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Solutions by Sean Hastings
A group of misanthropic genius consultants try to save a young girl and her unborn child from a demonic cult leader and make him look dumber than a bag of hammers, before he kills them.
Feature Adventure, Thriller Example of work only 132pp
Kripple by Bob Stevens
A handicapped man is alarmed by his roommate's idea for a new phone app.
Short Comedy Available for Free 7pp
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The Monster in the Room by Jurij Fedorov
2 young men plan a deal with a third man in a school bathroom. But there is something very weird in this bathroom.
Short Horror, Mystery In development 7pp
Plainsville by S. E. McKendrick
The town on the edge of the final frontier
TV Pilot Adventure, Sci-Fi, Western For sale 50pp
Priorities by G. Howard Gutshall
A tale of conflicting priorities in a military setting and the cost of those conflicts.
Short War For sale 8pp
Earth's Last Lovers by Garrett Mallory Scott
Terry must traverse cannibals, revolution and the Pit itself if he ever wants to see Otis again.
Feature Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Thriller For sale 133pp
Farr Point by Sam Havens
A bright high school senior strives for a college scholarship but is sidetracked by the attentions of his sexy landlady and the murder of his mentor.
Feature Drama For sale 96pp
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Song City by David L Graham
Everyday songwriters come to Nashville. Now comes a Miami Mafia prince songwriter with millions of dollars to launder and a need for a new brotherhood to watch his back. Gives making a HIT new meaning.
TV Pilot Action, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Music For sale 30pp
Jingle Trails by Jason K. Allen
Two hikers encounter a mysterious backpacker with a long white beard, rosy cheeks and a penchant for milk and cookies.
Short Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Family, Fantasy For sale 10pp
Wide World Of Shooting by Alan C. Baird
If we can have a reality-show president, why not turn our recurring national nightmare into a sports reality show?
Short Comedy, Crime, Drama, Sport Available for Free 5pp
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Hang in There by Simon Parker
Going into the woods to hang himself, a disgraced investment banker finds a young girl already hanging herself.Cutting her down he decides to help her.
Short Drama For sale 8pp
Lady Be Good by Patrice Williams Marks
TRUE STORY: 1943, the young, green crew of the B24 “Lady Be Good,” took off on it’s way to a bombing air-raid over Naples, Italy. 25 Liberators were sent, 24 returned.
Feature Action, Adventure, History, War For sale 98pp
The Plague Doctor by Jon Mennella
A young boy fighting the battle of his life encounters a strange but intriguing entity, The Plague Doctor.
Short Comedy, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Thriller For sale 21pp
Reclamation Rewind by John Pluchino
Reclamation Rewind is a story about Redemption
Feature Drama Available for Free 187pp
Fisherman by Rick Hansberry
A blind literature professor accomplishes an incredible feat through sheer persistence in pursuit of life-long dream.
Short Drama For sale 6pp
18% - Based on a True Story by Brandon M Freer
Marc has planned an ideal life but when Sara gives birth to a premature son, his controlling behavior rips apart their marriage. Marc must confront his troubled past to become a good father and husband.
Feature Drama, Family For sale 88pp
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While The Gentlemen Go By by Matthew Taylor
In the 18th Century, during the height of English smuggling, a young girl's curiosity could lead her, and her family into danger.
Short Adventure, Drama, History For sale 7pp
Back Country by Hank Kellerman
A small town sheriff struggles to close in on a child killer following the abduction of a young girl, while a well known community members aids in the search to keep his murderous secret safe.
Feature Thriller For sale 68pp
Unplanned by Jurij Fedorov
2 men in a doctor's waiting room. They have an experience in common.
Short Comedy, Mystery, Thriller Available for Free 7pp
I Swear Inc. by Jason K. Allen
Since 1959, a secret company has existed whose job is to place one curse word into the English vocabulary every year -- in order to keep the language thriving and on the cutting edge.
Short Comedy, Drama For sale 5pp
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Thunder Lizards of the Bakongo by Steve Garry
Warriors in pre-Colonial Africa battle dinosaurs of legend after a great conflagration forces the beasts out of hiding.
Feature Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi For sale 104pp
Designer Babies by Scott Nelson
A couple goes to a clinic to give their unborn child anything they would need to be successful, but finds instead a moral dilemma that makes them question the real definition of happiness.
Short Sci-Fi For sale 11pp
Rockstar Patreon Supporter 1 reader loves this script
Wild Gingers Wine by Darren Seeley
For their annual party in the forest, three women break in a new but reluctant member into the inner circle by drinking the blood of her boyfriend.
Short Horror Available for Free 11pp
Love Locked by Anthony Cawood
A romantic teen notices the first love lock attached to the bridge and becomes obsessed with discovering who put it there, whatever that might reveal.
Short Drama, Horror Sold 10pp
Shootin' The Shorts Reader
Lily by Anthony Cawood
The purchase of a funeral plant has sinister undertones when its final resting place is revealed.
Short Drama, Horror For sale 2pp
Shootin' The Shorts Reader