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Pools by Anthony Cawood
The missing fairies may be closer to home than this little girl thinks.
Short Family, Fantasy For sale 2pp
Shootin' The Shorts Reader
The Saggar by CJ Walley
Following a long stretch inside, an ageing gangster leaves prison to find he’s been double-crossed and his daughter doesn’t want him in her life.
Feature Crime, Drama For sale 85pp
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The Teenage Dilemma. by D Murrell
Anyone with a teenager or who can remember being a teenager can relate to it!
Short Comedy For sale 6pp
Cold Reading by Elvira Drake
An overly enthusiastic man in the waiting audience of a mediumship show pretends to be the much anticipated medium, wowing the gullible audience.
Short Comedy Available for Free 7pp
Impala Cholas by CJ Walley
Presented with a seemingly innocent young girl looking to buy a gun from her, a ruthless gang leader has to choose between easy money and tough love.
Short Crime, Drama, Thriller Available for Free 7pp
Shootin' The Shorts Editor 1 reader loves this script
Devil's Little Angel by CJ Walley
Enslaved by her therapist and forced to kill, a girl fights to shake his hold over her mind and spare the life of a visiting female detective.
Short Drama, Horror, Thriller Available for Free 12pp
Shootin' The Shorts Editor 8 readers love this script
Zombies In Love by Fausto Lucignani
Two centuries after their deaths, two lesbian zombies meet in a cemetery and fall in love.
Short Horror, Romance Available for Free 5pp
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Sin Eater by Anthony Cawood
A grieving husband hires a sin eater to cleanse the soul of his dear departed wife, a recently executed witch.
Short Drama, Horror For sale 7pp
Shootin' The Shorts Reader 1 reader loves this script
DAGGERVILLE by Howard Tubbs
When Jack comes home to bury his sister, he vows to destroy the spirit that killed her.
Feature Horror For sale 79pp
Celebrity by Matt Hubsher
Sam Eugene embarks on the ride of his life after a chance encounter with an eccentric celebrity.
Short Drama, Thriller Available for Free 30pp
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SatNav by Anthony Cawood
A woman's infidelity takes her on an unexpected journey when her scorned husband hacks her car's navigation system.
Short Drama, Thriller For sale 2pp
Shootin' The Shorts Reader
HEARTBEAT by Eric Dickson
Popular teen Abra Needham spends a quiet night at home while her parents are away at a funeral. Meanwhile, police search her housing project for two escaped killers.
Feature Horror For sale 89pp
To Places Only You & I Know by Omar Khodja
A man prepares to surprise his wife with flowers, but on the way to meet her he catches the eye of another woman.
Short Drama, Romance For sale 8pp
No Fly Zone by C. Rob Dunphy
Brazen San Diego airport coworkers slip into easy money trafficking narcotics for their gritty former football coach until a string of Fentanyl tainted drug overdoses leaves them desperately seeking an exit.
Feature Crime, Drama For sale 120pp
Beyond Darkness by Mohamed Mohamud
In a dangerous post-apocalyptic world were plunderers roam the roads we follow Blake, a homeless hustler and his teenage friend Zara, as they search for a place to call home.
Short Drama For sale 14pp
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He Drives Them (Crazy) by David Lambertson
An Uber Driver hearing voices in his head seeks a passenger to end his misery.
Short Drama Available for Free 10pp
Rockstar Patreon Supporter 4 readers love this script
The New Roomie by Ronald Ecker
A nerdy college boy who can’t get a date tries using some animal courtship techniques, with surprising results.
Short Comedy For sale 17pp
Haptic by Anthony Cawood
A loving wife regrets getting her husband a smart watch for their anniversary, he regrets checking out it's haptic feedback in the middle of the night.
Short Comedy, Horror For sale 4pp
Shootin' The Shorts Reader
Past + Future by Max Hechtman
A 19 year old receives two phone calls, one from the future and one from the past. They force him to make a decision: let life go on, or do something to change it.
Short Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller Available for Free 6pp
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My Mornings by Luke Dawson
How hard could a shower be with two kids getting ready for a school, a mess of a husband and a meeting to get to?
Short Comedy Available for Free 4pp
Personal Mythology (AKA Sin Eater) by Tracey Maye
Saul, a psychologist and sin eater, kills his patients by sucking their souls dry when triggered by bad relationships.
Short Fantasy For sale 10pp
The Bozoman Haunting by Dale Gillespie
The sound of laughter out in the country. Clown cars and pop corn. A perfect setting for a haunting.
Short Comedy, Horror For sale 13pp
1 reader loves this script
The Not-So-GrimReaper by Quin Currie
After a young woman witnesses a freak accident and the Grim Reaper's cleanup, she falls in love with the Grim Reaper and becomes a serial killer to be closer to him.
Short Comedy, Drama, Romance Available for Free 7pp
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Saved My Bacon by Tim Westland
It's the 1920's and a small town reporter visits a farmer who claims to have "The World Greatest Pig".
Short Comedy, Family For sale 7pp
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Raven Point by Jason K. Allen
Hoping to soothe his troubled soul, a backpacker embarks on a journey to a remote wilderness area, but his plans to be alone are thwarted when he encounters a girl who's on a similar journey.
Short Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Romance For sale 10pp
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