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The Town of Victoria by Naz Bader
A married couple are stranded in the middle of nowhere and find themselves in a town where the locals are harbouring a dark secret.
Feature Horror For sale 80pp
Lemming OS by Jaymes Baker
A Dark-Comedy short about America's over reliance on technology, our detachment from morals and even each other.
Short Comedy, Horror Available for Free 41pp
Threesome by Simon Parker
A millionaire asks his trophy wife for a threesome, instead she plans to rob him. Ending up in his murder.
Short Action, Drama For sale 6pp
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Rise of the Reptoids by Tim Aucoin
An inexperienced Sherriff must protect her small town from a horde of underground Reptilian creatures.
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 98pp
I * YOU by Axel Geran
Nathan and Linda are deeply in love, but everything goes upside down when they have a car accident, and Linda gets disfigured.
Feature Drama, Romance For sale 81pp
The women in me by Bernard Mersier
In this one act stage play, one women speaks a powerful message to all women explaining how they're all the same.
Short Drama For sale 7pp
More Human by Jaymes Baker
John awakens in 2050 and begins following the trail of progress left by humanity and Osiris.
Feature Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi Available for Free 87pp
Rats of a Feather by Warren Duncan
A sewer rat steals the shiniest object he can find in an attempt to impress his crush.
Short Animation, Comedy, Romance Available for Free 5pp
Underground: gokudo by Marcus Looney
Following the lives of individuals caught in webs of crime, deception, and money spun by the crime bosses that plagues the streets of Seoul, Japan.
TV Pilot Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller For sale 52pp
Rob Me by Simon Parker
After an old man has his house broken into, he becomes obsessed with getting a gun and getting robbed again.
Short Drama For sale 6pp
Unholy Union by Christine Locker
A wife's demonic behavior forces her husband to seek holy help.
Short Comedy, Horror For sale 12pp
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The Belly of the Beast by Warren Duncan
After a couple survive a horrific plane crash, they find that the nightmare has only just begun.
Short Horror Available for Free 6pp
A New Present by Warren Duncan
After a horrific accident, a father's undying love drives him to achieve the impossible.
Short Drama, Sci-Fi Available for Free 5pp
Two female German defectors desperately want to become real Americans, but when they botch-up a secret plan to secure a Francophile's credit card in Paris, they risk their one chance to live Big American Free.
Feature Action, Comedy For sale 81pp
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The journey of the scribe by Amir Olin
A story of two men divided by five millennia but connected through a horrible secret of mankind's history. One is the biblical patriarch and the other is a teacher and scientist searching for extraterrestrial intelligence.
Feature Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 122pp
Her name was Pennie Frank by Jevon J James
A penny is a symbol of the acursed.
Short History, Horror, Sci-Fi For sale 1pp
Redemption by Warren Duncan
A dirty cop finds redemption while helping a teen girl survive the new world order.
Short Action For sale 5pp
I Want To Die by Everett Hall
A curious woman takes a drastic step towards discovering what happens after you die.
Short Comedy Available for Free 5pp
smokey fear by Loraine McBarron
Three young adults are trapped in a cabin with a bear clawing at their door, what do they do?
Short Comedy, Horror For sale 6pp
A New Present by Warren Duncan
After a horrific accident, a father's undying love drives him to achieve the impossible.
Short Drama, Sci-Fi Available for Free 5pp
Child of God By Kristopher Hines by Kristopher Hines
While trying to escape the past, Adrian Mansell, finds himself on an island where there are only children, but he is about to discover that a dark secret takes over the island.
Short Horror, Mystery For sale 14pp
Rebecca Wong Is Not Happy by Cam Gray
After her husband retires and destroys her perfect life, a housewife must decide between returning to her hellish old job or filing for divorce.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama For sale 33pp
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Zion by Jevon J James
The world must be determined by man thank the god's you praise.
Short History, Horror, Sci-Fi For sale 1pp