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Pilots by Huss Rasit
Traumatic events cause a pilot to develop a fear of flying and lose his wings, he must now grab hold of his life and find a new way to do what he loves most.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 27pp
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Syracuse by Alex Conway
In a desperate gamble to force a truce with archenemy Carthage, a pious Roman warrior wages war against the strategically important kingdom of Syracuse defended by a reclusive philosopher.
Feature Action, Drama, History For sale 181pp
Sita's Revenge by Adite Banerjie
A year after losing her twin in a tsunami, Tara visits the memorial site and uncovers the real horror of her sister's death.
Short Drama, Horror, Mystery For sale 13pp
Sketcher by Brian J. Libby
In a small town, tormented citizens carry out an elaborate revenge scheme while officials hunt for a plane crash survivor who doesn’t want to be found.
Feature Drama For sale 120pp
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Seldon Seen by Peter R Feuchtwanger
After starting a new high school, a quirky teen with delusional disorder falls quickly for another new student but, after finding that she has bipolar disorder, the lovebirds struggle to find order in their disorders.
Feature Comedy, Romance For sale 101pp
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The Hotel Barbers by Daniel Woburn
Melbourne, 1923. With nothing to lose, a down-on-his-luck veteran and a rich man-child try their hand at a hotel heist in order to get their money and their families back.
Feature Action, Comedy, Crime, Drama For sale 106pp
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Born Free by Patrick Lo
A Korean­-Canadian teenage girl takes over her family's convenience store after an armed robbery which resulted in her miscarriage and the death of her father.
Feature Action, Drama, Thriller For sale 91pp
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Patriot-1 by Kevin Powers
Disillusioned Delta Force Operator Ken Baker rediscovers what he fights for after finding himself embroiled in a conspiracy involving a dangerous new faction in Afghanistan, an energy corporation and a traitorous team member.
Feature Action For sale 115pp
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Don't Go Alone by Daniel Woburn
A cowardly millennial ventures into the wild to find himself following a bad break-up. What he finds instead is a murderous monstrous 220lb Cougar.
Feature Adventure, Drama, Thriller For sale 84pp
The Déjà vu Effect by R.L. Galbraith
A suspicious FBI agent must stop a cunning senior CIA agent from a notorious Mafia family, once an assassin, who’s seeking to repeat his most cherished, yet undisclosed, mission that shocked the world in 1963.
Feature Thriller For sale 92pp
Precognition by Sophie West
A celebrity psychic and his husband get more than they bargained for when they try to help a client escape an abusive relationship.
TV Pilot Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 50pp
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The Babysitting Diaries by E. Amato
Booksmart pre-teen Annie babysits to keep up with super wealthy schoolmates while achieving peak parental-avoidance, and being raised by a village of divorced moms, who give life lessons, cake & make-up tips.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama For sale 29pp
The Stage by JASON TURK
A suddenly orphaned teen must cope with the dystopian world she's been sheltered from- one which requires every citizen to act as if they were on a sitcom.
TV Pilot Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 55pp
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Ant(i) Colony by Sarah Hall
A colony of misfit ants need to find ways to stay safe from gangs of termites, federal agents, and other enemies while putting up with an evil queen and her loyal minion.
TV Pilot Animation, Comedy For sale 30pp
Foot In The Door by Joshua Boultwood-Neale
During a one-week trial working as a chef at a chain soup restaurant, a naive graduate learns he must make grotesque personal sacrifice if he is to land the gig.
Short Comedy, Horror For sale 9pp
Flash Flood by D.Ray Van
A flash flood wipes out a farmer. He tries to get his money back from the rancher who sold him the land, claiming fraud. When the rancher refuses, he takes justice into his own hands.
Short Action, Drama, Thriller, Western For sale 16pp
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Equipoise by AJ Lovell
4 People from different backgrounds are brought together by a shared experience.
Short Drama For sale 9pp
Stumbled on Love by Omobola Stephen
Two lovebirds conquer the test of true love
TV Pilot Drama, Family, Romance For sale 56pp
The Legend & Adventures of Tae & Kwon by Ron Shears
Princess Tae and Prince Kwon must get the writings and drawings of the ancient scribes of martial art origins into the safe hands of the 20th century.
Feature Animation For sale 100pp
Off Record by Patrick Lo
An egotistic rockstar plans for her career-defining final album, but life gets in the way.
Feature Drama, Music For sale 108pp
Ever After by Henrich Horvath
Overconfident in the benefit of money can yield, one man's comfort of wealth is shattered, and view turned around, by an unearthly ordeal.
Short Comedy For sale 36pp
How To Date A Stripper by David Rorie
On the eve of his 40th birthday a henpecked husband falls for a stripper named Jasmyn.
Feature Comedy For sale 105pp
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Peggy Or Not by Patrick Lo
Peggy and Brian's relation goes sour as they (both turning 30) realize their limitations as "friends with benefits" during a road trip to visit Peggy's parents, who believe they're just an ordinary couple in love.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Romance For sale 97pp
The Inter-View by Dan Alex
An online job interview in today's climate.
Short Comedy For sale 12pp
Butcher's Crossing by J.J Merton
1873, Will Andrews, a student seeking “an original relation to nature,” journeys west and finds himself amongst a group of seasoned hunters on the trail for buffalo.
Feature Adventure, Western For sale 119pp