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Lady Crimson by Iannis Aliferis
A psychopathic aristocrat hires an infamous hit-man to kill his wife, after failing to do so himself, but the assassin falls for her considerable charms, and plans to protect her from her husband.
Feature Action, Film-Noir, Romance, Thriller For sale 87pp
Project Acoustic Kitty by Annarosa Schiavone
In the depths of the Cold War, the CIA tasks two hapless agents with eavesdropping secrets from the Soviet embassy in Washington… using cats.
Feature Action, Thriller For sale 112pp
Traffic Control by Paul Pruett
A tired traffic control technician receives a transmission from the ill-fated commercial towing vessel: Nostromo
Short Sci-Fi For sale 11pp
Hellfire And Brimstone by Rhonnie Fordham
Amidst a weird outbreak, a young couple seek vengeance against a group of vicious vampires. Twilight meets The Purge
Feature Action, Horror For sale 85pp
Evil Fun by Derell Payne
A group of privileged and bored teenagers form a secret cult to commit crimes and terrorize their town for fun.
TV Pilot Action, Comedy, Drama, Thriller For sale 16pp
The Yandere She Is Pt.1 by Bobby Fraser
Love is dangerous, but so is heartbreak.
Short Comedy, Crime, Fantasy, Horror, Romance For sale 5pp
Heaven Is Closed by john orriola
Pastor Ramsey dies in a freak accident and ascends to heaven. Unfortunately for him, Heaven has been closed since 1935.
Short Comedy For sale 25pp
52 Genesis by Steve Harrison
Forced together, a Christian narcotics detective and an aimlessly withdrawn civilian, have no choice but to fight against police corruption and an intolerant drug dealer's tactics, sinking a city into chaos.
Feature Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama For sale 90pp
The Boogie-Man by Naz Bader
The story of a traumatic serial killer's mental decline as he deals with the troubles in his personal life.
Feature Drama, Thriller For sale 91pp
A Bronx Story by Frankie Gaddo
A jaded cop quits the force to infiltrate a drug ring to find his brother's murderer.
Feature Crime, Drama For sale 109pp
Melissa on Ice by Michael Nguyen
A British-Japanese Acoustic Guitar-playing high school student is forced to become a figure skater in order to follow her mother’s footsteps.
Feature Drama, Sport For sale 172pp
Tom Kat by jevon james
Mummy Vilan and here twisted sister and Tom Kat using pandoras box gifts from above.
Short Drama, History, Horror, Thriller For sale 6pp
SVF vs. The Hunter by Cyle Brooks
He wasn't prepared for what he was about to encounter.
Short Action, Animation, Horror For sale 20pp
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Crazy Guy From the Forest by Maja Krbacevic
A bitter man wanted to live alone in a cabin in the woods. Until one evening, when a suicidal gay girl comes in, escaping the rain. That encounter changes them, and the IT world, forever.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama, Family For sale 47pp
Family Friendly by Rhonnie Fordham
Tormented by memories of her serial killer parents, a teenager attends a party on the ten year anniversary of the night her psychotic father went missing. Two locations, low-budget, small cast, twist ending.
Feature Horror, Mystery For sale 92pp
Rocket Man by Wilmer Wil
A young man manages to build a spaceship in his garage with his father, discovering a new and improved fuel formula. It manages to take off and leave the planet creating alarm in governments
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 95pp
Condenser by C. Rob Dunphy
A TED-Talks addicted drug lord must escape the wrath of an overdosed girl’s specter.
Feature Thriller For sale 90pp
Oxygen by Andrew Marshall
When a deep sea voyager crashes, two men must make tough decisions in order to conserve oxygen long enough for help to arrive.
Short Drama, Thriller For sale 7pp
A Dialogue Of Terrors by Rhonnie Fordham
During a ghost tour, a small town's historian shares a series of scary tales to a group of high schoolers. Low-budget, limited locations.
Feature Horror, Mystery For sale 95pp
The Yandere She Is Pt.2 by Bobby Fraser
Jealousy goes a long way
Episode Comedy, Crime, Fantasy, Horror, Romance For sale 4pp
Patient 29 by R.L. Galbraith
In 1975, a small raft washes up on a shore of the Faroe Islands with Patient 29; confused and forsaken, but what happens next can only be described as unleashed psychosis and rampant paranoia.
Feature Thriller For sale 88pp
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Shadow Vile Figure by Cyle Brooks
Satan's biggest fear is about to come true.
Feature Action, Animation, Horror, Thriller For sale 63pp
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Have I ever been sane? by Marcos Fizzotti
People are disappearing and dying in the mysterious Lake Death. Jack believes he saw the one behind the horror. And he doesn't think it's human. Can he conquer his fears and face nightmares beyond imagination?
Short Crime, Horror, Mystery For sale 7pp
Adam & Eva by Wilmer Wil
Adam is a boring construction worker who looks for meaning in his life, one day he appears with a girl, of another species ... and another planet.
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 68pp
How does it feel to be a woman? by Michael Nguyen
Three women in Los Angeles encounter the same man, who claims to be a casting director and producer, unaware of his sexual misconduct history.
Feature Drama For sale 218pp