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Frankincense by Phil Clarke
Dr. Frankin may not be mad, but his creation is.... The story of a scientist, his assistant and their monster. A modern day urban adaptation of the classic horror story Frankenstein.
Feature Horror For sale 119pp
Shootin' The Shorts Reader
Parties by Leo by Anthony Cawood
The world's most renowned artist and inventor has a secret life, and now he has one last job to do.
Short Comedy, History For sale 8pp
Shootin' The Shorts Reader
Live by David Becerra
Tragedy will always strike. The question you have to ask your self is "Do we spend the rest of are days mourning? or do we get up and do what we were meant to do...LIVE.
Short Drama Example of work only 8pp
Freedom Cafe by Robert Tobin
A wounded Iraq War veteran's terrible childhood secret is slowly revealed as he undergoes psychotherapy as part of his rehabilitation.
Feature Drama For sale 99pp
Through the Shifting Stars by Michael Norland
Through the Shifting Stars is a psychological drama about Kara, a space captain travelling on a mysterious mission with only the manipulative A.I. voice of her ship as a companion.
Feature Drama For sale 87pp
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Down By the Riverside by Gary Howell
John's baptism of Jesus is neither Biblically or politically correct. But that doesn't stop them with going ahead with it anyway.
Short Comedy For sale 5pp
The River & the Ribbon by Patrice Williams Marks
True love story and adventure set against the discovery of the source of the Nile.
Feature Action, Adventure, Biography, Drama, History For sale 110pp
Shelter Heights by Thomas Jamieson
An Army officer on a short leave battles a fugitive drug lord and a massive hurricane to get his estranged family off a remote island.
Feature Action, Crime, Thriller For sale 98pp
Ink Monkey by Anthony Cawood
The Terracotta Army stands ready to guard the Emperor in the afterlife, but one man must stay with them on the General's order, and just one unusual friend can help him say his goodbyes.
Short Drama, History For sale 4pp
Shootin' The Shorts Reader
Springtime in Alaska by Steve Sorenson
Finding a winning ticket that belongs to another is deadly.
Short Action, Adventure For sale 8pp
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SQUAD ROOM by Eric Dickson
A crew of disgraced street cops are recruited by a self-serving Internal Affairs investigator to nab a bad cop who moonlights as a hitman for the city's higher ups.
Feature Crime For sale 96pp
Crown Jewels by D.C. Copeland
Two clueless private dicks caught up in planning a daughter's wedding while on a case, discover Christopher Columbus' mummified balls and a secret as big as the "Da vinci Code."
Feature Action, Comedy, Romance, Thriller For sale 127pp
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And Then We Rise by Gary Smiley
Two teens lose their skin and have to figure out a way to rejoin the human race.
Feature Fantasy, Sci-Fi For sale 90pp
Fugitive Sweetheart by Vincent Paterno
A reporter learns his copy editor, a school classmate, has a new identity in a witness protection program. Her cover is blown, the ex she imprisoned seeks revenge, and reporter and staff protect her.
Feature Comedy, Romance, Thriller For sale 105pp
Guns and Knives by Matthew Gilpin
Cases of mistaken identity and poor character judgement aren't normally lethal. Robert, however, is having a bad day.
Short Comedy, Crime For sale 16pp
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La Loteria by David Lambertson
A missing grand prize lottery ticket is the key to solving a series of murders in a gang infested Los Angeles neighborhood.
Feature Crime, Drama For sale 120pp
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That Time of Year by Richard Russell
An old man goes back to the university where he met his wife.
Short Drama For sale 9pp
Survive Ep: 1 by Michael Good
A long trip sets Maggie down the desert roads to find out her life is about to turn from living an ordinary life to the fight of her life.
Short Horror, Mystery, Thriller Under Option 6pp
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THE POST by Kiril Maksimoski
A young soldier finds himself stranded on a mission experiencing loneliness, anxiety and his menacing superior.
Short Thriller, War Seeking finance 15pp
The Farm League by Chris Todd
Minor league baseball is all about family fun, hot dogs, and home runs. For a recent high-school grad and his coworkers, it's just another day at work -- selling those hot dogs.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 30pp
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Alien Assasinators by Andrew Leith
Thing are not what they seem.
Feature Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 72pp
Nycto by Anthony Fertino
A young man returns home after receiving mental help to overcome nyctophobia, fear of darkness. He strains to find peace with his father, when it becomes clear his condition may not have been completely cured.
Short Drama, Thriller For sale 8pp
The Death Of The Wolf by Ian Bensley
The End Of The 1,000 Year Reich
Short Action, Drama, History Available for Free 7pp
Last Christmas in Ohio by Doug Robbins
Home is where the job is or is it where the heart is?
Short Family Available for Free 9pp
Snowblind by Paul Hutchinson
Four men, trapped in an old wooden hunting lodge, fight for survival against starvation, the cold and each other.
Short Horror For sale 5pp