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La Loteria by David Lambertson
A missing grand prize lottery ticket is the key to solving a series of murders in a gang infested Los Angeles neighborhood.
Feature Crime, Drama For sale 120pp
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Nearing Damnation by Jaden Boland
Before and after a home invasion, a man hunts down the people who stole his identity. Going to lengths most people wouldn’t, the thieves learn that this man is hiding a very dark secret.
Feature Crime, Drama, Thriller Seeking finance 91pp
Only the Moon Howls by Morgan Routt
Hailey Price is faced with the death of her father, a strange package and a plan for vengeance.
Short Thriller For sale 19pp
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The Cambion by Chuck Hanrahan
A disturbed young woman becomes obsessed with or possessed by the demon of lust, a cambion who impels her to prey upon her suitors until the family of one of her concupiscent victims discovers her.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 110pp
Devil's Due by Warren Duncan
An evil man pays for the sins of his past.
Short Horror Available for Free 5pp
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New Age Enema by J. Phillip Wilkins
A jealous friend gets her wish.
Short Comedy, Fantasy Available for Free 2pp
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Fridge Feeder by Anthony Cawood
A desperate woman turns to technology to help her diet, however the AI tech has other ideas of how to help.
Short Drama, Sci-Fi Under Option 10pp
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Nickel and Dimed by Barry Katz
In this spec mortgage company commercial, a smarmy salesman nickel and dimes an unassuming borrower who is trying to complete a home loan application.
Short Comedy Available for Free 1pp
Grandma-Z by Craig Thomas
A couple of stoners must use a Ouija Board to summon the spirit of their dead grandmother in order to locate her mredical marijuana stash, or else spend the entire wake unstoned.
Short Comedy, Horror Available for Free 8pp
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String by Priya Das
Stella is preparing for her husband's birthday happily. But he doesn't return home all day. Her mother-in-law holds her responsible for this. What happens when he is finally found?
Short Crime, Drama, Family For sale 5pp
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Detention by Mike Boss
A mercenary turned substitute teacher employs the most politically incorrect tactics, trying to convert a hostile class into future high school graduates.
Feature Drama Seeking finance 90pp
The Devil of Diamond City by Connor McAulay
A real estate agent risks hatred and excommunication from a small town when he agrees to sell God's house.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama For sale 47pp
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UNDER by Jordan Tate
A famous aging marine archeologist finds the secret to physical immortality through a mysterious pink seaweed.
Feature Adventure, Sci-Fi For sale 87pp
Calling out to Tommy by Shaun Needham
Disillusioned with the horrors of World War Two, a compassionate British soldier forms an alliance with a German prisoner of war as he attempts to get home to see his new born daughter.
Feature Drama, War For sale 98pp
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Chavo and Shulie by Gregory Cala
Set in a dystopic furure, two weirdos meet eachother in a bookshop and fall in love while wreaking havoc in Staten Island.
Short Comedy, Sci-Fi For sale 29pp
Bird-Dog or How To Kill Your Friends And Influence People by Luigi C. Saracino
Four life-long but dysfunctional friends reluctantly reunite after decades apart, to pull off the crime of the century. You never know who you can trust, and you're never sure who the good guy really is.
Feature Crime For sale 137pp
Keepin' It Fresh by Rick Hansberry
A middle-aged couple go to extremes to keep excitement in their marriage.
Short Comedy, Family, Mystery For sale 5pp
Branded by Natalie Ekberg
When a drug addict who has committed suicide enters hew new 'post mortem' residence, her only objective is to find her baby.
Short Animation, Drama, Fantasy Available for Free 12pp
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It Eats At Night by Lance West
When a young family moves into their new home, they soon realize they’re not the only ones living there.
Short Action, Adventure, Thriller For sale 27pp
The Booty Battle by B. S. Carter
In a frat house where everybody always gets laid, one student has the courage to stand up and say, no, I will not get laid tonight.
Short Comedy Available for Free 18pp
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How to kill a Snowman... by Johan Paul de Vrijer
A smart young boy has to protect his loved ones from the monster he made: a snowman.
Short Adventure, Comedy, Horror For sale 17pp
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Digits: A (Maybe) Love Story by Chris Todd
An inhibited artist struggles after a break up. Lacking the confidence to initiate a new relationship, his world changes when a stranger takes the lead and gives him her phone number.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Romance For sale 93pp
Dreamers by Hokie Bowman
A DACA med student and her brother are both faced with imminent deportation to Mexico while coping with the harsh reality as illegal immigrants in a racial and politically polarized climate.
TV Pilot Crime, Drama, Family, Romance For sale 66pp
Zombie & Juliet by Carole Parker
A liberal boy and a conservative girl fall in love and decide to elope despite their parents’ objections – in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.
Feature Action, Adventure, Comedy, Horror For sale 90pp
End Point by Chris Keaton
An astronaut on a mission to save the Earth has his life flash before his eyes.
Short Sci-Fi Available for Free 6pp
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