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The Writer by Scott Nelson
Three characters become self-aware, and realize that they are in a screenplay where they are controlled by the all-powerful Writer.
Short Fantasy For sale 7pp
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A Surprise for the Missus by Elvira Drake
A brunette housewife finds a blonde hair on her husband's dress shirt while doing his laundry, setting her on a war path. But she's in for an even bigger surprise!
Short Comedy, Drama Available for Free 3pp
No Trespassing by Steve Cleary
A fancy man in a tailored suit endures a night of terror when he pays an unwelcome visit to a wary homeowner.
Short Thriller For sale 3pp
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No Man's Land by Simon Wilkinson
The Somme, 1916. Two men are thrown together in a shell hole in No Man’s Land. One is British, the other is German. Are they enemies or are they friends? Only Fate can decide.
Short Drama, War Available for Free 6pp
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Roadside Charm by Nolan Bryand
Police officer John is stopped roadside with a client, a particularly cute one.
Short Comedy, Drama Available for Free 2pp
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Sound, Silence and Smile. by Joseph Ulloa
A room, a Ouija board, a summoning, what could go wrong?
Short Horror For sale 4pp
Sweet As A Nut by Jay Creek
A timid man has an interesting conversation with the owner of London sweetshop, who isn't all that he seems.
Short Comedy For sale 6pp
Redirected by Linda Hullinger
A teenager gets an unexpected result when she tries to learn telekinesis from a book.
Short Drama For sale 1pp
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The Scream by J.E. Clarke
The origin of the "Wilhelm Scream" - finally revealed!
Short Comedy Available for Free 7pp
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The Dirty Hoe by Jason K. Allen
A man borrows a neighbor's garden hoe to work in his garden, but unfortunately the hoe has poor work ethic and loose morals.
Short Comedy, Fantasy, Romance For sale 5pp
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The Non Existing Loot by Wal Friman
A creative genius of a crime gang decides to go straight, with the consequence that his partners start demanding their share of a non existing loot.
Feature Crime, Thriller Available for Free 100pp
Homecoming by Gary Howell
A study session for a quiz on a Shakespeare play leads to an unexpected revelation.
Short Comedy, Romance Available for Free 5pp
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En Garde! by Josh McDonald
You know what they say about those who live by the sword ...
Short Action, Adventure, Comedy Available for Free 2pp
Super Scoop by John Staats
Lois Lane's interview of Wonder Woman reveals the true Princess inside.
Short Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi Available for Free 10pp
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War Child by Jacob Radford
A day in the life of an woman and a baby as they escape the world around them.
Short Drama, War For sale 4pp
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Afterhours by Carole Parker
A charming but deadly rogue cop on the run holds a group of celebrities hostage in an after-hours club, each of whom has a secret that’s about to destroy their lives.
Feature Crime, Thriller For sale 90pp
End Of The Affair by Tim Westland
All good things must come to an end. The reasons aren't always what you'd expect.
Short Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi For sale 1pp
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The Well of Evil by jamie sutliff
Mohawk shaman, Firstchild summons Mitchell to the magical lands to rescue children from Grimsdowne Fortress.
Web Series Pilot Action, Adventure, Animation For sale 110pp
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Magick in the Machine by J.E. Clarke
A junkie, an aging witch and internet porn. What could possibly go wrong?
Short Horror Available for Free 12pp
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Spider by Wayne Taylor
In the years after a disastrous meteor strike, an old man, harboring a dark secret, invites a scavenger into his home.
Short Horror Available for Free 8pp
When The Clock Strikes 12 by McDalan Francois
A malevolent spirit terrorizes a neighborhood.
Feature Horror For sale 119pp
Cult Of The Foreskin by J. Phillip Wilkins
Every cult leader needs a gimmick.
Short Comedy Available for Free 4pp
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The fountain by Will Hudson
A girl talks to a God trapped inside a fountain who wants to be released.
Short Comedy, Mystery For sale 3pp
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Stuck by Steven Burton
A cell phone with his hand is stuck to Jeff's ear. After frantic attempts to loosen it fail, a mysterious 'Voice' comes on the line to help find a solution.
Short Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi For sale 10pp
A robotic assistant tries to help his user regain a girlfriend.
Short Drama For sale 9pp