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Nycto by Anthony Fertino
A young man returns home after receiving mental help to overcome nyctophobia, fear of darkness. He strains to find peace with his father, when it becomes clear his condition may not have been completely cured.
Short Drama, Thriller For sale 8pp
Step On A Crack by Darren Seeley
The mystery behind six mirrors which reflect murder and despair when they face each other in an old decaying house is revealed.
Short Horror, Thriller Available for Free 13pp
My Superior Me by Rob Moss
A young man suffers a freak accident unleashing a superior, identical version of himself who shares his premonitions to perform miraculous deeds for the good of society.
Feature Action, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy For sale 107pp
Meritocracy by J.E. Clarke
A man and wife await a crucial interview. But what's it for... and what's at stake? (Political/economic satire - blended with SF.)
Short Drama, Sci-Fi Available for Free 9pp
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The Urbanites by Jason K. Allen
Four hipsters pack their lunch and excitedly head into the woods for their first ever picnic. Unfortunately, it all goes very, very wrong.
Short Comedy, Drama, Horror For sale 17pp
A thanksgiving Joy by Joseph Ulloa
The joy that keeps giving.
Short Drama For sale 3pp
Sleeping With Fishes by David Troop
Two goodfellas row a boat into the middle of the lake - will both of them make it back to shore?
Short Comedy For sale 9pp
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Guidelines by Liam Cairns
A civil servant in an alternative present must interview and assess an immigrant couple who wish to start a family in a society were the right to conceive children must be granted by the state.
Short Drama, Sci-Fi For sale 23pp
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Elephant In The Room by Fiona Faith Ross
Why is there an elephant in the motel room? Two housekeepers must find out before the bitch boss discovers it, or lose their jobs.
Short Comedy, Drama, Romance For sale 13pp
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Summer's Charms by Steve Cross
Dean Summers gets anything but the relaxation he needs when he spends a weekend in the country, and two spinsters wind up accusing him of murder.
Feature Comedy, Crime, Romance For sale 84pp
Shadows of a War Imagined by Scott Nelson
Two soldiers find themselves alone in the woods, with no memory of how they got there, who they are, and how they are going to get out.
Short Fantasy For sale 6pp
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Valentine of the Dragon by Julie Redfield Young
A phobic vampirette must kill the man she loves or perish on her 666th birthday.
Feature Comedy For sale 80pp
For an Eye by Mike Murphy
With his work-related headaches getting the better of him, Mr. Lange should have reconsidered how fortunate it was that female optometrist Dr. Holland just happened to be available for an examination that night.
Short Crime, Drama For sale 6pp
Trapping Santa by Javier Torregrosa
Zack walks in on his son Billy holding Santa hostage, who wants everyone's presents not just his own.
Short Comedy, Drama, Family Available for Free 5pp
You Destroy Me by Jason K. Allen
A man sits beside a woman on a bench, but he gradually scoots away from her. When the offended woman questions his actions, it leads to a series of bitter insults which arouses them both.
Short Comedy, Drama, Romance For sale 7pp
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Homecoming by Gary Howell
A study session for a quiz on a Shakespeare play leads to an unexpected revelation.
Short Comedy, Romance Available for Free 5pp
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What's In A Name? by Javier Torregrosa
When Freddie writes his Christmas wish list. He discovers evil lurking within Santa. Prompting him to scrap his wish list.
Short Comedy, Drama Available for Free 6pp
The Painter by Warren Duncan
A Painter is tortured by his art.
Short Horror Available for Free 1pp
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Mirror World by Jurij Fedorov
2 people investigate a weird object.
Short Mystery, Thriller Available for Free 2pp
Van by Oliver Campagna
A man finds himself investigating a sound he hears from inside a van.
Short Mystery For sale 11pp
The Bargain Store by Brandi Self
A disgruntled small-town bargain store worker meets a soldier who encourages her to stand up to her perverted boss.
Short Drama, Fantasy Available for Free 8pp
Misplaced by Matthew Corry
A young boy explores the rows of an old antique store and finds something unexpected.
Short Mystery For sale 6pp
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RHINOCEROS by Michael Logan Scott
In the wake of a pandemic that destroyed most of civilization, a bereaved mother's quiet existence is threatened, when a young boy arrives at her remote farmhouse with threatening news.
Short Thriller For sale 35pp
Stuck by Steven Burton
A cell phone with his hand is stuck to Jeff's ear. After frantic attempts to loosen it fail, a mysterious 'Voice' comes on the line to help find a solution.
Short Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi For sale 10pp
Lone Tree Road by Brandon Stephens
A typical RV camping night goes from fun to hopeless when an expectant mother and father become stranded in the New Mexico desert.
Short Drama Available for Free 9pp