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The Human Kind by Jason K. Allen
While eating lunch on a park bench, two backwoods roughnecks spot a real-life hipster. Fascinated, they observe him and make fun of him, but they soon learn that things aren't always what they seem.
Short Comedy For sale 8pp
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Missile Command by Larry Ryals
US Strategic Ballistic Missile Command is in chaos as creditors repossess missiles.
Short Comedy For sale 7pp
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The Party (Hard Ending) by Kevin Mathews
Karen's entire life was changed by a party. Now Micah is trying to stop her from making what he thinks is a mistake.
Short Drama Available for Free 4pp
That Stupid Helmet by Jurij Fedorov
A janitor finds an electronic helmet that may radically change his life.
Short Mystery, Sci-Fi Available for Free 9pp
Slice by Steve Miles
A grieving widow uses her love of baking to exact retribution against the system she blames for her suffering.
Short Horror, Thriller Available for Free 11pp
Shootin' The Shorts Reader
The Silent Love by Joao Nsita
A Love story between a man in love with his brother's ex-wife.
TV Pilot Comedy Available for Free 32pp
Perspectives by Jasen Heffner
It seems a gaggle of teens just can't go camping in the woods without a series of murders. But every story has two sides.
Feature Comedy, Thriller For sale 75pp
Moebius Palindrome by Alex Laforest
The upstairs neighbor is LOUD.
Short Horror, Mystery, Thriller For sale 7pp
War Child by Jacob Radford
A day in the life of an woman and a baby as they escape the world around them.
Short Drama, War For sale 4pp
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Snowjob by Ian J. Courter
Even the weather can't stop a tenacious reporter from doing her job.
Short Comedy Available for Free 12pp
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Black Dog by Matthew Gilpin
Home alone, Daniel notices a gleaming pair of eyes in the darkness.
Short Horror For sale 5pp
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Schroedinger's Box by Josh McDonald
Maybe time travel isn't as simple as he thought
Short Comedy, Sci-Fi For sale 10pp
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Seekers by Victoria Asper
Melanie enlists the help of a cryptologist/occult expert to locate her missing friend.
TV Pilot Adventure For sale 50pp
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A Stick In Time by Hai Spletstoser
A boy searches for a book the could be the only way to see his grandfather again.
Short Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Sci-Fi For sale 4pp
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Stay the Night by Rachel Brewer
Two friends spend the night in an allegedly haunted abandoned house, in order to prove to their friends it’s all nonsense. Will the legend of Mr Mallory’s ghost turn out to be fact or fiction?
Short Horror For sale 8pp
Alexa is a Joke by Jurij Fedorov
A woman fights with her Amazon Alexa.
Short Comedy For sale 10pp
A MAN'S MAN by Art D'Alessandro
Jake is a typical late bloomer. Finally, his day has come. First date. While his parents ponder his future, Jake motor scooters out to meet Sasha, the girl, um, guy of his dreams.
Short Comedy, Drama For sale 12pp
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A Ghost Allegory by Barbara Thomas
A house sitter confronts her prejudices about the afterlife when she meets a ghost who defies expectations.
Short Comedy For sale 13pp
Undying Love Triangle by Darren Seeley
When two vampires have an affair, a murder plot unfolds. But the over-the-hill wife isn't that easy to kill.
Short Comedy, Horror Available for Free 6pp
Wood by Jason K. Allen
A lonely man falls in love with a tree, but can they live happily ever after?
Short Comedy, Romance For sale 5pp
O.N.P. (Occupy North Pole) by Darren Seeley
After Santa leaves, the understaffed elves take over. They aren't going to take it anymore.
Short Comedy, Fantasy Available for Free 9pp
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Where's My Child? by Maurice Vaughan
A depressed widow searches for her teenage daughter who gets abducted by sex traffickers.
Short Drama, Thriller For sale 12pp
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For Now by Paul Knauer
A widow needs a push to begin dating again.
Short Comedy, Romance Available for Free 8pp
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Smashed by Matthew Corry
Three men are forced into a twisted game of life or death by a crime boss to earn back his trust and their lives.
Short Action, Horror For sale 19pp
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Kaiju, North Dakota by J. Phillip Wilkins
Monsters, time travel, and the daily machinations of employees at a top secret research facility.
Web Series Pilot Comedy, Mystery, Sci-Fi For sale 57pp