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The New Oil by Chukwuma Amobi
After moving to her father's home country to escape his control, a young asthmatic rookie reporter stumbles on information about her father that changed her fate forever.
Feature Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, War For sale 98pp
Christmas with Joel by Doug Robbins
What's on the menu? I don't want to Spend Christmas alone. Come home with me then. Okay.
Short Romance For sale 11pp
No Man's Land by Simon Wilkinson
The Somme, 1916. Two men are thrown together in a shell hole in No Man’s Land. One is British, the other is German. Are they enemies or are they friends? Only Fate can decide.
Short Drama, War Produced 6pp
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Insidious Pretext by Fausto Lucignani
A devilish, middle-aged executive seeks to change the life of a young job applicant so that he can become her lover.
Short Drama Available for Free 12pp
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The luck of an angel by Michael Kennedy
A young man raised to play the world like a game and look out for number one hits his formative years. Luck teaches him that even number one needs friends when life breaks the rules.
Feature Adventure, Crime, Drama, Thriller For sale 124pp
Radio Redsand by Richard Allen
Facing repossession, a radio host borrows money and hires an assassin to kill HIMSELF in attempts to get double his money back if he survives the contacts 48 hour deadline.
Feature Action For sale 110pp
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Dark Lakes by Steven Griffiths
Eric bites off more than he can chew as a new arrival in town 'furs' up trouble
TV Pilot Comedy, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery For sale 42pp
Incessant by Deepak Karamungikar
If you murdered someone in your dream, would you start looking for your victim in reality?
Feature Crime, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 93pp
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2:53am by Dave Miller
What a woman thought was a nightmare was actually only a premonition of things to come.
Short Horror For sale 9pp
Sanctuary by Paul Knauer
Young boys seek an escape from the horrors of the world around them.
Short Action, Drama For sale 6pp
My Imaginary Friend by Warren Duncan
A young girl escapes the reality of her abusive father with the help of an imaginary friend.
Short Drama Available for Free 8pp
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Leveling by Vatican Kelevra
An enforcer for a crime lord tries to solve the murder of a popular news reporter, whom he met one night on the subway, putting him in the path of the detectives working the case.
Feature Action, Crime For sale 116pp
Chinatown Pizza by Chris Jay Becker
Howard, a young widower and convicted-hacker, meets Jenny, an attractive single mom/FBI agent. They fall in love, but then Howard is suspected, falsely, for multiple bank robberies.
Feature Comedy, Romance For sale 109pp
WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?) by J.E. Clarke
An ancient language expert hired by a top secret lab finds himself with the job of a lifetime: translating a revived Jesus's first words. But will they be what his benefactors want to hear...?
Short Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller Available for Free 7pp
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Woman's Work by Christine Locker
An overworked housewife uses an intentional mistake to teach her overbearing husband a lesson.
Short Comedy, Drama For sale 6pp
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Nellie's Ongoing Search for a Reason to Live by Nick Blake
A depressed woman is forced to find meaning in life when she discovers her immortality.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 32pp
Small Irritations by Jurij Fedorov
A fumbling man goes about his day, but suddenly experiences mysterious events that he sets out to investigate.
Short Comedy, Mystery Available for Free 15pp
Juan's Lake by Shawn Davis
A young man's tragic decision to rob a restaurant is met with eternal consequences.
Short Drama Produced 10pp
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Henry Schmidt: A Tosher's Tale by Matthew Taylor
A victorian tosher finds an unusual way to keep the snitches at bay but one can't always predict the principle of cause and effect.
Short Comedy, Drama, History For sale 5pp
The Book by Kirsten James
A simple text book becomes more than just a learning tool in the lives of two adult psychology students.
Short Drama Available for Free 7pp
Seppuku by Benjamin Hinnant
Together they hunted and brought to justice a dangerous serial killer. Now all they have to do is survive the trial.
Feature Crime For sale 102pp
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Selfie King by Chris Hicks
A first date takes an unexpected turn when the guy doesn’t look anything like his dating app profile photos.
Short Comedy For sale 9pp
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Project Alpha-hole by Ra Inta
A military project to engineer an artificially intelligent super-soldier goes off the rails. Way off.
Short Sci-Fi For sale 6pp
Beauty Behold by Steven Burton
Gloria changes her focus from outer to inner beauty after a natural disaster accident.
Short Drama, Fantasy For sale 5pp
Highgate by Jordan Tate
In London 1970, a paranormal investigator and an anti- conformist priest- exorcist battle over this mysterious case that the media nickname « The Highgate vampire« .
Feature Fantasy, Horror, Thriller For sale 122pp