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The Green of the Spring by Peter Keating
A powerful new story of the Somme - a moving tale of love, friendship and courage that transcends Belfast's religious divide.
Feature Drama, History, War For sale 109pp
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Xeno by Tony De Lombardo
An alien travels to Earth to destroy it, but changes his mind when he falls in love with an Earthling.
Feature Action, Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi For sale 90pp
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VonCosel Y Hoyos - Eternal Obsession by JD Moores
In 1930's Key West, German refugee Karl VonCosel defies death, itself, to be with a 22 year-old Tuberculosis patient he thinks is the love of his life seen in his dreams.
Short Drama, History, Horror, Romance For sale 14pp
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Lincoln 2040 by Kevin Kunz
In order qualify for federal election funding, a struggling third-party clones Abraham Lincoln and runs the American hero as their candidate in the 2040 presidential election.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 54pp
Bellwether by Jackson Jones
A story about an amateur actor finding out how much acting sucks.
TV Pilot Adventure, Comedy, Drama For sale 41pp
Dulcinea by Christine Skarbek
OCD’s destroying Samantha’s college-age daughter Bree after her gang-rape. Will she succumb to the siren call that makes bulimia, anorexia and suicide look attractive? Or will Samantha’s persistence that Bree’s a modern-day Dulcinea pay off?
Feature Biography, Drama, Family For sale 137pp
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Roadkill Zoo by Nicole Jones-Dion
Zombie roadkill come back from the dead seeking revenge on the teenagers who ran them over. (Based on the indie comic book)
Feature Comedy, Horror For sale 92pp
The King of Birds by Jason K. Allen
When a hapless birdwatcher/snow cone vendor learns that he is the son of Mother Nature and that she has fallen ill, he attempts to become a superhero and save the planet.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Fantasy For sale 101pp
Film Noir (The Nick Branson Detective Series): Frilled or Be Frilled by Phil Clarke
Nick gets his panties in a bunch when forced to look for a last-minute anniversary gift for his lady-love, Dollface.
Short Comedy, Crime, Film-Noir Available for Free 6pp
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You Should Be Ashamed, Richard by Cam Gray
A Trappist monk has to confront a past cinematic trauma in order to attain true love.
Short Comedy, Romance For sale 4pp
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FLAWED by Joao Nsita
A man takes revenge on his condescending girlfriend.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 30pp
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No Recollection by P.H. Cook
An alcoholic woman wakes up in a stranger's bed with no recollection of what happened last night.
Short Thriller Available for Free 12pp
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OVERPASS by Art D'Alessandro
When a cement truck driver avoids slamming into a Lexus, only to lose his own life, he haunts the Lexus driver and teaches him a powerful life lesson in the process.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Family, Fantasy For sale 105pp
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Babes in Toyland by Luis Rivera
Within the land of Mother Goose, a rich miser attempts to steal his niece and nephew's inheritance.
Feature Musical For sale 73pp
Noob by James Barron
A highly evolved, alien-made artificial intelligence system tries to teach a cantankerous 80-year-old human how to work an iPhone.
Short Comedy, Sci-Fi For sale 10pp
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Beatrice by Arthur S. Fanning
An impoverished adolescent musical savant and her soul mate stumble into the supernatural as an escape from abuse.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 74pp
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Animal Control by Paul Barlow
When a woman and her nine-year-old daughter flee from an abusive husband/father, they find themselves hunted by a mysterious pack of killer dogs that have been terrorizing their small East Texas community.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 104pp
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GRIM: Episode 1 - Dark Days Ahead by Josiah C Brown
A New York City bartender meets a tragic accident that brings him into his new life as a Reaper, now he’s tasked to protect his two worlds from the dangers that may approach.
TV Pilot Sci-Fi Seeking finance 67pp
That's Amore by Claire Hutchinson
A mafia hitman learns compassion after he befriends the widower of the woman he killed in a hit.
Short Crime For sale 20pp
Royal Hunt by Clayton Emery
Robin Hood and Marian scour the forest for The Wild Huntsman and his Hellhounds -- and stumble on a witch cult out to sacrifice King Richard on a bloody altar!
Feature Adventure, History, Mystery, Romance, Thriller Available for Free 95pp
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Please Keep Daydreaming by Jurij Fedorov
A girl discovers that the classes seem to repeat themselves from day to day. But no other kid has noticed this which leads her to investigate the matter.
Short Mystery Available for Free 10pp
Asphyxia by Kimberly Britt
A former sex addict risks much more than just her recovery when she becomes ensnared in the intricate web spun by her seductive roommate.
Feature Mystery, Romance, Thriller For sale 101pp
The Beast of Sunhome Mountain by William Kuechenberg
A disillusioned Navajo police officer must protect his family and come to terms with his identity when he learns that his reservation is the home of a skinwalker -- an ancient, shapeshifting serial killer.
Feature Crime, Horror, Mystery, Thriller For sale 112pp
Whirlabout by Art D'Alessandro
Danny returns home to care for his father who’s riding a downward Alzheimer’s spiral, but dark, ugly secrets revealed about the old man’s past shock him to the core and change everything.
Feature Drama, Family For sale 102pp
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Pandora's Box by Stephen Coates
A young woman finds redemption when the man she's sent to destroy teaches her the meaning of friendship. But can her redemption save the world?
Feature Drama, Mystery, Thriller For sale 99pp