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Training Santa by Javier Torregrosa
Unemployed Jim reluctantly takes a job on for Christmas, but it doesn't end well.
Short Comedy, Drama Available for Free 6pp
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Banshee by Daniel Maher
A young woman tries to save her mother from the monstrous Banshee - a predator that hunts with its scream.
Short Horror Example of work only 13pp
Grain of Salt by Rick Hansberry
The prodigal daughter of a man tests his faith while pursuing her dream in New York City.
Feature Adventure, Drama, Family, Musical, Romance For sale 60pp
The Encounter by Sean Elwood
A man encounters something strange in the woods.
Short Horror For sale 5pp
Let Freedom Ring by Ernie Johnson
The freedoms we have, in the USA have come with a price, yet for Johnny Blackwater, this young Cheyenne brave wanted to follow his father's footsteps by joining the US Army.
Feature Romance, War For sale 117pp
Cavalier Club by Philip Sedgwick
When a gentleman's club owner replaces his dancers with robots, one of the displaced dancers leads a labor rebellion.
Short Drama For sale 16pp
Dark Horde by Thomas Jamieson
In the Middle Ages, two warring military commanders, one Christian and one Muslim, team up to stop an alien force from weaponizing the Bubonic plague to annihilate humanity.
Feature Action, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller, War For sale 95pp
Detective Jake Daniels, a man haunted by nightmares of his wife’s brutal killing at the hands of a serial killer.
Feature Crime, Thriller Seeking finance 102pp
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The Key Operator by Steve Garry
In 1961 Manhattan, when a bookkeeper is caught using the new office machine to help his girlfriend, his unscrupulous boss squeezes him to take part in extortion against the owner, leading to betrayal and murder.
Feature Film-Noir For sale 104pp
Captives by Aaron Ridenour
A determined young girl helps a gifted ex-con and his hemophiliac daughter escape from a home of female vampires after a heist goes terribly wrong.
Feature Horror For sale 88pp
Chemistry of Fear by George Zwier
Gareth barely contains the demons that attempt to control his body. When their existence is exposed, he learns fighting them is not the only option.
Short Fantasy, Romance Seeking finance 18pp
Rockstar Patreon Supporter 3 readers love this script
A Bronx Story by Frankie Gaddo
A jaded cop quits the force to infiltrate a drug ring to find his brother's murderer.
Feature Crime, Drama For sale 109pp
Oh'Pocalypse (Pilot: Cockathulhu) by Clint Kelley
Ned Ledbelly tries to survive in the post-apocalyptic town of Rottingham, along side the family destined to do his heart in.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 29pp
Nightmare in a Jar by Judi Blaze
With her husband out of town on business, Lisa plans to spend time writing, until a woman shows up at her door selling special face cream; from there everything gets dark and freaky.
Short Drama, Horror, Thriller For sale 31pp
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Theos: The Interview by Vincent Kyere Kane
A Being of Power appears in Times Square after a catastrophic event. The question is: Who is he and what does he want?
Short Fantasy, Sci-Fi Example of work only 27pp
The Fat Pact by Alison Parker
An obese teen is terrorized by a masked figure after wishing to be killed if she ever reached 200 pounds.
Feature Comedy, Horror For sale 80pp
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Meat The Family by EREZ BAILEN
A man tells a story of his wacky past.
Short Action, Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 17pp
Just in Time by Joshua Sommersby
A neurotic geek uses his time-reversing watch to woo the girl of his dreams.
Short Comedy, Sci-Fi For sale 6pp
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Culture Warriors by Jesse Green
After a forty-year disappearance, a master of sauerkraut returns to defend his village, train his successor, and face a dangerous practitioner of dark fermentation.
Feature Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy For sale 79pp
Everything's Better with Sandy by John Lawson
An imagined version of a famous actress helps a man cope with what could have been a major tragedy.
Feature Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy Example of work only 103pp
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Avoidance by James Barron
A socially anxious man goes to epic lengths to avoid an awkward conversation with an old acquaintance.
Short Comedy For sale 8pp
Shootin' The Shorts Admin Shootin' The Shorts Reader 3 readers love this script
Meritocracy by J.E. Clarke
A man and wife await a crucial interview. But what's it for... and what's at stake? (Political/economic satire - blended with SF.)
Short Drama, Sci-Fi Available for Free 9pp
Rockstar Patreon Supporter Shootin' The Shorts Admin
Mulligan by Alex Laforest
A failed businessman accepts a Faustian deal with an old bar-stool who displays schizophrenic tendencies.
Short Comedy, Mystery For sale 6pp
Mindwalker by Thorsten Loos
A N.Y. student turns into a 'Mindwalker', a spirit separated from it's body, after getting into the crossfire of a shooting at campus. His favourite celebrity is the only one who can sense him and his only hope to find a way back.
TV Pilot Mystery Seeking finance 55pp
Shootin' The Shorts Reader
Baby Blue by Rhonnie Fordham
After tracking down an iconic rapper long believed to be dead, a documentary filmmaker unravels a conspiracy that threatens the lives of both her and the rapper.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 113pp