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The Happy End Inn by David J. Keogh
After a bank heist, a gang lay low in a small hotel in the West Country, but everything is not what it seems and the gang start to disappear one by one...
Feature Horror For sale 97pp
Rockstar - Platinum
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The Fourth Reich by Gary Rose
Modern-day Nazis steal the remains of Hitler to clone kidnapped females and “resurrect” their former leader while being tracked by a female FBI agent who believes that the ends justify the means.
Feature Action, Adventure, Thriller For sale 123pp
Rockstar - Platinum
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Touch Gloves by David J. Keogh
After saving him from being mugged, a homeless, black, Muslim man, joins forces with a casually racist ex-boxing trainer to try and conquer the underground boxing scene.
Feature Drama, Sport For sale 136pp
Rockstar - Platinum
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The Phantom Train by Gary Rose
A double-homicide investigation leads a strong female FBI agent along with Mossad to the location of one of Hitler’s hidden Phantom Gold trains while modern-day Nazis attempt to get there first.
Feature Action, Adventure, Thriller For sale 123pp
Rockstar - Platinum
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The Arena by Russ Whitfield
A female MMA fighter is framed by the Triads and forced to fight in an underground arena in order to pay for her sister's medical treatments.
Feature Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama, Family For sale 90pp
Rockstar - Platinum
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House on Haunted Hill:Resurrection by Gary Rose
Out of prison, Frederick Loren organizes a haunted house party to expose invited psychics. Unaware of Inquisitor Torquemada and his henchmen, the night becomes a battle for survival and sanity beyond his imagination.
Feature Horror For sale 88pp
Rockstar - Platinum
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The Practical Matter by Al Cool
When a hybrid wolverine-human’s mistake escalates a rivalry into a war with a nearby werewolf-human community, he must pull out all the stops to save his family.
Feature Comedy, Family, Film-Noir, Horror, Sci-Fi For sale 96pp
Rockstar - Platinum
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Paperboy by Todd Heilesen
A teenage boy’s new job as a paperboy helps him overcome challenges at school and form a common bond with his father, who flashes back to his own humorous experiences as a paperboy in 1981.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Family, Sport For sale 101pp
Coverfly All-time Overall Top 25%
Rockstar - Platinum
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Poachers by Todd Bronson
A Mark Twain horror where teen rivals join forces to confront monstrous Cheroots who only hunt humans and struggle to rescue family even as the military searches for the monsters for their own mysterious reasons.
Feature Adventure, Horror, Thriller For sale 100pp
Rockstar - Platinum
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Forgotten Plans by Gary Rose
Forgotten attack plans against the US found on a thumb drive years after Osama bin Laden's death, reveal the irony that even in his demise, the terrorist continues to threaten the nation he hated.
Feature Action, Adventure, Thriller For sale 87pp
Rockstar - Platinum
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Ark of the Covenant by Gary Rose
Rogue military unit targets an Ethiopian chapel holding the Ark of the Covenant. Female FBI agent and Interpol pursue, unaware of its mystical powers. Their disbelief may lead to their destruction.
Feature Action, Adventure, Thriller For sale 93pp
Rockstar - Platinum
DEADLINE by william hyland
You may not believe in ghosts, but you cannot deny terror.
Feature Horror For sale 110pp
Rockstar - Platinum
Sheer Pressure by Greg Abbott
A young Princeton male grad must choose between love, authenticity, and manufacturing pantyhose in this coming-of-age romantic comedy set in Manhattan. A poignant, humorous expose of lives often idealized in our current society.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Romance For sale 123pp
Rockstar - Platinum
No Man's Land by Russ Whitfield
When one of her performers kills the son of a preacher, a rough rider is forced to lead her troupe into the wilderness to escape a vengeful posse hell-bent on bringing them to justice
Feature Action, Drama, Western For sale 94pp
Rockstar - Platinum
Street Fighter by Russ Whitfield
A homeless veteran must compete in an underground street-fighting ring to pay off her heroin-addicted friends’ debt to the mob.
Feature Action, Drama For sale 89pp
Rockstar - Platinum
Nightlinger: Creature of the Night by Steven Jones
The Night Stalker meets The Equalizer. A modern-day masked mystery man and his sassy, beautiful assistant protect people from supernatural threats.
Feature Adventure, Horror For sale 89pp
Rockstar - Platinum
Max Q by Steven Jones
Hammer Family Racing is one of the last independent teams in the Prototype Vehicle Racing Association. Now it must trust its future on amateur racer Bryan "Risk" Daley and twelve-year-old genius and chick-magnet Max Q.
Feature Adventure, Family, Sci-Fi, Sport For sale 116pp
Rockstar - Platinum
Worn by Mike Underwood
When two cops search for a missing girl in a long-abandoned school with a macabre history, their rescue mission becomes a fight for survival after they disturb a nest of vicious cannibals.
Feature Crime, Horror, Thriller For sale 84pp
Rockstar - Platinum
Soldier Girls by Russ Whitfield
When her father is held for ransom by communist rebels, a US Marine Lieutenant her team embark on a desperate rescue mission that reaches its bloody climax in the jungles of South East Asia
Feature Action, Adventure, War For sale 86pp
Rockstar - Platinum
Interruption by Mario Ponce
A small group of strangers must settle differences in order to survive a deadly extraterrestrial visit.
Feature Action, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 110pp
Rockstar - Platinum
American Kickboxers by Russ Whitfield
Four women are selected to fight in an international kickboxing competition. 40+ and second stringers, they must overcome their inner demons, rivalries and the demands of their coach to win through.
Feature Action, Adventure, Drama, Sport For sale 104pp
Rockstar - Platinum
Rollercoaster by Gary Rose
Jihadists seeking revenge for a drone attack on an Iraqi general target rollercoasters, turning the source of joy into a symbol of terror. Authorities struggle to stop the bombings and prevent further casualties.
Feature Action, Adventure, Crime, Thriller For sale 108pp
Rockstar - Platinum
Blind-Sighted by David J. Keogh
A failed athlete loses her sight. In a desperate attempt to get herself back on track, she teams up with a disfigured guide runner who helps her to qualify for the national team.
Feature Drama, Romance, Sport For sale 97pp
Rockstar - Platinum
9 readers love this script
Mary and the Kansas Kid by James Brosnahan
Two teenagers orphaned in post-Civil War Kansas, a British heiress and the son of a Civil War soldier, fall in love while they pursue vengeance against renegades who murdered his parents and her best friend.
Feature Romance, Western For sale 107pp
Austin Film Festival - Second-Rounder
Rockstar - Platinum
5 readers love this script
Wrathwood by David J. Keogh
Five strangers wake with amnesia, in a remote country house at night. A sign on the door reads “don’t go outside”… Something or someone wants to kill... is it one of them?
Feature Drama, Horror, Mystery For sale 94pp
Rockstar - Platinum
3 readers love this script