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The Contact (or The Man With The Case) by Bernard Kwan
An act of desperation lands a man into a situation where his only hope lies in The Contact.
Feature Action, Mystery, Thriller For sale 72pp
EARTH FRIENDS by Jordan Tate
Able to communicate with Mother earth, a little girl is taught how to preserve nature through a series of meetings with animals and plants.
Feature Animation, Family For sale 116pp
A Tale of the Shapeshifters by Tony De Lombardo
A family of shapeshifters struggles to fit into society.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Romance For sale 95pp
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Tornado Rider Rhodes by stevie T
Knockabout globetrotter, a pretty sweet life until destiny rears its head and places the fate of the world in her hands. Now she’s got to battle ninjas and Nazis to save her hometown. Responsibility sucks.
Feature Action, Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi, War For sale 129pp
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h i m t h o by PJ Edwards
After a White jock witnesses his unarmed Black friend’s murder by a corrupt police officer, he finds the struggle for justice isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Sport For sale 92pp
Wall Street Pirates by Peter Turner
Four fired Wall Street bankers get desperate when they can't find new jobs. When desperation reaches its apex they go to Somalia to become pirates. But their crazy plan turns disastrous from the start.
Feature Adventure, Comedy, Drama For sale 95pp
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An Unsettled Hero by Nicholas Zingarelli
War is hell. And your enemy is the Devil. So you got to fight like the Devil to beat him. But what are you supposed to do when you bring the Devil home with you?
Feature Adventure, Crime, Fantasy, Thriller, War For sale 91pp
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Do Not Open by Nick Morris
Upon opening a mysterious Christmas present, a troubled young woman finds herself trapped inside her apartment building with three ghastly spirits hell-bent on forcing her to confront the horrors of her past, present and future.
Feature Horror For sale 89pp
Indigo by Robert Bates
When a “hero"s identity is revealed, he must cooperate with his police officer ex-girlfriend and an officer that wants to kill him to stop a killer from executing a bizarre plan or he'll be executed.
Feature Crime, Drama, Thriller For sale 103pp
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Totaled by Clayton Emery
Susan "Tyger" Blake - ex-cop, ex-con, and shade-tree mechanic - may have totaled her life, but when women go missing in a small town, she takes the tiger by the tail.
Feature Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller Available for Free 93pp
Horrorcane by Clint Kelley
Toxic waste, zombies, a hurricane? No, it's a Horrorcane!
Feature Comedy, Horror, Thriller For sale 94pp
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Tradimento by Jordan Tate
Suffering from amnesia and struggling with repressed memories, a law school student engages in a dangerous proceeding against mobsters, putting her own life and her family's in jeopardy.
Feature Crime, Drama For sale 117pp
Freedom Cafe by Robert Tobin
A wounded Iraq War veteran's terrible childhood secret is slowly revealed as he undergoes psychotherapy as part of his rehabilitation.
Feature Drama For sale 99pp
A Whisker Past Midnight by Andrew Garrett
In this darkly humorous animated thriller, two American mice battle a crew of Nazi rats who have turned an ocean liner into a fiendish trap.
Feature Animation, Comedy, Film-Noir, Thriller, War For sale 90pp
The Settlers by Reid Eccles
In an apocalyptic world a family settles off the grid, but when a band of punks arrive a sheltered, teenaged girl must save herself from being sold into a dystopian sex-trade.
Feature Action, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 134pp
Changeology by Mary Goldman
Mark and Christine Bernstein are not your average couple. Mark is Jewish. Christine grew up Catholic. Their status quo is rocked when their 19 year-old daughter, Leah, announces she's become a Muslim.
Feature Drama For sale 104pp
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Mooned by Jeffrey Pollard
When a loner conspiracy-theorist and a skeptical reporter uncover the truth about the Moon landing they fall down a rabbit-hole of conspiracy theories.
Feature Adventure, Comedy For sale 118pp
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Id by ShaDon Manigault
A psychiatrist and his family's lives are in jeopardy after one of his patients stops taking his medication and interferes with their lives.
Feature Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller For sale 89pp
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KTT Part One - The Polar Cabal by Gerasimos Rozis
When a new submarine technology threatens the balance of the world's naval warfare, the point man of KTT, Martin Jacobs, is called to steal it.
Feature Action, Crime, War For sale 99pp
Little Sheep by Steve Garry
In the throes of Third World revolution, after all the grownups in their unit are killed in battle a young rebel leads his fellow child soldiers on a campaign to liberate kids from war everywhere.
Feature Action, Adventure, Drama, War For sale 124pp
I'll Have Your Heart by Richard Buzzell
A woman kidnaps a former lover, holds him captive in an underground bunker, and uses psychological persuasion techniques to convince him that he's still in love with her.
Feature Drama, Thriller For sale 85pp
Dark Matter by B. R. Smith
A failed experiment leaves an emotionally wounded soldier with the power to turn people's fears into horrifying reality.
Feature Action, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 105pp
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The Test by Art D'Alessandro
A wife sets up her husband to test his fidelity but things spin out of control when the husband fails a test of his own making.
Feature Crime, Drama, Thriller For sale 100pp
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Santa and the Pauper by Jerry Robbins
Santa and Tom Canty exchange identities so he can meet people to understand why Christmas tradition is being lost and forgotten, while Tom man can't convince Mrs. Claus he is not actually Santa.
Feature Family For sale 105pp
Mister Buttle’s Great Odyssey by Steve Garry
During the Great Depression, an old man wants his estate to go to someone needy, so he launches a quest with his trusted valet and his attorney in-disguise to find the perfect candidate.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Family For sale 108pp