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Where we stand by Sarans Pandey
The death of a mother strains the relationship between the surviving father and son as they go their own separate ways in a failed attempt to make sense of the frustrating reality.
Feature Drama, Family For sale 74pp
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Haunted by horrible dreams, a medium races against time to save her best friend from a serial killer who uses online chats to steal people's identities and create a new personality with their body parts.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 119pp
Don't Go There, Girlfriend! by Dave Eisenstark
When a pregnant young woman accidentally kills her boyfriend, she discovers he's the best boyfriend she's ever had.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Film-Noir, Horror, Thriller For sale 98pp
Ostensible by Deen Gill
While humans hide underground, robotic combatants on the surface fight World War 3. As the war ginds on, the robots send down progress reports. But the reports are lies, to keep the humans as prisoners.
Feature Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 100pp
The Orb of Life by Matthew Waters
An elf and a dwarf stumble upon the fabled Orb of Life whilst exploring a crypt, and become embroiled in an epic adventure to save all Arendia.
Feature Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy For sale 108pp
The Passion of Miss Aphrodite by Michael Aliotti
After witnessing her idol Marilyn Monroe win artichoke queen in 1947, Central Coast, CA, reality hits an obsessive dancer, who's forced to lure men to their death on behalf of a local Mobster.
Feature Film-Noir, Thriller For sale 88pp
Shifters by Ken Halhober
Louis Garou just found out he's a werewolf, is he also a serial killer?
Feature Action, Horror For sale 78pp
Leveling by Vatican Kelevra
An enforcer for a crime lord tries to solve the murder of a popular news reporter, whom he met one night on the subway, putting him in the path of the detectives working the case.
Feature Action, Crime For sale 116pp
What The Heart Wants by Andy Golub
A demoness in a human body, forbidden to form bonds with mortal men, meets a decent guy she could actually fall for.
Feature Comedy, Horror, Romance For sale 96pp
Priceless by John Hunter
Mutilated bodies lead an old school cop and his female rookie partner to a black market operation serving the rich and powerful.
Feature Crime For sale 94pp
Ethereal Vanity - We Are Legion by J. Quinzelle
REVISED JUNE 2019. The boy who surrendered his soul to a demon must fight for his life with the help of the last Catholic priest in a post-Armageddon world.
Feature Action, Adventure For sale 135pp
Skeletons by Liz Strange
While helping settle his father's estate a young man learns the truth about the grandfather he'd believed dead, and the crimes that kept the man behind bars for forty years.
Feature Crime, Drama, Family For sale 95pp
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Pure Romance by Christine J. Whitlock
What if a klutzy teacher sells sex toys at women's parties to raise money for dog shelters and discovers that her uptight lawyer boyfriend is her slum landlord, who later rescues the women from attack?
Feature Comedy, Romance, Thriller For sale 119pp
Do Not Open by Nick Morris
Upon opening a mysterious Christmas present, a troubled young woman finds herself trapped inside her apartment building with three ghastly spirits hell-bent on forcing her to confront the horrors of her past, present and future.
Feature Horror For sale 89pp
Head Banger by Marjolein Smit
When a reclusive NY troubleshooter, pestered by the dead, is blackmailed into solving a Dutch billionaire’s problem, it means facing everything but the kitchen sink.
Feature Crime, Drama, Mystery For sale 152pp
Bass Reeves, U.S. Marshall by Sam Bass
The dynamic true story of a Civil War slave that evolved from his brutal existence to become the first black U.S. Marshall,
Feature Action, Adventure, Biography For sale 97pp
By Noble Means by Stephen Barber
Struggling in a self-loathing world, an angry teen is thrown into the mix of a group who’re experiencing the same challenge - to change their path's trajectory and earn their way back home.
Feature Drama For sale 103pp
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Among Us by Arturo Portillo
An old government experiment goes bad in a small Texas town, unleashing giant insects to kill the locals.
Feature Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 103pp
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Keep Off The Grass by J. Phillip Wilkins
A high school reunion leads to a harrowing fight for survival.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 80pp
Excepção by Jay Pendragon
A romantic drama featuring an unhappy hedge fund manager, a struggling single father trying to raise his daughter, and ruthless CEO trying desperately to stay on top.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Romance For sale 108pp
Happy Town by Matthew Corry
When two best friends are magically transported into an old stop-motion animation kids TV show they inadvertently kill the main character and set off a chain of events that threaten to destroy reality.
Feature Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Horror For sale 102pp
Wilshire Boulevard by Carole Parker
When a hard-drinking private eye is hired by a movie producer’s wife to investigate his murder, she gets framed for killing him and has to confront her inner demons in order to solve the crime.
Feature Crime, Film-Noir, Thriller For sale 120pp
Joshua The Spy by JM Navon
Joshua comes from another world to Spy and sees how corrupt the world is. He is tormented by Satan.
Feature Action, Adventure, Romance, Thriller For sale 128pp
The Extraterrestrial Highway by Steve Sorenson
Friendly ETs routinely rescue abducted humans from hungry evil ETs that eat their prey. Now, the allied ETs must save humanity from their most formidable foe . . . . . humans!
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 119pp
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Remnants of Redemption by Connie Wilson
Authorities are baffled on a case when a mysterious woman is the suspect of a murder spree. It turns out she is actually the man running an abuse shelter.
Feature Thriller For sale 108pp