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Dead Kisses by Jesse Jamieson
A neo-western/noir tale of small town vengeance in Lost City, America.
Feature Mystery, Western For sale 93pp
Freedom Cafe by Robert Tobin
A wounded Iraq War veteran's terrible childhood secret is slowly revealed as he undergoes psychotherapy as part of his rehabilitation.
Feature Drama For sale 99pp
Rapacity by Andrew Liebig
A woman takes a police escort to see her critically injured mother in Mexico, finding herself caught in a volatile web between two vicious cartels, an unhinged army veteran and a bloodthirsty creature.
Feature Action, Horror For sale 119pp
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Green Means Go! by Harker Jones
When a charismatic TV host sues a pop-star for lip-synching, she becomes a lightning rod of controversy; caught up in her own celebrity, she inadvertently causes a tragedy and discovers the fickle nature of fame.
Feature Comedy, Music For sale 104pp
The Visa by Michael Normand
In a story that chimes with our times, a downtrodden paralegal hopes to transform her life when she embarks on a cunning but illicit quid-pro-quo with an illegal immigrant.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Romance Seeking finance 103pp
Princess by James Pappoe Jr.
Kidnapped by the militia from a refugee camp in Africa and forced to endure heart wrenching events, Princess finds a way out through an unexpected friend and fulfills her dream as a boxing champion.
Feature Action, Drama For sale 117pp
Aquarian Moon by Tina Balli
After Lucy's parents are killed, she's sent a key to a Florida house, with instructions to find her true identity. She discovers Project Blueprint, and the war to save humanity.
TV Pilot Adventure Available for Free 41pp
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The Law Of Destruction Episode 1 by Susan Taylor
When her reckless spending far exceeds her call centre wages, a compulsive young woman turns to the Cosmos for a solution.
Episode Comedy For sale 34pp
Dulcinea by G. Howard Gutshall
An older gentleman befriends a young lady. Both embark on an epic sailing voyage of self-discovery.
Feature Adventure For sale 71pp
The Last Guardian of Magic by David González
After meeting an old man with a magic map at a railway station, a young woman must decide if she is willing to accept his strange proposition before the train comes.
Short Drama, Fantasy Under Option 16pp
When the Dog Comes Home by Jeff Lewis Mr.
You're a feminist and somebody is trying to kill you but how can you find the killer when 93.4% of men (according to surveys) hate you? Every living Y-chromosome specimen is a suspect.
Feature Comedy For sale 106pp
Mess room by John Wilkins
A jealous wife will try to fight for her husband confronting his lover but something goes tragicaly wrong.Her rival tries to bury the body but a former FBI agent is willing to uncover the truth.
TV Pilot Crime, Drama For sale 38pp
New Girl -- "Career Day" by William Kuechenberg
Jess loses the class hamster and uses it as an opportunity to teach Nick about responsibility.
Episode Comedy Example of work only 30pp
Wishbone by Jeremy Storey
When a grief-stricken writer is given a chance to save the one he loves, he must decide between his heart, or doom a million strangers.
Short Drama, Fantasy Available for Free 23pp
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Wired by J.E. Clarke
A nebbish businessman spots a bomb on a subway train - but appearances can be deceiving...
Short Thriller Available for Free 7pp
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Mystery at Lake Moluska by Clayton Emery
She's "horse happy", he's a "swamp rat". But they team up to find stolen antiques and save their camp.
Feature Action, Crime, Family, Mystery, Romance Available for Free 94pp
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For Now by Paul Knauer
A widow needs a push to begin dating again.
Short Comedy, Romance Available for Free 8pp
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Jacked Up by Ian J. Courter
A man supposedly killed in combat awakens three decades later in a dystopic nightmare where he is both the hunted and the hope for a release from a faceless, inhuman regime.
Feature Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 109pp
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Dirty Windows by William Parsons
Three gay teens try to escape their overwhelming lives by setting out on an ill-fated journey through the backwoods of South Carolina.
Feature Drama For sale 116pp
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Rebecca's Blue Sky by Steven Clark
A troubled young woman believes she's carrying the baby of the Devil.
Short Drama For sale 13pp
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Toaster! by Steve Garry
Even if it is hard to pass up a good deal, surely nobody means for the toaster-from-hell to be handed down from victim-to-victim in an endless curse.
Short Comedy Example of work only 9pp
Earth's Last Lovers by Garrett Mallory Scott
Terry must traverse cannibals, revolution and the Pit itself if he ever wants to see Otis again.
Feature Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Thriller For sale 133pp
Dead on Arrival by Adam Matthews
Aliens, a box and the destruction of humanity.
Short Mystery, Sci-Fi For sale 5pp
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Death of an Immortal by Stephen Ko
A successful journalist has her world flipped upside down when she falls for an immortal being who wants nothing more than to die.
Feature Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi For sale 93pp
Strangers Come A Knocking Around Midnight by J.E. Clarke
Mary just wants a peaceful evening at home. But the neighboring kids won't leave her alone!
Short Comedy, Horror Produced 7pp
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