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Dulcinea by G. Howard Gutshall
An older gentleman befriends a young lady. Both embark on an epic sailing voyage of self-discovery.
Feature Adventure For sale 71pp
Do Not Open by Nick Morris
Upon opening a mysterious Christmas present, a troubled young woman finds herself trapped inside her apartment building with three ghastly spirits hell-bent on forcing her to confront the horrors of her past, present and future.
Feature Horror For sale 89pp
From My Shelf Books vs The Evil Empire by Bill Robertson
How is the traditional brick-and-mortar book store to survive online retail? From My Shelf Books isn't going quietly into that dark night because they fight magic with magic.
Web Series Pilot Comedy, Fantasy Produced 30pp
Afraid of The Light by Andrew Leith
A vampire known only to a few, has come to a cross-roads in his life and has decided that acepting his fate can be the only alternative to saving his soul.
Short Horror For sale 8pp
Perfect Girl by Stefanie G
Jordan Hanchett has a 4.0 GPA, is a star basketball player, and is considered the "good child", but she harbors a serious illness that consumers her. Can she realize there's a cost to being perfect?
Feature Drama For sale 120pp
Ten by Nick Blake
David Nicholls gets in power by a whisker. Now his party staffers have the unenviable task of whipping votes and keeping their new government from collapsing.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama For sale 53pp
Fat 'cheezy' chance by Tijs van Marle
When five kids sneak out of fat camp to score a hamburger they hopelessly get lost. In the adventurous journey back to camp they share dreams, reveal secrets, forget trouble and become friends for life.
Feature Family For sale 120pp
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Guitar Dances by Steven Burton
Beverly, a choreographer, observes Joe as a stranger with a walking disability and then discovers his musical talent which leads to mutual inspiration.
Short Drama, Fantasy For sale 8pp
Trouble Maker by C. Guinosta
A little girl finds out that she's getting a Nanny and will do everything she can to get rid of her.
Feature Animation, Comedy, Family For sale 82pp
As Direcor of the Pentagon, Joel Osbourne didn't realize that things could get more complicated. And very dangerous.
Short Action, Crime, Sci-Fi For sale 3pp
The 547,000 Dollar Blowjob by Farhan Syed
In a church confession, a newly promoted executive reveals how he spent a small fortune in his pursuit of true love. It's not what the Priest expected to hear.
Short Comedy For sale 35pp
Soupy President by Gregory Cala
There's a real crazy situation going down in the White House and the President is too busy eating soup.
Short Comedy For sale 3pp
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Dead Space by Luis Filipe Araujo
A group of people try to survive inside an isolated spaceship.
Feature Horror, Sci-Fi Available for Free 134pp
God's speaker by Bernard Mersier
The wrath of God is in the hands of a Deacon who caught his wife cheating, going on a murderous killing spree.
Feature Drama For sale 118pp
Kill Me Twice by Patrice Williams Marks
In a future where the Unfinished (murdered) are brought back to life for only 72 hours to testify against their killers, an Unfinished is resurrected to point the finger at his accused killer.
Short Crime, Film-Noir, Mystery, Sci-Fi For sale 15pp
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The hunter of time by Wayne C. Hopkins
A former assassin goes back in-time to remove today’s U.S authority figures, before their plan of attacking their country with nuclear weapons is carried out.
Feature Action, Crime, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 103pp
Beware The Hero by Ada Ellison
A boy and his sister like playing detective, and discover something about their neighbor man that puts them in danger.
Feature Crime, Drama, Family For sale 117pp
The luck of an angel by Michael Kennedy
A young man raised to play the world like a game and look out for number one hits his formative years. Luck teaches him that even number one needs friends when life breaks the rules.
Feature Adventure, Crime, Drama, Thriller For sale 125pp
The Beginning of The End and The End by David Lambertson
A series of sophomoric pranks erupt when an arrogant divorce lawyer moves into an office next door to a strong willed marriage counselor. A building fire interrupts their battles and inadvertently sparks a relationship.
Feature Comedy, Romance For sale 118pp
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Mayfly by Ronald Wright
A recovering drug addict tries to get clean whilst grieving the death of her newborn baby.
Short Drama For sale 11pp
Pogo by Rhonnie Fordham
Dark secrets are exposed after a small-town sheriff encounters a mysterious female clown.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 91pp
Numbers Man. by Ian J. Courter
On the run and out of time for the big payoff.
Short Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller For sale 14pp
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Dead Alien by Jeff Delaney
Everyman Nick Slater witnesses a UFO being blown out of a clear San Diego night sky, and discovers the mortally wounded alien pilot bleeding out on his bedroom floor.
TV Pilot Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 63pp
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EARTH FRIENDS by Jordan Tate
Able to communicate with Mother earth, a little girl is taught how to preserve nature through a series of meetings with animals and plants.
Feature Animation, Family For sale 116pp
Planet What? by Doug Pike
Planet What?, a parody of 1950s-era science fiction films, is the story of a crew of dense, incompatible astronauts who crash land in the year 5088, but can't figure out where.
Feature Comedy, Sci-Fi For sale 93pp