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Cabal by Hassan Omar
An FBI Agent with mysterious capabilities is plagued by unanswered questions of his past while chasing the trail of ominous dark figures that can’t seem to leave him alone.
TV Pilot Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 55pp
Inside by Abner Kelley
As two sisters struggle to come to grips with their third sister's death, an unknown and unsettling presence manifests in their home.
Feature Drama, Horror, Thriller For sale 91pp
The Heretic In The Wind by Mark Heflin
A former preacher hunts down an elusive heretic who has stolen the body of his recently deceased daughter.
Short Horror For sale 15pp
Rise of The G-Men by Christopher Lombard
The true story of the birth of The FBI - two G-Men, Melvin Purvis and Samuel P. Cowley painstakingly restore order back on the streets of America by taking down the country’s most notorious criminals...
TV Pilot Crime, Drama, History For sale 62pp
year 3005 by oz anil
what is now occuring to understand the consequences todays world conditions.But still yet no time travel to past or future man made.
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 155pp
Stellum Matutinum by Brian Garriques
When he finds an escaped mental patient naked and bloodied in the streets, a dogged police detective sets out to investigate the enigmatic Stellum Matutinum Hospital in 1840s London.
Feature Horror, Mystery, Thriller For sale 99pp
Second Dance by Dexter Williams
An American college student discovers that she's the reincarnation of a famous Middle Eastern belly dancer, and she has an unlikely destiny she must fulfill.
Feature Drama, Family For sale 76pp
Mission Break-In by Jordan D. Romero
Two kids try everything to get back in the house
Short Action, Adventure, Comedy For sale 4pp
Pendulimb by Brian Garriques
After mankind's extinction, Earth has become a mausoleum run by androids. When a female android gets damaged, she questions whether she is actually an android at all.
Short Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 28pp
The Porch Light by j west
On March 18, 1950 the brutal murder of a young girl shocked her small town. 71 years later her murder is still unsolved, but the legend of her killer is still very much alive.
TV Pilot Biography, Crime, Mystery, Thriller For sale 43pp
The Attic by Nicolas Marchand
Joseph starts his new job in a convenience store where he founds something in the attic during one of his night shift.
Short Drama For sale 12pp
The Black Cottage by R. J. Cardullo
"The Black Cottage" tells of two men, a poet and a minister, who chance upon an empty cottage as they are passing and discuss the “story” of that cottage—its persons, its place, its past.
Short Drama, Family, Mystery For sale 5pp
Sexbot by Gilbert Cuevas
Inept security guards must work as team in order to save the city from an army of murderous, cyber-hacked sexbots.
Feature Comedy For sale 119pp
The Janitor by Luke Cahill
A janitor seeks admission into college.
Short Comedy, Drama For sale 3pp
Detonation England by Christopher Lombard
When an extremist terrorist group consisting of some of the UK's Elite top professionals plots to destroy the Houses of Parliament, a London cabbie finds himself innocently caught up in the plot becoming the unlikely
Feature Action, Thriller For sale 99pp
Distorted State by Mark Heflin
A young woman is stalked by a little girl claiming to be her daughter.
Short Horror, Mystery, Thriller For sale 17pp
Body and World by R. J. Cardullo
A group of people wait in a room, anticipating the moment they will be born—and knowing in advance what kind of life they will ultimately live.
Short Drama, Sci-Fi For sale 19pp
The Spy Son by Jelle Starremans
A failed agent goes undercover as the son of a drugs king.
Feature Action, Comedy, Crime, Drama For sale 74pp
The Lockdown by Suzanne Lutas
When the Lord Mayor of London implements the city lockdown to contain the plague, he fails to see that another kind of danger lurks within his own household.
Short Drama, History For sale 20pp
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Big Data by David Campbell
Mastering the field of artificial intelligence offers a high reward but is it worth the risk?
Feature Adventure, Crime, Drama For sale 95pp
Ok, Twoomer by Brian Garriques
A recently-turned twenty-year-old doctor experiences rapid aging when he falls in love with a patient, a nineteen-year-old model in the twilight of her career.
Feature Comedy For sale 99pp
The Husband by Nick Padmore
A therapist in a passionless marriage starts to fall in love with her depressed patient's perfect husband, but he might well be too good to be true.
Short Drama For sale 14pp
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Embracing The Stranger by Barry Katz
A man in desperate search of his wife arrives home to a stranger who claims to reside there.
Short Drama Available for Free 7pp
Immured by Thomas Murphy
Henry lives alone with a dark secret. Then someone comes knocking.
Feature Horror, Mystery For sale 72pp
This Story of Ours by Jacob Gill
Navigating relationships is a tricky business when life is happening all around you.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Romance For sale 105pp