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The Busker by Fausto Lucignani
While waiting for her train, a young woman emotionally connects with a subway jazz musician just before tragedy struck.
Short Drama Available for Free 5pp
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The Pig Man Encounter by Doug Robbins
Get the Fuck out of here, dad! Okay I will, and I'm taking my shotgun.
Short Horror Available for Free 4pp
A Plagued World by Tony De Lombardo
When a mutation spreads and divides a city, two lovers must see each other in secret.
Feature Drama, Romance For sale 91pp
Tube by Toby McShane
On a short trip between Finsbury Park and Leicester Square, a jaded, gentrified Middle-Englander must navigate the social politics and unwritten etiquette of the London Underground, and his own crippling millennial anxiety issues.
Short Comedy Available for Free 13pp
Based on a true-story of a pre-teen Negro boy in the early 1960s.
TV Pilot Drama For sale 10pp
Interview with a Ventriloquist. by Ian J. Courter
Ventriloquism may be an art, but not all ventriloquists are artists as one reporter finds out when she is already having a bad day.
Short Comedy Available for Free 7pp
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Hotel 'FunTime' by Fausto Lucignani
To please his young girlfriend, a middle-aged man deceives his elderly grandmother -- with life-changing consequences.
Short Drama Available for Free 7pp
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A Kindness by Tim Westland
A prisoner who sees death as his best chance of escape doesn't count on a Doctor who is ready to pass his own form of judgement.
Short Crime, Drama For sale 1pp
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The King of Corn by Jason K. Allen
Hopelessly lost in a corn maze, a young couple are rescued by a mystery man who bears a striking resemblance to Elvis Presley.
Short Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery For sale 7pp
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Cheated by Anthony Fertino
After a young woman's husband dies in an accident, she guiltily visits her ongoing lover to end the lesbian affair.
Short Drama, Romance For sale 4pp
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A Goldfish Contemplates Life by Jason K. Allen
A sad and lonely goldfish dreams of escaping his fish bowl so that he can fight zombies, halt global warming and meet Justin Bieber.
Short Animation, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy For sale 5pp
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Court of the Red King. by Joseph Ulloa
Beware the Red King or be judged.
Short Comedy, Horror For sale 12pp
Street Wedding by Catherine Cole Rogers
A cheap, rebellious proposal in a downtown casino after several shots of tequila leads to a street wedding.
Short Comedy Available for Free 7pp
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Courting by Désirée Nordlund
A man learns how to flirt from birds.
Short Comedy, Drama Available for Free 1pp
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Reality Check by nick black
This is the story of 2 douche bag reality TV producers who have big dreams, and will stop at nothing to achieve them, no matter who they cross, anger or embarrass along the way.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 30pp
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The Final Nacho by Bob Stevens
A group of friends run out of nachos, with deadly consequences. A commercial spec.
Short Action, Comedy, Horror For sale 3pp
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Silent Forest by Dave Miller
A group of three friends decide to investigate the mysterious "suicide forest" near their home, a wooded area that has inexplicably become the most popular place in the world to commit suicide.
Short Horror For sale 45pp
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Poopsie by Doug Tesch
An ass backwards take on Rin Tin Tin.
Short Animation, Comedy Available for Free 9pp
Lord of the Shelves by Jason K. Allen
Hoping to go straight, a former mob boss moves to a small town and gets a job as a librarian. But it won't be easy because he's paranoid, hot-tempered and prone to violence.
Short Comedy, Crime, Drama, Fantasy For sale 6pp
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Y2K by David Troop
A survivalist must decide what to do when the world doesn't end.
Short Drama, Thriller For sale 6pp
Shootin' The Shorts Reader
The Box Room by Louise Johnson
All a gangster wants to do is launder a bit of money but he meets his match in Gemma, single mum and estate agent from hell.
Short Crime For sale 12pp
Passed Over by JK Jones
A Junior College quarterback is pushed to the mental, physical and emotional brink after colleges reject him and his girlfriend dumps him.
Short Drama, Romance, Sport For sale 45pp
Pillow Girl by Jason K. Allen
As a little girl, Kayley never lost a pillow fight. Now an adult, she decides to use this talent to fight evil and impact the world.
Short Action, Comedy, Family For sale 7pp
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Condomnation by Philip Sedgwick
An overpopulation activist finds herself seeking legal counsel after her proposal to a school board about free condoms handouts goes awry.
Short Drama For sale 14pp
Line 1 by Manuel Royal
After 30 years of arrested grieving, an isolated woman reconnects with her long-dead son.
Short Fantasy For sale 22pp