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The Buzz by Monika Dalman
Sometimes all you need is a little buzz.
Short Comedy In development 38pp
Amie by Deri Watt
Can a new relationship help the troubled Amie leave her murderous tendencies in the past, and finally lead a normal life?
Short Horror Example of work only 13pp
Unnatural Selection by Jeffery Stevenson
In a dog-eat-dog world, always fear the chihuahua.
Short Drama For sale 5pp
h i m t h o by PJ Edwards
After a White jock witnesses his unarmed Black friend’s murder by a corrupt police officer, he finds the struggle for justice isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Sport For sale 92pp
Undead Before Sunrise by Janet Elizabeth Swainston
An unexpected reunion goes terribly wrong when the granddaughter of a voodoo priestess must save the world from an undead horde.
Feature Comedy, Horror Seeking finance 83pp
Charlie Miner by Earl Javorsky
Charlie Miner wakes up looking down at his dead body on a gurney in the morgue. It's time for him to go find his killer.
TV Pilot Crime, Mystery, Thriller For sale 42pp
Sum of The Parts by David Lambertson
The Frankenstein Monster and his Bride give a marriage counselor far more than she bargained for.
Short Comedy Available for Free 12pp
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The Mystery Of Mister Y by Darren Seeley
In the early 70's, a young newlywed couple have a night of passion in a hotel room, only to be woken up by a deranged intruder who calls himself Mister Y.
Short Crime, Film-Noir, Mystery, Thriller Available for Free 7pp
Blood and Loyalty by Ben Fiore
A botched jewelry store hold-up, a fatal hit-and-run getaway and two brothers with a harrowing secret, hidden in the night.
Feature Drama, Thriller For sale 94pp
Don’t Go Outside by Max Wilson
A family is forced to take shelter after a deadly virus crashes down to earth but while the family is trying to hold itself together from the inside the world outside becomes increasingly volatile.
Feature Drama, Thriller For sale 86pp
Brownie Points by Matthew Bertsch
If only women had visible happiness meters.
Short Romance Sold 7pp
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The permanent peace by Bisal Debnath
A teenager undergoes a sex reassignment therapy after killing a woman.
Feature Crime, Drama Example of work only 4pp
Christmas Cards by D Scott Mangione
When his father is rendered unable to work, an imaginative young boy sets out to sell Christmas cards to raise money and help his poor family celebrate the holidays.
Feature Drama, Family For sale 114pp
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The Crowd by Omar Khodja
A man gets off an elevator seemingly on the wrong floor. As he makes his way through the room it feels like he knows this place.
Short Fantasy, Horror, Mystery For sale 4pp
BYTE THE GODS by Tom Deaver
In the near future, a dolphin and nanotechnology researcher couple face a world of technological horror and strive for hope in the origin story for a Game of Thrones in space series.
TV Pilot Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi For sale 57pp
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The League of Dragons and Tigers by Anthony Cooper
A young new fighter is introduced to a league where the world's most elite fighters are selected to compete.
Feature Action, Drama, Sport For sale 11pp
Rockstar Patreon Supporter 2 readers love this script
The Button by Garrett Mallory Scott
The hectic life of pitching ideas can easily be unbalanced, that's why the button reminds everyone what the most important things are. Everyone.
Short Drama Produced 6pp
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The Black Messiah by Goldie Mack
Young boxer Cassius Clay struggles to drum up attention for himself before and after the 1960 Olympics. Set during Summer 1960 NYC.
TV Pilot Biography, Drama For sale 70pp
Banshee Awakening by Eoin O'Sullivan
In famine era Ireland, a devious landlord’s lust for an innocent and beautiful tenant that occupies his land, will set in motion a choice that awakens a terrible curse, to haunt his lineage for eternity.
Feature Fantasy, Horror, Mystery For sale 91pp
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Plainsville by S. E. McKendrick
The town on the edge of the final frontier
TV Pilot Adventure, Sci-Fi, Western For sale 50pp
Saluda by Tim Westland
Two weeks after a major drug bust in Saluda, a bus full of local junior high kids ends up at the bottom of a lake. Now a small town sheriff must discover who is responsible for the massacre… the Mexican Cartel, a corrupt Governor, or his own kin.
Feature Drama For sale 118pp
Primal Scream by Max Conroy
To save a young boy abducted in a remote community of the Appalachian Mountains, a FBI Agent must solve a decades-old missing persons case which bears unnerving similarities to his current investigation.
Feature Crime, Mystery, Thriller For sale 103pp
Christmas at Cascabel Gulch by Philip Sedgwick
A retired, grieving professor heads west to discover a predicted comet and while stuck in Cascabel Gulch, discovers the Christmas spirit.
Feature Family, Western For sale 101pp
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Christs by Jasen Heffner
Two boys. One, the actual descendant of Jesus, raised in Vatican city, The other cloned. Both are thrown in the world's spotlight and have to make choices that could lead to the Apocalypse.
TV Pilot Adventure, Drama, Thriller For sale 85pp
Creatures in the Neighborhood by C. Guinosta
Something is possessing the kids in the neighborhood and it's up to a group of friends to put a stop to it.
Feature Action, Adventure, Family, Horror For sale 82pp
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