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Altar Ego by Alexandra Keister
After getting dumped, a devastated millennial discovers she’s won a lucrative wedding contest, leading her to pretend that her engagement is still on while simultaneously striking up a flirtation with the contest’s photographer.
Feature Comedy For sale 116pp
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Blasphemy by Varshawn Harris
A mysterious man tells several twisted biblical confessions to a High priest about Cain, Job, Lot, and Simon the sorcerer.
Feature Drama, Horror, Thriller For sale 80pp
A humble farmer is invited to spend a weekend with her estranged sister-turned actress and her friends at a beach house where she undergoes a transformation of her own.
Feature Drama, Horror, Thriller For sale 94pp
Endgame by Alexandra Keister
A mafia father wants his son freed; a dirty cop wants his cut. The cost increases the longer they refuse to budge in a tense negotiation.
Short Thriller For sale 5pp
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Playing Soldiers by Anthony Hudson
Have the youth of today forgotten what the youth of yesterday sacrificed?
Short Drama, War Available for Free 12pp
Guns, Guts, & Gucci by D.C. Copeland
A top secret government agency assists a “mature” man in getting a job based on his merits despite his age. With commentary by Rod Serling.
Short Comedy, Drama, Fantasy For sale 15pp
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Yum-Yum by John Hunter
A drug and alcohol addled homeless man living on the streets gets a once in lifetime opportunity to give back to the community.
Short Horror For sale 6pp
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Operation Christmas Tree by Kevin Mr.
A wife finds it funny about her husband having a real tree for Christmas. He and his brother head out and steal one.
Short Comedy For sale 6pp
AMTech presents: The MRV by Jason Grangier
A powerful corporation is about to launch its new product: The MRV. An autonomous machine that will reshape society. But the company remains vague about the safety of the product's consumer .
Short Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 20pp
Love for Christmas by Christine Locker
When Santa Claus loses his Christmas spirit, he receives some loving assistance from Cupid.
Short Animation, Drama, Fantasy For sale 6pp
Tattoo by AJ Lovell
An abusive racist is transformed after a mysterious old Chinese man tattoos his arm
Short Comedy, Horror, Thriller Available for Free 6pp
Sand Crystal by Lily Blaze
The tragic story of Lorelei. A legend retold with a splash of Sci-fi.
Short Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi For sale 6pp
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The Merits of Moderation by Neah Lekan
A young, Southern California real estate developer, looking to prove herself after inheriting control of her firm, is forced to choose between land and love.
Feature Drama, Romance For sale 100pp
Rachel and the Real Band by Scott Sawitz
When a brief moment of viral fame makes a small town rock band sort of famous, they decide to capitalize on it and go on a road tour that’ll change their lives.
Feature Comedy, Drama For sale 87pp
The Honey Trap by Anthony Hudson
It's make or break for a couples relationship. Will it survive the ultimate test?
Short Comedy Available for Free 5pp
Give Up the Ghost by Stephen Reynolds
After destroying a room of cursed artifacts, LEON THIBODEAUX must put a pause on his paranormal scamming to help resolve real hauntings.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 35pp
Bad Hair Day by John Hunter
Late to work and in a hurry, a completely ordinary young woman has a nagging suspicion something extraordinary is happening around her.
Short Sci-Fi For sale 5pp
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Nacho Date by Alexandra Keister
A man mistakes a suicidal woman for his Tinder date.
Short Comedy For sale 6pp
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Cowboy Up by Kevin Gerke
A feelgood Western TV show with a cast of character's that make a determined effort to overcome a formidable obstacle each show. First episode Duke are you going lay there and bleed or Cowboy Up?
TV Pilot Western For sale 60pp
Now Fear This by Diana Nock
After a screening of his favorite horror movie, a psycho killer decides to teach an obnoxious heckler a lesson. With puppets.
Short Comedy, Horror For sale 16pp
The Crabs by Andrew Ramirez
After two young people afflicted with crabs go swimming in a polluted creek, the lice mutate, grow in size, and begin to attack local teens.
Feature Action, Comedy, Horror For sale 98pp
The Iron Wardens 1.5 "Mr. Explosion-Proof and the Black Hand" by Chris Knowles
Jack and Cloberus journey to Orc country up in the mountains to help the final Clipper, Largulbok, escort a trade convoy across the Big Red lava field and through the Brakosian DMZ.
Episode Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Fantasy For sale 22pp
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Die Laughing by Mike Murphy
A granddaughter fights to honor her Grandpa's last wish.
Feature Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 94pp
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Soiled Doves by Ted Bunch
Ellen and Mary didn't set out to be Soiled Doves, or Saloon Girls. Taking revenge on the man who raped Mary sets events into motion catapulting them toward a final showdown.
Feature Action, Comedy, Western For sale 110pp
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The Split by Mark Cotton
An impatient member of a robbery crew splitting up the cash from a job gets a response he isn't expecting.
Short Crime, Drama, Film-Noir, Thriller For sale 4pp