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The M.U.R.DE.R. Club by Scott Sawitz
After a serial killer leaves her for dead, a final girl comes back to hunt down the monsters that go bump in the night.
TV Pilot Action, Comedy, Horror For sale 60pp
Boy Kills Girl by Robert Bates
A whimsical serial killer ambushes a group of teenagers.
Short Comedy, Horror For sale 5pp
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Blood Highway by Joseph Ulloa
A hitman drives his next victim to an unknown destination to meet his fate.
Short Horror, Thriller For sale 14pp
Story Time by Kevin Hopgood
When children's authors Molly and Geoffrey Greenslade visit Hill View Primary the lessons learnt are possibly not suitable for a class of year six school children.
Short Comedy Available for Free 10pp
Fake Robot by Simon Parker
hiding from his lovers wife, a desperate man dresses up as a robot but needs to convince a young child that he's real.
Short Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi Available for Free 8pp
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World of no helpers by Jurij Fedorov
A woman is visited by her violent ex-boyfriend. But he has a weird electronic device with him that may save her life.
Short Crime, Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi Available for Free 6pp
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License to Steal by Elizabeth H. Vu
After a robbery, a thief drives off with the loot, but finds himself in a struggle between the characters of his conscience.
Short Action, Drama For sale 3pp
Summer's Charms by Steve Cross
Dean Summers gets anything but the relaxation he needs when he spends a weekend in the country, and two spinsters wind up accusing him of murder.
Feature Comedy For sale 84pp
The Head Custodian by Merlin Waltz
A large airport. Some unexpected guests. A janitor with a secret past helps save the day.
Short Crime, Drama For sale 12pp
Dead Girl Alive by Max Astrophel
When a teenage boy's dead girlfriend comes back, he needs to understand what happened -- but she doesn't want him to.
Short Horror For sale 8pp
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No Job for Tenderfoots by Jason K. Allen
Four notorious hit men unexpectedly end up at the same place, brought together by a mysterious cowboy who gives them an unusual mission.
Short Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Western For sale 18pp
Flowers on a Saturday by Jason K. Allen
An elderly man and woman cross paths while visiting the graves of their departed spouses. Sparks don't exactly fly, but sometimes a simple connection is enough.
Short Comedy, Drama, Romance For sale 8pp
Voiceless by Adam J.
On her first assignment, a journalist investigates the sudden death of a local, reclusive musician, while his siblings must come to terms with all that’s left behind.
Feature Drama, Music For sale 78pp
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It Won't Help by H. C. Turk
Confined to a wheelchair, Bob has to face his past when it returns in the form of the lover who crippled him.
Short Drama, Family, Thriller For sale 8pp
The Leash by M.R. Hilow
A recently returned vet finds himself lured into a gritty street battle in order to save Walter, his chronic runaway dog.
Short Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Thriller For sale 14pp
Hitching by Norman Mendoza
A despicable truck driver who has a nasty habit of picking up young women on the road finds that his next passenger isn't all that she seems to be.
Short Horror, Thriller For sale 9pp
No Trespassing by Steve Cleary
A fancy man in a tailored suit endures a night of terror when he pays an unwelcome visit to a wary homeowner.
Short Thriller For sale 3pp
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Dana's DNA by Jurij Fedorov
A father orders a DNA test.
Short Drama, Mystery Available for Free 6pp
Credit where due by Shawn Davis
The killing of JFK was the greatest hit in history and now the second killer wants his due.
Short Thriller Available for Free 10pp
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Bump in the Night by Anthony Cawood
A foul mouthed burglar picks the wrong house and the wrong couple to mess with.
Short Drama, Horror For sale 9pp
Shootin' The Shorts Reader 3 readers love this script
Text Me by Scott Nelson
Told entirely via text messages, a woman working at a film festival begins to receive disturbing messages from an ex about her current boyfriend.
Short Crime, Drama For sale 7pp
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Love Implant by Fausto Lucignani
An attractive woman affected by philophobia experiences a surprising result when she undergoes a brain implantation procedure in an experimental clinic.
Short Romance, Sci-Fi Available for Free 9pp
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Tulips by Jerry Robbins
When a traveling circus arrives in town, a psychotic clown searches out victims who are perfect specimens for a deadly sideshow exhibit.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 94pp
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Mirror World by Jurij Fedorov
2 people investigate a weird object.
Short Mystery, Thriller Available for Free 2pp
A Driver's Re-Education by Doug Tesch
FULL METAL JACKET infiltrates our educational system.
Short Animation, Comedy, War For sale 14pp
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