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The Portal by Jason K. Allen
Two backpackers meet a man from Pluto who is eager to find pineapple upside-down cake and Judd Nelson.
Short Comedy, Sci-Fi Produced 5pp
Knight Realm episode 2 by Kyle Williamson
Manipulating his sister’s will against him. Micah must race against time and raiders to save her and his planet.
Episode Animation For sale 37pp
The Healing by Art D'Alessandro
Teen twins Jimmy and Jenny, inseparable as children, are torn apart by Jimmy’s rise to fame as a flamboyant, unconventional preacher and Jenny’s sexual exploits and near death experiences. Jimmy must save Jenny from herself.
Feature Drama For sale 113pp
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Jones by Lauren Kirk
An Ex-Reporter who sees visions and a detective, go on a mission to solve a murder.
TV Pilot Crime, Drama, Fantasy Under Option 53pp
A Burning Coincidence by Evan Filley
A family of five are forced to find new housing after a random house fire occurs. Based on a True Story.
Feature Biography, Comedy, Drama For sale 85pp
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Tipsy by J. Phillip Wilkins
A bartender pours for his life.
Short Thriller Available for Free 4pp
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Dead Cell by J.E. Clarke
A doctor finds herself stranded on a train with a draining cell phone as her only lifeline - forced to choose between saving her daughter, or killing a stranger.
Feature Thriller For sale 100pp
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The Diner by David Troop
An elderly couple celebrate their anniversary at the diner where they first met.
Short Drama, Romance For sale 5pp
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Space Race: Induction by Johnathan Burns
A ragtag team of experts lead by an underrated analyst are chosen by an Alien Space Race agency to construct a space station pivotal to Earth's place in the galaxy and ultimately, humanity's survival.
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 123pp
S.K. by Wayne C. Hopkins
A female cop returns to the FBI to investigate a possible murder, but things get mysteriously dangerous when she goes to where the victim currently lives.
Short Crime, Drama, Mystery Available for Free 42pp
Mental Custodian by Vince Parenti
With the over-abundance of video footage wrongly portraying the truth, this story explores one man’s journey to reveal his innocence hoping it will be enough to get his life back.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 45pp
Screen Pass by JK Jones
A cancelled movie audition becomes the biggest break for an unemployed actress.
Short Drama, Romance, Sport For sale 12pp
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Psy-Opocalypse by Elvira Drake
A faceless, self-proclaimed Youtube prophet unwittingly causes a mass murder.
Short Comedy, Crime, Drama For sale 15pp
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A MAN'S MAN by Art D'Alessandro
Jake is a typical late bloomer. Finally, his day has come. First date. While his parents ponder his future, Jake motor scooters out to meet Sasha, the girl, um, guy of his dreams.
Short Comedy, Drama For sale 12pp
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High Demand by David Troop
An awkward girl scout employs the services of her older stoner brother to beat her arch nemesis in a cookie-selling contest.
Short Comedy For sale 15pp
Shootin' The Shorts Reader
The Gaia Project by J.J. Haas
A brilliant young woman steals a planetary engineering device from the US government to keep the president from terraforming the Third World.
Feature Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 103pp
Guncle by nick black
A tragic accident sends 15-year old Trevor to live with his gay uncle Gary—a barely-sane fetish porn producer—who, together with his eccentric life-partner Bruce—must all learn to be a real family!
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 37pp
The Arrogant Coffee Cup by Jurij Fedorov
A coffee cup gets stuck on the floor.
Short Comedy Available for Free 3pp
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Explode. by Michael Akobi
A case of necrophilia ignites a war between a blue collar Brooklyn family and a vengeful gangster.
Feature Action, Crime, Thriller For sale 103pp
The Way of the Warrior by Allen Buice
Evan has to impress his new boyfriend's parents. Catch: They are missionaries in the Amazon and are at odds with cannibals. Challenge Accepted.
Feature Adventure, Drama, Family For sale 100pp
Outside Time by Dan Guardino
Betrayal, murder, and life-threatening battles stand in the way of Kara accepting the love of the man destined for her.
Feature Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance For sale 98pp
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Find Me at the Roadside by Steve Garry
Two thieves on the run with a hostage come upon a car wreck with a dead man at the wheel who seems to recover with each valuable that they plunder from the car.
Short Crime, Horror Example of work only 16pp
Before The End of the World by David González
Two best friends discover they are in love minutes before the world ends.
Short Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi Under Option 6pp
In The House of God by Elisabeth Meier
By one simple question a stranger confuses and scares a praying woman in a Catholic church.
Short Comedy Under Option 5pp
Oppressive Love by Qazi Fabia Hoq
A woman deals with daily hardship of taking care of sick husband which ultimately weakens their bond and affects them emotionally.
Short Drama, Family For sale 11pp