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Safe Space by Matthew Corry
A young victim of bullying, broken and lost, finds herself supported by only one person and desperately seeking a safe space.
Short Horror Available for Free 12pp
Us Without the Human by Zach Landis
A man and woman contradict each other and goes through various phases of life and discuss what it means to be human.
Short Drama, Fantasy, Romance For sale 5pp
Burning Lite by Robert Sacchi
In a medieval English town Mildred Hawkins, 30, who has a mannish face and a boyish figure, stands accused of witchcraft. She still has attitude despite her predicament. The town crier behaves like a master-of-ceremonies who wants to put on a good...
Short Comedy, History For sale 10pp
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The Hearse from Beyond by Jason K. Allen
On Halloween night, young trick-or-treater Daniel is visited by an ancient wagon driven by a sinister old man. But was it real? Thirty-five years later, the now adult Daniel learns the truth.
Short Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Thriller For sale 9pp
It's A... by Anthony Cawood
Two expectant mothers share their precious last moments together as they prepare for the end of the world.
Short Drama For sale 4pp
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Still Life by Dan DeVoto
A man encounters random people frozen like statues and worries the same thing could happen to him.
Short Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi For sale 8pp
Harold and the Minion by Kirsten James
Harold thinks he got away with murder until a Demon in the afterlife proves him wrong.
Short Comedy, Horror Available for Free 13pp
Filtered by Kevin Kunz
An engineer maintaining a space colony’s life support system must keep the system operating when his unstable partner begins to question the legitimacy of their job and interfere with their work.
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 90pp
Like by Mike Murphy
A young woman's life becomes chaos when several of her "PlaceNook pals" stop by unannounced to visit, and she can't get them to leave.
Short Comedy, Family For sale 10pp
Snowdrop by Danai Katopodi
An experiment in restorative justice goes wrong with horrific consequences. The pieces of the puzzle are scattered across past, present and future.
Short Thriller Available for Free 16pp
Going Going Gone by Nicholas Zingarelli
A cop fails to stop the murder of his partner. He becomes the suspect. His family the prey of two detectives that will stop at nothing to kill him and cover-up a police torture conspiracy.
Feature Crime, Drama, Family, Film-Noir For sale 95pp
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Hammerhead by Gary Spangler
Jeff, An awkward teenager working at a pizza restaurant is lured to the home of Chuck, his manager. Chuck sedates Jeff and painfully date-rapes him using a hammerhead.
Short Crime, Drama For sale 15pp
Slice by Steve Miles
A grieving widow uses her love of baking to exact retribution against the system she blames for her suffering.
Short Horror, Thriller Available for Free 11pp
Shootin' The Shorts Reader
Christmas Dinner by Richard Russell
All alone, a trucker picks up a hitchhiker on Christmas Eve and delivers him to dinner.
Short Drama For sale 7pp
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Leaving Nowhere by Jason K. Allen
Excited by life's possibilities, a young baseball named Johnny is batted into the woods and never found. He awakens in a strange land called Nowhere, where all lost and forgotten items end up.
Short Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Family For sale 5pp
The Master's Degree by Jurij Fedorov
A student studies alone for his important degree.
Short Comedy Available for Free 1pp
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The Writer's Journey Into Production Oblivion by Jonathan Sieff
A fledgeling screenwriter must deal with an incompetent director and a by-the-books producer who are eager to produce his work.
Short Comedy, Drama Available for Free 22pp
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Nightstalker by Nolan Bryand
The life of Nightstalker the cat is complicated by dogs, humans and the monstrous vacuum cleaner.
Short Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy Available for Free 7pp
Fifty Shades of Impact by J.E. Clarke
When a couple's faced with death, maybe experimenting isn't a bad thing...
Short Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi Available for Free 2pp
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Alien Dream by Steven Burton
Amy, a teenager, has a dream about instantly becoming a teenage boy caused by an accidental Alien invasion.
Short Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi For sale 8pp
The Final Nacho by Bob Stevens
A group of friends run out of nachos, with deadly consequences. A commercial spec.
Short Action, Comedy, Horror For sale 3pp
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Satan Claws by Matthew Taylor
An anxious boys Christmas joy is in danger when he discovers the truth behind Santa.
Short Comedy, Horror For sale 6pp
Under the Influence by Anthony Hudson
Waking with a hangover, a man must try to remember the previous night to help understand his current situation.
Short Mystery Available for Free 6pp
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I bet by Simon Parker
A bookworm is told by her mother to get their gambling addict father into rehab by the end of the day or lose what she loves most in the world, reading her books.
Short Drama For sale 8pp
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Wall Number Four by Jacqueline Renouard
A girl with no name breaks the fourth wall to try to figure out the meaning of the short film, and her very existence as a character within it.
Short Comedy, Drama For sale 3pp
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