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Bad Things, Good People by Richard Russell
An alcoholic man meets the alcoholic woman of his dreams.
Short Drama For sale 7pp
Perfectly Painted by Milethia Thomas
Who would you choose? – drunk wife or film noir heroine.
Short Drama, Fantasy Available for Free 3pp
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The Writer by Scott Nelson
Three characters become self-aware, and realize that they are in a screenplay where they are controlled by the all-powerful Writer.
Short Fantasy For sale 7pp
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Alice's Jesters by Darren Seeley
After being chased into an abandoned house, a woman has to play an unusual game of checkers in order to hide.
Short Horror Available for Free 10pp
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A Haunting For Johnathan by Curt Dennis
Johnathan, and his girlfriend Christina, go to his dead mother's house to collect her belongings, but soon discover her death may have been more sinister than previously thought . . .
Feature Horror For sale 90pp
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Dog's Eye View by Aanish Dhamdhere
A loving dog's conscience is shaken after he begins to question the true nature of his owner.
Short Drama Available for Free 11pp
Mirror Men by Jeffery Mack
Bryan finds out his stepfather, Johnny Royale, is a crime boss who has bought his debt from another crime family. Johnny then teaches Bryan the ways of crime.
TV Pilot Comedy, Crime, Drama For sale 60pp
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Butchery Bakery by David A. Lloyd
Sometimes you get pushed to far and you - DING - the hot cross buns are ready.
Short Comedy, Horror, Romance, Thriller Available for Free 26pp
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Roadside Stop by Matthew Corry
A young man picks up a desperate hitchhiker on the run from her captor but finds heroism can be a deadly game.
Short Horror For sale 7pp
The Master's Degree by Jurij Fedorov
A student studies alone for his important degree.
Short Comedy Available for Free 1pp
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All Night Joe's by Mark Williams
To save his ailing business, Joe has just three days to fend off loan sharks, woo the girl of his dreams and throw the party of the year. Easy, right?
Feature Comedy, Drama For sale 115pp
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The End Of Scepter Films by Ada Ellison
The studio bigwigs meet to discuss ways to save their failing empire.
Short Comedy For sale 4pp
Guidelines by Liam Cairns
A civil servant in an alternative present must interview and assess an immigrant couple who wish to start a family in a society were the right to conceive children must be granted by the state.
Short Drama, Sci-Fi For sale 23pp
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Silent Forest by Dave Miller
A group of three friends decide to investigate the mysterious "suicide forest" near their home, a wooded area that has inexplicably become the most popular place in the world to commit suicide.
Short Horror For sale 45pp
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Storm Chaser by Jason K. Allen
Norman is determined to become a storm chaser, but is woefully unqualified. When he finally does land a job chasing storms, he gets stuck in a tranquil, sunny destination -- where the weather is perfect every day.
Short Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama For sale 9pp
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Christmas Dinner by Richard Russell
All alone, a trucker picks up a hitchhiker on Christmas Eve and delivers him to dinner.
Short Drama For sale 7pp
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Psychopaths Responsible for the Sizzle, Sizzle by Jurij Fedorov
3 boys dispose of a body. But their murder is discovered and they must act fast to save their lives.
Short Crime, Drama Available for Free 11pp
Scurry by Kirsten James
While a husband and wife discuss their involvement in the occult their young daughter is being terrorized by a strange creature in her room.
Short Horror Available for Free 5pp
The Pig & Pirate by Toby McShane
In the minutes leading up to their first bank robbery, two would-be-crooks must overcome their nerves, and a series of unforeseen setbacks, before their cover is blown.
Short Comedy, Crime For sale 9pp
Problem Child by Patrick Gotthardt
In order to get his biggest wish fulfilled a teenager behaves like a problem child after a deal with the devil.
Short Drama, Mystery For sale 11pp
Fool Circle by neville powell
Role playing fantasies? No, reality!
Short Comedy For sale 8pp
Switch by Mike Murphy
Sent to get a switch for a spanking, a young boy is surprised when a tree he frequents - one with supernatural designs on him - starts speaking.
Short Drama, Fantasy For sale 6pp
Dark Knight: Triad by John Staats
Tables turn on Bruce Wayne when he questions the Arkham Asylum Psychologist about a new inmate.
Short Drama Available for Free 10pp
Die Tankstelle by Elisabeth Meier
At night, a young woman on her holiday travel stops at a lonely, dark self service gas station when a young man rushes by and asks her for a strange favour.
Short Comedy For sale 4pp
Don't Go There, Girlfriend! by Dave Eisenstark
When a pregnant young woman accidentally kills her boyfriend, she discovers he's the best boyfriend she's ever had.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Film-Noir, Horror, Thriller For sale 98pp