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Electric car by Justin Rogers
Two friends get together, and one finds out more than he intended.
Short Comedy For sale 12pp
The Weather-Man by Jack Stockley
When a New York weatherman is bestowed the power to control the weather, he battles between right and wrong whilst reconciling with his estranged sister and appeasing their abusive father.
Feature Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 112pp
The Elephant Graveyard by Jennifer Palumbo Goli
Jordan is transferred to Kenya and falls in love with a local. The couple’s lives are extremely different and when reality hits Jordan has to make a decision that will redefine her definition of love.
Feature Drama For sale 107pp
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Golden Pen by Boss Perfect
After making his students admit they were supernaturals, he admits that he just ended the world.
Short Horror Available for Free 23pp
Kruzin' with the Roos' by Grin Olsson
Hilarious comedy about Police first believe Black Jack is laundering money but finally accuse him of aiding and abetting the enemy for selling Kangaroo meat labeled as "Goat that hops" meat to the Afghanistanis.
Feature Comedy For sale 106pp
Rat by Nikki Lee
A young boy determined to leave a life of violence after his father’s murder, takes a daring risk by ratting out the guys behind the neighborhood crimes.
Short Crime, Drama For sale 35pp
Land of the Nen-Us-Yok by jamie sutliff
A genius teen witch invents a molecule to solve climate change - fantasy based on real science
Short Animation For sale 10pp
The Reefer Dudes by Andrew Ramirez
After eating weed laced brownies, two Southern California slackers (Brad and Ace) discover their hidden superpowers. When they find out their friend has been kidnapped, they decide to go on an adventure to save him.
Feature Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime For sale 109pp
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The New King Of Bushwick by Dave Quinn
A young wannabe wiseguy aims to climb the ranks of the New York Mafia, and restore a crime family to its past glory after the Family is exiled from the commission.
Feature Crime, Drama, Thriller For sale 180pp
THE MISSION by Jordan Tate
Follows a female spy working for the US government on her latest perilous mission to save the world.
Feature Action, Drama For sale 80pp
Leaves by Cameron Benjamin
The party of the year is interrupted by an ancient evil that hunts a group of young adults leaving nothing but terror and bloodshed in its wake.
Feature Horror Available for Free 73pp
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The Nights of Nicaragua by Grin Olsson
A Coming of Age romantic musical comedy about a young man's dream of creating a hard rock saxophone band coming true!
Feature Comedy, Musical, Romance For sale 138pp
Sheena returns to Africa to rescue her father, but she meets a bigger play than she expected.
Feature Adventure For sale 3pp
Deja Vu For Ice And Jen by Peter Gartner
Deja Vu turns into PTSD as Ice and Jen try to escape being homeless.
Feature Drama For sale 78pp
Magnum, P.I. Stay of melody by Paul Barrett
The cold outside is nothing compared to the inside.
Episode Crime Available for Free 14pp
Hindsight by Scott Sawitz
After discovering Russian malfeasance in the upcoming election, a white hat hacker has to team up with a burned Russian spy to prevent the Presidential election from being tampered with.
Feature Action, Thriller For sale 92pp
Black Veil, Episode 6, "In The Red" by Eve Kazaros
A dark secret is brought to light when Ferals attack Shine Town.
TV Pilot Fantasy, Sci-Fi For sale 56pp
The Box by Hunter Murphy
When an 18 year old boy taking care of his dying grandfather finds a box that grants materialistic desires, he learns the truth about it’s dark and violent history.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 70pp
Gifted Children by Jerry Robbins
A journalist uncovers a deadly secret at a school for gifted children, whose mysterious occupants are not what they seem to be.
Feature Horror For sale 107pp
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Saturday Night Fevers by Roy Fowler
Two London lads catch the last night train home and so begins their uncontrollable spiral into chaos and calamity.
Short Action, Comedy For sale 13pp
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Next Register, Please by Dan O'Sullivan
A group of video store clerks cope with the news of their outdated paradise’s downfall.
Feature Comedy For sale 119pp
LOVE BUG by Buters Gerthfeld
A sexually repressed Irish English teacher arrives in Japan just in time for a viral outbreak.
Short Comedy, Romance For sale 15pp
Estranged Mission by Rutger Oosterhoff
When a former agent learns of a planned terrorist attack on the US president elect, he must stop the suicide-bomber – his own daughter.
Feature Action For sale 111pp
Magus Magnusson - Private Investigator by Grin Olsson
Magnus Magnusson, a young carefree and jovial "top of the morning" gumshoe is hired under cover by the government to investigate "code blue" officials when they smell a bad prosecution or police corruption.
TV Pilot Crime For sale 63pp
Côte d'Azur by Alan C. Baird
There's nothing quite so romantic as spending one's youth in a foreign land.
Feature Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance For sale 71pp