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Cannibal Club by Joseph Ulloa
Donner party, all you can eat! Glory to the winner, Death to the loser. - Cannibal Club
Short Horror For sale 18pp
Avoidance by James Barron
A socially anxious man goes to epic lengths to avoid an awkward conversation with an old acquaintance.
Short Comedy For sale 8pp
Shootin' The Shorts Admin Shootin' The Shorts Reader 2 readers love this script
The Discovery by Ashoka Chowta
Scott Black and Jeanette Evans have a relationship discovery.
Episode Crime, Drama, Fantasy For sale 1pp
The Family Man by Gary Howell
Before a mob member can be named the new Capo, he has to take care of an unpleasant task to prove his loyalty to the Family.
Short Crime, Drama, Thriller Available for Free 10pp
Reduced Profile by John Hunter
Vigilante cops demoted to Petty Crime continue to hand out their own brand of justice.
Feature Action, Comedy, Crime For sale 90pp
Vox Populi by Stefano Pavone
A fearless vigilante and one-man enemy of the state will stop at nothing to bring down the corrupt British Government in a post-Brexit Britain.
Feature Action, Crime, Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller Available for Free 123pp
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Upside Down Cake by Melody Brooke
Three 50-something sisters come together to disperse a husband’s ashes. Can they also dispose of 40 years of resentment and find new love?
Feature Comedy Seeking finance 81pp
Justice League: Gods and Men by Luis Filipe Araujo
The world's most powerful heroes must let go of their differences and unite to face the destruction of the world.
Feature Action, Adventure, Fantasy Available for Free 143pp
Trauma Teddy by Warren Duncan
A teddy bear recounts a traumatic event from his past.
Short Animation, Comedy Available for Free 3pp
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The Deliverer by Gil Saint
A pizza delivery man's first night on the job... may be his last night on Earth.
Short Comedy, Horror For sale 20pp
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Those Darn Kids And Their Computers by Bill Robertson
Learn or die! Kids today know computers while their parents remain blissfully ignorant. When first-person shooter P.C. games converge with technology, kids have the upper hand. And parents are SCARED.
Short Sci-Fi Example of work only 22pp
Tube by Toby McShane
On a short trip between Finsbury Park and Leicester Square, a jaded, gentrified Middle-Englander must navigate the social politics and unwritten etiquette of the London Underground, and his own crippling millennial anxiety issues.
Short Comedy Available for Free 13pp
Envious Friend by O'Shea O'Shea the writer
A confused man tries to find his way out of being interested in his best friends wife. But, she grows interested in him, as well, so things get complicated.
Short Drama For sale 54pp
Eval( ) by Nadia Carmon
In a future where addiction has evolved with technology, a woman goes in for a psyche evaluation at an experimental health tech firm promising an eventual cure.
Short Sci-Fi Example of work only 9pp
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Red Lipstick by Dare Kent
The drama and scars of turning 30.
Short Drama, Romance For sale 6pp
The Godmother's Violin by Patrice Williams Marks
The search for answers to her nightmares leads Thai Detective Moi Luck into a serial murder investigation.
Feature Action, Crime, Drama, Horror, Mystery For sale 95pp
Game Changer by Raymond (Ray) Scanlon
Trey and his buddies like to play the knockout game. What happens when they hit the wrong guy on the wrong day? Jeff happens.
Short Crime, Horror, Thriller For sale 20pp
Scan by Anthony Cawood
A 3D scan allows a blind father to 'see' his unborn child for the first time, perhaps it will also help him overcome his marrow deep fears of fatherhood.
Short Drama Under Option 10pp
Shootin' The Shorts Reader
The Trident by D. Magis
After gaining the aquatic powers of a mystical trident, a mischievous teenager and his buddies are tasked with keeping their world safe against supernatural creatures from parallel dimensions.
TV Pilot Adventure, Fantasy For sale 30pp
De rigueur by Dwhyte star
A crooked cop sets out on a bloody rampage when his past sins and crimes come to light.
Feature Action, Crime For sale 108pp
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Tristan by Bradford N. Smith
Destroyed by the death of her daughter, a woman accepts an offer to travel back in time to stop her from being born.
Short Drama Available for Free 14pp
Counter-Fake by Scott Nelson
After the murder of her friend, a woman must try to survive the killers who are now after her, using only her wits, and by changing the battlefield to one of her own making.
Feature Action For sale 107pp
Rockstar Patreon Supporter
Senior Cruise by Bradford N. Smith
Three senior women thwart a pirate hijacking aboard a luxury cruise ship.... imagine "Captain Phillips" starring "The Golden Girls".
Feature Action, Comedy For sale 103pp
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The Hookup by Richard Russell
When a casual hookup goes terribly wrong.
Short Drama Under Option 10pp
The Ghost Inside Me by Elizabeth H. Vu
After moving to a secluded mansion, a guilt-ridden artist with a fear of intimacy is plagued with visions of its ominous past. As she delves deeper into the mystery surrounding the place, her partner becomes possessed by the late owner – a cruel...
Feature Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller For sale 88pp