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Pussykat Tales by Felica Devers
What happens when comedies, 30 ROCK & THE OFFICE crash into PLAYBOY TV'S pay per view adult call in talk show? The not for network TV comedy, PUSSYKAT TALES.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama For sale 50pp
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For the Love of Erica by Kyle Williamson
Daughter lay in a coma, used as a pawn…tortured, brutalized in a test the sins of the father repaid upon the daughter
Feature Drama For sale 251pp
Napalm. by Michael Akobi
A man seeks revenge on those who killed his wife and son and left him a paraplegic. It is Mad Max in a wheelchair.
Feature Action, Adventure, Crime For sale 112pp
The Painter by Warren Duncan
A Painter is tortured by his art.
Short Horror Available for Free 1pp
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Has Cold Feet by Darren Seeley
On Halloween, a recluse fears the trick and treating kids will meet the ghost that haunts him.
Short Horror Available for Free 4pp
THe MuRDeR CoMpaNY by Luigi C. Saracino
In the age of "personal branding", the world's oldest Public Relations firm, only catering to dictators, serial-killers, and sociopaths, can make a killing. Literally. Everybody needs good press.
TV Pilot Fantasy, Mystery For sale 22pp
Heist by Tayrone Straughter
With his ex falling on tough times and planning to leave the city, Darren has to pull off one last heist if he ever wants to see his son again.
Short Crime, Drama, Family For sale 17pp
The Box by Craig Thomas
When a man who discovers a mysterious box in the desert is set upon by two strangers, he has to choose between the find, and his girlfriend.
Short Action, Mystery, Thriller Available for Free 12pp
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Camp Stalag by Bill Walker
A reality TV series goes horribly wrong when the participants find out the men running their "authentic" World War II German POW camp are playing the game for keeps.
Feature Action, Drama, War For sale 119pp
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Universe War by Anthony Garrone
Set 100,000 years into the future, the encounter between Emma Skywalker and High King Richard Clato Atreides will lead to a series of consequences the universe will be forced to endure.
TV Pilot Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi For sale 27pp
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Die Silberhochzeit by Elisabeth Meier
Ein Ehepaar, Mitte 40 oder älter, kommt von einer Silberhochzeitsfeier mitten in der Nacht nach Hause. Sie ist fröhlich, aufgedreht und träumt von ihrer eigenen Silberhochzeit während er irgendwie alarmierend still ist.
Short Drama For sale 5pp
How Melvin Saved Christmas by Mike Murphy
When his reindeer are struck down by the flu, Santa must find another way to deliver his presents - perhaps through the holiday-saving idea of Melvin the diminutive elf.
Short Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy For sale 40pp
Spiderweb of Deceit by Kyle Williamson
A smug, arrogant loves racing and being free, recruited by force to infiltrate a smuggling ring. He end’s up having to battle something that could jeopardize the planet.
Feature Adventure For sale 193pp
Retrocausality by Ian J. Courter
Scientists probe the past to find a radiation source affecting the present only to discover the surprising cause.
Short Sci-Fi Available for Free 10pp
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Two Pals Voyage To Destiny by Ada Ellison
Two sailing buddies journey from a New Guinea jungle to one in show biz.
Feature Action, Adventure For sale 120pp
The Rule by Ray Newell
If you can survive a holiday together then you were meant to be together forever.
Feature Romance For sale 67pp
Carhopping by Tsara Shelton
A soul searching homeless hitchhiker explores the challenging lives of four drastically different travelers while carhopping. Along the road he uncovers some intriguing truths about stories and, ultimately, about himself.
Feature Drama For sale 99pp
Longsight Lads by Adrian Davies
Fresh out of prison, a luckless ex-con is forced to take part in a major heist, but the loot goes missing and the psychopathic Mastermind gives him 48 hours or else.
Feature Crime, Drama, Thriller Under Option 103pp
THIRTEEN by Mats Elsen
Welcome to the game of your nightmares, you can't run, you can't hide, you can only fight but what if that isn't enough to win
Feature Horror For sale 131pp
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Family Tree by Mike Murphy
An ancient tree can bring single young ladies husbands and children, but only if money is given to a local official for its upkeep and the tree is "watered" with human blood.
Short Fantasy, Horror For sale 26pp
Just Do It - Written by Ricky Benjamin Schmitt by Brenden Michael Maranan
It’s about the bonds of brotherhood and the trials of the human soul.
Feature Comedy Seeking finance 142pp
Upside Down Cake by Melody Brooke
Three 50-something sisters come together to disperse a husband’s ashes. Can they also dispose of 40 years of resentment and find new love?
Feature Comedy Seeking finance 81pp
In Search of Hysterical Jesus by David Lambertson
When a famous atheist comedian literally dies on stage, he makes a bargain with God to avoid damnation - make the bible funny.
Feature Comedy For sale 109pp
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The Suitcase School by Rhonnie Fordham
During Fall Break, a party on a sleepy campus veers toward bloodshed after a masked killer begins knocking off the theater students.
Feature Horror, Mystery, Thriller For sale 93pp
Line of Succession by Ty Leisher
After the president and other high ranking officials are killed in a bombing, an FBI agent struggles to uncover a plan that will put an unsuspected terrorist in the oval office.
TV Pilot Action, Mystery, Thriller For sale 62pp
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