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Reverse Stockholm syndrome by Artemis 777
Derek falls for his hostage Dwayne, while his partner Jamie tries to snap him out of it
Short Comedy, Thriller For sale 6pp
Imbroglio by Daniel White
A week in the life of a man out for revenge.
Feature Biography, Crime, Thriller For sale 95pp
Kelham Island by Paul Friend
A detective with mirror-touch synaesthesia, a condition that renders her hyper-sensitive to the physical stimuli of others, navigates Sheffield’s murky underbelly as she investigates a series of murders linked to an illegal stimulant.
TV Pilot Crime, Drama, Thriller For sale 57pp
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Fear Walker by Allan Burd
An international bounty hunter of the supernatural ventures into werewolf territory to get information on his brother's killer and avert an all-out war between man and wolf.
TV Pilot Action, Adventure, Horror, Thriller For sale 61pp
Ruined Vacation by Mark Donnell
An RV Super Sale would not be complete without death, drugs and rock-n-roll.
Feature Comedy, Crime For sale 93pp
Lanard the Immortal by Jez McMillan
A man who desperately wants to rescue his wife from the Afterlife discovers he must commit suicide to do so. Only problem- he’s just learned he’s immortal.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi For sale 92pp
Trust Fall by Dominic Cerasi
Seeking adventure and excitement, two young men go skydiving. Desperate for a break in the ordinary, they find that living in the most extreme way requires the most dangerous act of all, trust.
Short Action For sale 14pp
Highway Robbery by Peggie Lynn
A lonely roadside gas stop on the Natchez Trace receives customers.
Short Adventure, Comedy For sale 6pp
Fu*k Argyle by Jez McMillan
A dying criminal requests his straight and narrow children to defeat his archenemy in crime before he dies. Contains some profanity.
Feature Comedy, Crime For sale 112pp
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First Kiss by Huss Rasit
Can a teenager overcome his fear and get his first ever kiss?
Short Comedy For sale 7pp
The Mortician by Kevin Lewis
A mortician gives himself a second shot at love with his high school sweetheart before he buries her.
Short Drama, Horror For sale 9pp
The Longest Goodbye by Aaron Braxton
A character-driven drama about the poignancy of a mother and son's journey with dementia and their commitment to keeping love alive as memories fade and life on the road is rearranged to moments in time.
Feature Drama For sale 104pp
The Picture of Jonathon Laslow by James Austin McCormick
A bankrupt mill owner turns to a rich friend for help but soon wishes he hadn’t when he learns the terrible price he must pay in return
Short Crime, Mystery Available for Free 16pp
GHOSTS by D. Westfall
A young black couple unknowingly moves into a house that may be cursed.
Feature Horror For sale 112pp
Awakened by Doug Robbins
After being injected with an alien serum, he awakens with a hunger for human flesh.
Short Fantasy, Horror For sale 6pp
A Long Way From Sunday by Aaron Braxton
An edgy, faith-inspired, character-driven drama about a mischievous boy and a series of revelations that lead his grandfather, a working class, Pentecostal pastor, to question his faith, murder his friend and burn down his church.
Feature Drama For sale 104pp
To Lie Beneath by Aaron Braxton
A supernatural, humored, horror film about a recently divorced man haunted by a venomous succubus demon and her invidious incubus mate. Can his ex-wife put an end to the horror?
Feature Action, Drama, Horror, Romance, Thriller For sale 117pp
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The Anuk Chronicles by Abdur Mohammed
Long ago in a technologically advanced Earth, a coup flings a princess on a dangerous path to prophecy, where she risks the destruction of humanity to regain her birthright.
Web Series Pilot Action, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi For sale 58pp
The Gavel-feature by Rutger Oosterhoff
Identical twin sisters who moonlight as violent vigilantes, and by day study Law, must outwit a vengeful copycat who framed them for murdering students on a college campus in Austin, Texas.
Feature Adventure, Crime For sale 96pp
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The Sub by Aaron Braxton
A single camera, half-hour, dramedy, spotlighting the realities--comical, tragic, and inspiring--of the grossly overcrowded public school system and one off-centered substitute teacher’s journey through the broken, bureaucratic, educational, circus...
TV Pilot Drama For sale 30pp
A Born Star by Johnny Atkinson
A seasoned pop star realizes the unappreciated talent behind her success and falls in love.
Feature Comedy, Romance For sale 92pp