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Freedom For Jacklyn by PJ ArizonaLover
Feeling lost and unloved, a brave woman turns her drug arrest into a "me too" moment.
Short Crime, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 11pp
The Sacreds by Kathryn Wasson
A seemingly ageless woman is God's only daughter and the catalyst for a war between mythical creatures and a godless society.
TV Pilot Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi For sale 57pp
Honey Mustard by Michael Kospiah
A waitress snaps after not being tipped and torments a rude customer.
Short Horror For sale 7pp
Zombie Extra by Matthew Kaplan
After getting attacked by a zombie, a struggling, disconnected actor can only get work on horror films, finally feeling alive now that he's undead.
Feature Comedy For sale 109pp
Room For Rent by Jonathan Sieff
Students living in a haunted house give a tour to a potential roommate where spooky shenanigans occur.
Short Comedy, Horror Available for Free 15pp
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The Also Ran by Jason Cooper
Marty has a face to die for, unfortunately, he has a gambling habit to match.
Feature Adventure, Comedy For sale 116pp
Revelation a Manuscript by Janet Lynn Carey
Syrus, signed a contract with Satan and now we all are going to pay!
Feature Drama, Romance, Thriller For sale 300pp
One Too Many by D.Ray Van
A conman, convinced he can dupe any gullible widow, schedules one last fake séance, but soon discovers, the widow has outplayed him at his own game.
Short Drama, Horror, Thriller For sale 54pp
Twisted Trends: Scent No. 6 by Loraine McBarron
When nerdy Kev joins a trending dating service that relies on smell, his alpha boss becomes attracted to Kev's match and he wants to meet her. Kev's dilemma results in a surprising outcome.
TV Pilot Comedy, Fantasy, Romance For sale 26pp
Flee This Room by Rob Herzog
Jay's new girlfriend brings him to a room of cultists who favor boy bands and meat cleavers.
Short Horror For sale 12pp
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First Date: Palm Springs or Nothing Good Happens After Midnight by Jason Cooper
Two spoiled Beverly Hills rich kids get stuck up a mountain overnight. (Based on a True Story)
Feature Action, Comedy For sale 110pp
Shredder by Paul S. Wunderberg
A Faustian Bargain, a chainsaw and electric guitars. Rock n Roll can be murder.
Short Horror Available for Free 6pp
Baptism By Sand by Jimwell Camilon
A young substitute teacher volunteers to aid refugeess in Kunduz Afghanistan after suffering from a failed suicide attempt. Trouble comes when he realizes that the place he's volunteering to will test his moral compass.
Feature Comedy, Drama For sale 98pp
15 Minutes by J.E. Clarke
Fired from a reality show, a star famous-for-being-famous scrambles to find a way to start again...
Short Comedy Available for Free 13pp
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The Visitor by Genevi Engle
A strange Jane Doe is interrogated for murder but as the talk goes on, the officer's reality begins to change and the strange woman may not be who she seems.
Short Sci-Fi For sale 9pp
Luna Milo Pilot Script - Layer One by Ismael Hernandez
Stuck in a war-torn gap between worlds, 18-year old Luna Milo thrusts on a mission to travel nightmarish portals and save her dead parents from the chaos echo.  
TV Pilot Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 70pp
It's Complicated by David J. Keogh
When her many lovers turn up at a funeral at once, a young and unsuccessful artist’s world is about to come crashing down around her.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Romance For sale 104pp
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Welcome Home by PJ ArizonaLover
When old Eastern European customs are taken over by modern American love, dangerous and deadly results can interfere.
Short Action, Crime, Drama, Family, Romance For sale 18pp
Magic Kennel by Simon Parker
Losing his beloved dog on Christmas eve a young boy makes a wish. Reliving the same Christmas over and over he must learn how to say goodbye.
Feature Drama, Family, Fantasy For sale 90pp
Midnight's Redemption by Steve Sherman
An outcast horseman and an abused racehorse win their way into the richest race in the history of the sport but in order to win they must face the man who nearly destroyed them both.
Feature Drama, Family, Sport For sale 124pp
The Other Side Episode 2 Night Drive by Brandon Hill
Are you afraid to see what's on the other side?
Episode Horror For sale 24pp
Killer Words by Jimwell Camilon
The life of a widowed father and his young daughter gets rock when a charismatic hitman moves into their home.
Web Series Pilot Comedy For sale 30pp
The Last Obstacle to Evil by Nicholas Zingarelli
A marine demonized by three dead patrol members. The other psychopathic survivor that blames him for his lost legs. And an evil spirit from an ancient temple they destroyed. Must put them all to rest.
Feature Horror For sale 91pp
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Lord, Help Me! "Pilot" Episode 1 by David Klass
Dave Bright just took over as Lead Pastor for his church and had twin baby girls. Dave's hippie Mom is invited out to help with the babies but that just leads to more craziness.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 32pp
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A Dutiful Woman by Olivia Meredith R.
In 1744 Philadelphia, a woman assumes sole responsibility of running her late-husband's printing press and newspaper while trying to juggle motherhood, being pursued by new suitors, and confronting her familial expectations to remarry.
TV Pilot Drama, History, Romance For sale 68pp
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