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Between Floors by Bradford N. Smith
An earthquake traps six strangers in the middle of a murder mystery fraught with disaster when their elevator is wedged between two floors.
Feature Thriller For sale 75pp
Free to Play by Chris Todd
Two recent college grads, and best friends, fend off adulthood by forming a band to go on a poorly planned cross-country tour.
Feature Comedy For sale 100pp
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It Happened along the Road by Mark D. Clark
When a prisoner transport goes afoul, an infamous serial killer escapes and abducts a new college graduate on the way to her first big-city job.
Feature Thriller For sale 85pp
Nothing Like the Sun by Nguyen N.
In the mid-20th century, a lesbian estranged by her family struggles to get them back by falsely adopting the faith of a Christian household where she takes shelter, but finds herself infatuated with their daughter.
Feature Drama, History Produced 107pp
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Reprisal by Shawn Davis
A mentally ill survivor of a disfiguring assault invites her unwitting assailant over for an evening of horrific revenge.
Feature Thriller Under Option 88pp
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The Reflection by Miranda Grey
In the mirror reflection April notices a creepy shadow behind her, but the room is empty.
Short Horror Produced 2pp
Vertical by Eric Christopherson
A window washer for a Midtown Manhattan office building witnesses a strangulation murder through a window in the early morning hours and becomes trapped on his platform when the murderer determines to murder him too.
Feature Action, Crime, Thriller For sale 93pp
A Gentle Cloth to Wash One's Sins Away by J.E. Clarke
Two lovebirds drive to the country to have an affair. But certain horrors lie in wait. And certain sins can't be washed clean.
Short Horror Available for Free 12pp
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But the Word Shall Endure by J.E. Clarke
An old priest lectures his post-apocalyptic parish about the sanctity of life.
Short Sci-Fi Available for Free 6pp
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One Way Tickets by John Hunter
A retired combat veteran leads discount heroes on a suicidal rescue attempt in the Caribbean.
Feature Action, Adventure, Comedy For sale 99pp
On Line by Steven Burton
A small diverse group waits in an urban bus depot line to experience role reversals when the bus arrives.
Short Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi For sale 8pp
Deal of a Lifetime by James Barron
A shifty car salesman becomes embroiled in a dangerous test of wills when multiple customers offer to purchase the same vehicle.
Short Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller For sale 12pp
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Jitterbug! by D.C. Copeland
Billy Rhythm teams up with Tharbis Jefferson, a "Copper Colored Gal" from the Cotton Club, to win a dance contest at the Savoy Ballroom. Unfortunately, their competition will stop at nothing to win, including murder.
Feature Drama For sale 120pp
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Beneath Cherry Hill by Elianna Castilleja
A young boy sets out to save his father from a monster that's responsible for the deaths of the town's livestock and his mothers.
Short Horror, Thriller For sale 15pp
Lady Red by James Pappoe Jr.
Former assassin Angie 'Lady Red' McKenzie is forced to protect her child from being abducted by her former boss/lover for declining an assignment.
Short Action Available for Free 5pp
The Other White Meat by John Hunter
Researchers on a remote frozen planet awaken a micro-terror which threatens to devour the universe.
Short Horror, Sci-Fi For sale 8pp
Mr Robbins by Neil Jeffery
A young artist discovers new friendship and a new outlook on an eventful dog walk, but has to learn to cope with her feelings when new hope enters her life during a very dark time
Feature Drama, Family, Romance For sale 101pp
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Napalm. by Michael Akobi
A man seeks revenge on those who killed his wife and son and left him a paraplegic. It is Mad Max in a wheelchair.
Feature Action, Adventure, Crime For sale 112pp
Bottom by Logan McDonald
A straight adult star has some second thoughts after he agrees to act in a gay porn.
Short Comedy For sale 14pp
Road Trip by Michael Bray
When the world ends, one family go on a road trip for the very last time.
Short Drama, Horror Available for Free 7pp
Sleep Pod by Jurij Fedorov
A passenger on a spaceship tries to go to sleep in an old sleep pod.
Short Mystery, Sci-Fi Available for Free 11pp
Unbirthed by Joshua Boultwood-Neale
Arriving uninvited to Colin’s Mother’s funeral, Carol invites Colin to dance, delving into the past to reveal dark secrets, triggering a surreal sequence of events.
Short Drama Produced 6pp
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Juan's Lake by Shawn Davis
A young man's tragic decision to rob a restaurant is met with eternal consequences.
Short Drama Produced 10pp
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Drifter Smile by J. Phillip Wilkins
A disgraced Los Angeles detective leaves his security guard job at a mysterious corporation for small town life, only to have a brief run-in with a drifter ignite an escalating rash of brutal crimes.
TV Pilot Crime, Drama, Horror For sale 31pp
Bully Me No More by Dare Kent
I was mercilessly bullied in high school; then I killed myself. That was a mistake that never should have happened so I'm hosting a party to set things right. Don't RSVP, you're already here.
Feature Horror For sale 94pp