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The Singing Tree by Marilyn Pesola
A cultured man's Nazi war experience drives him to seek his own death when he couldn't save the Jewish girlfriend he'd been hiding.
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Broken by Will Hare
A young man's fragile existence shatters when he's forced to care for the brother who abused him as a child.
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Tradimento by Jordan Tate
Suffering from amnesia and struggling with repressed memories, a law school student engages in a dangerous proceeding against mobsters, putting her own life and her family's in jeopardy.
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Do Unto Others by 6String Mercenary
From the collapse of Enron and ruined futures, a team comes together to take back from thieves what is owed - eventually the stakes get bigger and so does the list of people to hook up Robin Hood style.
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In God We Trust by Gabriel Bush
An anti-religious extremist, seeking revenge for a lifetime of pain, gains an unlikely ally in his pursuit to destroy the Catholic Church.
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Neanderthals Didn't Go To Mars by Steve Garry
A shy man invents time travel and hopes it will impress a co-worker he loves, but then agents from the future arrive with really good news and really bad news about the invention.
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Jacked Up by Ian Courter
A man supposedly killed in combat awakens three decades later in a dystopic nightmare where he is both the hunted and the hope for a release from a faceless, inhuman regime.
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The Old Believer by Grant Bayliss
An elite team of special forces are sent into unchartered Siberia, where they must starve with a pious old women and convince her to show them the gates of hell.
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Roadkill Zoo by Nicole Jones-Dion
Zombie roadkill come back from the dead seeking revenge on the teenagers who ran them over. (Based on the indie comic book)
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Snow Worms by John Hunter
When an ancient terror awakens in the Alaskan wilderness, a strong and resourceful young woman leads a struggle for survival.
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Blue Sun of Arabia by Gregory Mandarano
When an aging actress of the silent cinema attempts to rekindle her dwindling career by remaking a movie in sound, a younger woman cast into the picture gets between her and the men she loves.
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Pretense by Richard Russell
To fulfill a contract, a private investigator must revisit the places he swore he would never see again.
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Bad Presents by D.C. Copeland
It's a race against time when trying to save your friends from an angry ghost and his really "mean spirited" presents and Christmas trees gone bad.
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OBeast by Tim Westland
After a terrible accident causes a morbidly obese girl's fat to explode from her body, the bullies who tormented her will encounter a horrible fate as the disembodied fat takes on a life of its own to exact a horrific, yet hilarious revenge.
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The Golden Nightingale by Hammoudi Abdelouahab
A troubled cop saves three Native American hostages to discover that they possess a small golden nightingale which is more than just a family heirloom.
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Bedroom Politics by Ben Koch
An ambitious First Lady vows to derail her cheating husband's re-election by winning the White House for herself, no matter the cost to kin and country.
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Digging Two Graves by Matthew Emma
A vengeful, Greek-Cypriot assassin pursues the Turkish war criminal who murdered her brother, falls for her intended target's son and is forced to choose between love and retribution.
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Locked-In by Robert Mcbride
While rushing to save her dying son's life, a desperate mother is taken hostage by a troubled teen on the run.
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Brighton and Hove by Steve Garry
Hiding in a compound with survivors after a pandemic wiped out humanity, a man who tends court for the despotic leader seeks redemption by switching places with a rebel hero he had to lock up.
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The Hearts of Bad People by Anthony Fertino
Ethan, secretly ex-CIA, survives a murder plot by his unfaithful wife which could have hurt their son—so he impulsively hunts down her and her lover, while a tough female detective becomes involved.
Feature For sale 120pp
Strange by Art D'Alessandro
A man facing a mid-life crisis comes to the aid of an exotic woman, only to be set up by a team of whacked-out con artists ready to take him for everything he's worth.
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Storm's Eye by CJ Walley
Haunted by a figure she saw in the eye of a cyclone, a girl discovers individuals creating brutal weather events and learns they are drawing together to kill thousands with a super-storm.
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King of the Winged Monkeys by David Wagner
A lonely 10-year-old boy in Kansas finds the mysterious relic that compels sinister flying monkeys to obey commands.
Feature For sale 124pp
At Night by Tony De Lombardo
A man must decide whether to stay in his universe or move to an alternate universe where he’s fallen in love.
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The Dancer Upstairs by Dwhyte star
After meeting the dancer who lives upstairs a loner finds a deadly new purpose in life, and possibly a chance at redemption.
Feature For sale 101pp