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The Well of Evil by jamie sutliff
Mohawk shaman, Firstchild summons Mitchell to the magical lands to rescue children from Grimsdowne Fortress.
Web Series Pilot Action, Adventure, Animation For sale 110pp
Theories by stephen vance
At first contact the government is deceived by Grays for a superior species who want their property back – the Earth and us, easy, except their key is on the run...
Web Series Pilot Drama, History, Sci-Fi For sale 128pp
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The Penthouses of Polly Heights by David Fabian
Is this the day you save the kid?
Web Series Pilot Horror Available for Free 88pp
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Creatures by C. Guinosta
A group of neighborhood kids try to save their neighborhood from monsters.
Web Series Pilot Adventure, Family, Horror For sale 30pp
The cryptozoologist by Jordan Tate
Centers on Mary Jane Burton, a humanitarian doctor, who after being saved from a plane crash and an ISIS attack by a mysterious creature, becomes a cryptozoologist in order to uncover hidden animals and species.
Web Series Pilot Fantasy For sale 44pp
Unacceptable Employee Behavior by Christine J. Whitlock
In an office, various inappropriate behavior is highlighted.
Web Series Pilot Animation, Comedy, Drama For sale 4pp
The Elves of Owls Head Mountain by jamie sutliff
A Mohawk shaman summons a boy from his world to a magical parallel dimension to share adventures with Native American elves, witches and wizards.
Web Series Pilot Action, Adventure, Animation, Family For sale 110pp
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The Land of the Nen-Us-Yok by jamie sutliff
A Mohawk shaman summons teen to a magical parallel dimension and sends him on a mission with elves. witches and wizards to save the Earth from climate change.
Web Series Pilot Action, Adventure, Animation For sale 115pp
New Build by Stephen Reynolds
Matt and Jessica discover the nefarious undercurrent of suburban life after their move into the Casa Del Sol neighborhood development.
Web Series Pilot Comedy For sale 10pp
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Old Wounds: A Nick Shelby Case by Tom Batt
A PI investigates the murder of his ex-fiancee in the hope of finding out why she left him.
Web Series Pilot Crime, Mystery For sale 11pp
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Apotemnophilia by Dan Decker
It’s a mental disorder the sufferers of which have a compelling obsession to cut off one or more of their own limbs. Kinda gets me wondering... Where would I go to get my limbs removed?
Web Series Pilot Drama, Horror, Thriller For sale 20pp
Alternate Realities by Scott Nelson
An artist inexplicably travels to other realities. Along the way, she must deal with agents bent on stopping her, and the impact her travels have on both her personal life, and that of others.
Web Series Pilot Sci-Fi For sale 9pp
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Barry - The Lazy Superhero by Ville Nummenpää
Being a superhero is not what it´s cracked up to be. It sucks.
Web Series Pilot Animation, Comedy For sale 4pp
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Stranger Things by Inky E
Four detectives find themselves trying to figure out how to deal with a strange case. Then things get even stranger.
Web Series Pilot Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi For sale 7pp
Kenzie and Spinks by andy watters
Private Detectives Kenzie & Spinks totally misjudge an innocent situation and convince their client his wife is having an affair. Death and destruction ensue.
Web Series Pilot Comedy, Crime, Drama For sale 90pp
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Star Wars Genesis by Ryan A. Herring
The long distant past of the Jedi collides with the future, setting into motion events that could unbalance the universe and destroy the Order of the Jedi forever.
Web Series Pilot Drama, Sci-Fi For sale 10pp
The Other Side "Where Hip Hop Meets The Twilight Zone" The Arrangement by David Stamps
A love triangle leads sisters to murder, mayhem, a family fortune, and a maid with a secret identity, all for the love of one ex-con poet.
Web Series Pilot Comedy, Drama, Family For sale 38pp
Crime Tax by Bora S
Every time a crime is committed, there's a tax. A crime tax.
Web Series Pilot Crime, Drama, Thriller Available for Free 16pp
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Ned & Boomer - Episode 1: The Hoedowners by Jason K. Allen
Hoping to spice up their boring lives, good ol' boys Ned and Boomer decide to plan a hoedown. But do they even know what a hoedown is?
Web Series Pilot Comedy For sale 4pp
Lad Luck by Bob Stevens
A miserable man cursed with good luck is given the chance of a lifetime. Or is he? A spec web pilot.
Web Series Pilot Comedy, Drama Available for Free 14pp
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Kindred Reaper by Jordan .
In a land split between Light and Darkness, one kid must forge his own destiny and help light and darkness coexist.
Web Series Pilot Action, Adventure, Fantasy For sale 36pp
Lavery Pines by Barry Katz
An eccentric group of seniors residing at a posh retirement home set out to prove that life can be fabulous at any age.
Web Series Pilot Comedy Available for Free 23pp
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Screenwriter by Elvira Drake
A brash, unemployed wannabe screenwriter actively chases her dreams in all the wrong ways.
Web Series Pilot Comedy For sale 9pp
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Any Way In - The Webseries by Richard Buzzell
Two women struggle with sex-rassing in the entertainment industry.
Web Series Pilot Comedy For sale 4pp
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Web Series Pilot Drama, Family, Romance For sale 7pp