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Barbershop Quintet by Mike Murphy
A young barber unwisely starts to wonder why so many of his regular male customers have odd, unexplained metal plates in their heads.
Short Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 7pp
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MUST NOT RUN by Lanre Ajayi
Clement faces a challenge like no other, forcing him to assess both his ambition and his own life.
Short Drama, Thriller For sale 7pp
Fear Away by Christine J. Whitlock
FEAR AWAY are short animated or live action scripts for pre-school children dealing with everyday fears.
Web Series Pilot Animation, Family For sale 6pp
Ding by Steve Miles
A proud elevator operator fights to protect those in his charge from the sinister presence lurking on floor 13. Unless that is, they opt for the stairs…
Short Comedy, Horror Available for Free 9pp
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The Summons by Scott Nelson
Society mandated that for everyone's good, people will be euthanized at 50. The man charged with processing these summons has to deal with a change in the law that affects him personally.
Short Sci-Fi For sale 8pp
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Honey by Rhys Hicks
An awkward teen's plan to win the affection of her crush attracts his attention for all the wrong reasons.
Short Comedy, Drama For sale 10pp
Mouthful by Euroy (AKA Roy) Tan
A lady shares her passion for food, and reveals a dark secret... Plus, there’s a cat.
Short Horror For sale 5pp
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The Team by Larry Postel
When a boss tries to boost morale among his staff by having them play a team-building game, all hell breaks loose.
Short Comedy For sale 4pp
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Sanctuary by Paul Knauer
Young boys seek an escape from the horrors of the world around them.
Short Action, Drama For sale 6pp
Line 1 by Manuel Royal
After 30 years of arrested grieving, an isolated woman reconnects with her long-dead son.
Short Fantasy For sale 22pp
Where Did Your Dress Go? by Stuart Wright
A half naked man wakes up in an abandoned office haunted by two men in baby doll dresses.
Short Horror For sale 4pp
Mayberry Justice by Larry Ryals
The cast of Chicago Justice thinks getting cancelled was bad, but finds out they didn't know the half of it.
Short Comedy For sale 4pp
The Mysterious Racing Race Car Mystery...Race by Doug Tesch
The hokey, gosh-goodedness of CLUTCH CARGO meets BLUE VELVET with a mashup of NASCAR
TV Pilot Animation, Comedy, Mystery For sale 33pp
The Perfect Pair by Mark Moore
An improbable pair meet their match.
Short Comedy, Romance For sale 9pp
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How I Wonder What You Are by Mike Murphy
A man and a woman awaken from nothingness in a strange, black place with no idea of who or where they are.
Short Mystery, Romance, Sci-Fi For sale 8pp
The End of Ever After by Scott Nelson
While burying a time capsule, two young people find a strange box with a metal object inside, that causes one of them hurtling back in time, and leaves the other to deal with it.
Short Sci-Fi For sale 11pp
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Pogo by Rhonnie Fordham
Dark secrets are exposed after a small-town sheriff encounters a mysterious female clown.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 91pp
Anger Issues by Lee Kolinsky
Gary Reese is fed up with his jobs, student loans and everyone around him. With the advice from his 10 year old daughter, he vents his anger issues in a group therapy session
Short Drama For sale 9pp
Alters by Tamara Herman & Cindy Aronson
Psychologist Callen Morgan is a happy wife and mother. But when her patients trigger her dissociative identity disorder to flare, even her family never knows who will be coming home that night.
TV Pilot Drama For sale 2pp
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txt me l8r by Anthony Cawood
A disconnected teen receives an unwanted friend request from a source closer than she dare imagine.
Short Horror For sale 7pp
Shootin' The Shorts Reader
That Stupid Helmet by Jurij Fedorov
A janitor finds an electronic helmet that may radically change his life.
Short Mystery, Sci-Fi Available for Free 9pp
Credit where due by Shawn Davis
The killing of JFK was the greatest hit in history and now the second killer wants his due.
Short Thriller Available for Free 10pp
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Sparkler by Rob Herzog
Bike stunts, booming fireworks, and a blowtorch are part of a family’s wild Fourth of July.
Short Comedy, Drama, Family For sale 13pp
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MONSTER by Dale Gillespie
She's the little girl next door and she's out to get you.
Short Horror For sale 8pp
Perchance to Dream by Scott Nelson
A man finds that he is living two lives at once. Each takes place in the dreams of the other and he doesn't know which one is real and which one is the dream.
Short Sci-Fi For sale 11pp
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