love by Michael Balaban
A serial drama about a teen trapped at CEDU, a school birthed by Synanon, where he navigates institutional abuse and a serial killer on the staff, while learning deep truths about life, relationships, and self.
TV Pilot Crime, Drama, Thriller For sale 54pp
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Fangirls by Gary Barnard
Upon finding out that someone is murdering people using the same M.O. as popular DC villain Victor Zsasz, Autumn and Morgan decide to stick their nose into the investigation. This is registered with the WGA.
TV Pilot Drama For sale 54pp
Empiria by Sean Batjer
Travel through the memories of a man disturbed by the manipulation of one that searches a someone he took.
Short Thriller For sale 65pp
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Overwatch by Kevin Lamb
Men of war search for Salvation in a time of need, only to find that the struggle is never over, and so they find Salvation together.
Feature War For sale 93pp
"We Come From Nothing" by Ralph Durazo-Palma
"We Come From Nothing", a Narcos Mexico Prequel, revolves around a Tijuana family with drug roots that connect dots to the evolution of Mexican Drug Cartels, before the idea of the "Cartel" existed..
TV Pilot Crime For sale 120pp
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Binny by Cameron Silver
A big city trash bin feels threatened by his new neighbor: a recycling bin.
Short Animation, Comedy, Family For sale 6pp
A Link With the Past by Robert Sacchi
A woman and an ancestor form a mutual link with each other.
Feature Fantasy For sale 78pp
Waves by Kevin Gerke
Waves is true story about watching boy grow up having blessed life but when the Waves of life start coming at 10 years old and throughout rest of Kevin's Life will they finally drowned him
Short Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Family, Romance For sale 12pp
Soul Cells by Kevin Gerke
Satan knows time short to accumulate more lost souls so the devil unleashes lost souls from cells in hell breaking covenant with God not to do until end times fury about to happen on earth
Short Horror, Thriller For sale 18pp
Samus Season 1 by Edwin Betancourt
In hopes of having his own Dating column geared towards Gay man, a columnist will go undercover to write about the difficulties of dating as a Gay man, unaware his life is in grave danger.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Romance, Thriller For sale 87pp
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Idle Hands 2: Idle by Dawn by Joshua Standlee
Slacker Anton Tobias and his friends are back to save the town of Bolan from certain doom, and they'll need all the help they can get.
Feature Comedy, Horror For sale 88pp
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By the Book by Steve Cross
To win back his wife, a clueless husband, sets out to write a romance novel, but he begins to fall in love with his plucky ghostwriter, and his best friend goes after his wife.
Feature Comedy, Romance For sale 117pp
Dougy's Plan by Kevin Gerke
Dougy Blacksheep of powerful mob family who basically is doormat rest of family his sidlings make fun of him grandfather parents likewise Dougy got plan he playing dumb buying time to take over family businesses
Short Crime, Drama, Family For sale 13pp
Dave's World by Doug Robbins
Dave stands up against censorship in a humorous, edgy, animated short film.
Short Animation, Comedy For sale 2pp
Lapse by Kate Harbert
Sometimes things committed in the past truly have repercussions.
Short Horror For sale 8pp
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Romancing The Throne by M. E. Lee
It’s the Regency (1811-1820) and George III has gone mad, but George has numerous children and grandchildren to succeed him…However, only one grandchildren is legitimate, and can lawfully succeed to the throne…and suddenly, she dies!
Feature Comedy, History For sale 118pp
Aftermath by Cameron Silver
In a post-apocalyptic future, a team of bandits led by a battle-hardened cyborg protect a young orphan who holds the key to humanity’s survival on a dying Earth.
TV Pilot Action, Adventure, Mystery, Sci-Fi For sale 55pp
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Guerrilleras by S.B. Goncarova
In a war between a dictatorial government and ragtag rebel factions of idealistic students and impoverished farmers with nothing to lose, five female freedom-fighters are willing to risk everything to save those they love.
TV Pilot Action, Drama, History, War For sale 108pp
The Swamp by Nicholas Jordan
A simple minded Southern businessman becomes a US Senator in an election upset, launching him into an underworld of debauchery, blackmail, and something darkly metaphysical.
Feature Comedy For sale 96pp