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At the end of the rainbow by Marjolein Smit
When a mistrusting senior citizen alerts an exuberant volunteers gaydar he must choose, be brave or die in the closet.
Feature Comedy, Drama For sale 120pp
The Nature of All Reality (& other things) by Raleigh Marcell
An existential vaudeville about a man attempting to maintain the reality of external existence in the face of his friend’s harsh interrogation, in 10 scenes of escalating comedic violence and skepticism.
Short Comedy, Drama, Fantasy For sale 16pp
Eye for An Eye by J.E. Clarke
Two attorneys battle over the fate of four men, accused of rape and murder. But in the future, what does perfect justice entail?
Short Drama, Sci-Fi Available for Free 6pp
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Food For Birds by Steve Miles
A long awaited act of retribution takes an unexpected turn when the would be victim makes a final request.
Short Drama Available for Free 14pp
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Sector 13 by Payson Payson
While taking samples and attempting to seed life on a new planet, Astronaut and DNA Scientist Eve Taylor ship engine explodes leaving her stranded until death.
Short Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi Seeking finance 6pp
The Tunnel by James Harvey
Death is a journey we all have to take.
Short Drama For sale 14pp
Time Well Spent by J. Richard Singleton
After being brutally dumped by his girlfriend, a previously goal-less teenager and his friends try to transform him into the man he wants to be.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Romance For sale 120pp
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Hearts by Olivier Fadika
After her son's death, a mother must make a tough decision to save a little girl.
Short Drama Available for Free 7pp
Super Scoop by John Staats
Lois Lane's interview of Wonder Woman reveals the true Princess inside.
Short Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi Available for Free 10pp
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The Other Empire by Claudia Garcia-Mendoza
An international terrorist escapes from jail, but powerful people need her out due to she's discovered a secret capable to destroy the world as we know it...
TV Pilot Crime, Thriller For sale 68pp
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Cliff Notes from the Underground by J.E. Clarke
A social misfit struggles to preserve his dignity while navigating the NYC subway.
Short Comedy Available for Free 7pp
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More by Ronald Wright
A strange, troubled young woman's desperate longing for human connection leads to unthinkable horror.
Short Drama, Horror For sale 10pp
Runs Like a Gazelle by Steve Garry
Athletics staff at a small mid-West college recruit a jolly ex-Eastern Bloc coach passed over by everybody else to train a fleet-of-foot deliveryman from the poor side of town for a big State track meet.
Feature Comedy, Family For sale 110pp
39 tattoos - Part I by Mike Boss
A police officer who was left for dead breaks bad when he infiltrates the most violent gang in the world in order to take revenge on a never-before-seen scale.
Feature Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller For sale 105pp
Dark Lakes by Steven Griffiths
Eric bites off more than he can chew as a new arrival in town 'furs' up trouble
TV Pilot Comedy, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery For sale 42pp
American Sock by Jason K. Allen
A girl finds her soul mate on a social media site, but he turns out to be a sock puppet.
Short Comedy Produced 8pp
One October Night by Doug Robbins
After his female friend is raped, Doug Carver takes murderous revenge upon the rapist.
Short Crime, Horror, Thriller Available for Free 2pp
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The Tasting Room by Steve Cleary
A hapless tasting room associate struggles to make heads or tails of an urbane couple's poetic, pretentious and scathing wine tasting notes.
Short Comedy For sale 6pp
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Crudely Drawn by Dee Howard
A anthropomorphic cat & his new friends must escape from an ruthless evil & the new world he has jumped into.
Web Series Pilot Adventure, Animation, Comedy Available for Free 29pp
Killing Joseph Smith by Matthew Akisanya
On a hot summer night, in 1844, a small group of jailers must stop a determined, vengeful mob getting their hands on their prisoner, Mormon leader and founder, Joseph Smith.
Short Drama, History For sale 19pp
The Fleet by Stephen Barber
After a former pilot with a checkered past discovers his wife has taken their son and left him for broke, he finds himself partnering with a nefarious group of people to transport drugs via aircraft.
TV Pilot Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller For sale 64pp
Banger'z by Bernard Mersier
Caught up between his friends claiming “Crip” and his sister trying to join the “Blood gang” a teenage male has to make life changing decisions.
Feature Drama, Family For sale 115pp
The Project by James Pappoe Jr.
A group of college students decide to travel to Africa in search of a hidden village for a class project, when they encounter a powerful witch-doctor that tries to sacrifice one of them.
Feature Thriller For sale 89pp
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Don't Go Outside by David J. Keogh
5 strangers wake in a cottage in the middle of nowhere. Their memories wiped and a note saying ‘Don’t Go Outside’. Then something starts to kill them one-by-one.
Feature Horror For sale 98pp
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Skinny Tall Bratte by Kyle Art
An entitled customer enlists outrage culture to help get the coffee he wants.
Short Comedy For sale 3pp
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