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Beyond Letters by Muhammad Castallani
An oppressed Woman struggles to find her inner strength and resolve to defy her parents and follow her own path, until one day she meets a terminally ill screenwriter who lives life to the fullest
Feature Drama, Romance For sale 112pp
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Second Impressions by Mike Anderson
A journey of survival as a woman seeks retribution against her father for trying to kill her as a child.
Feature Drama, Mystery, Thriller For sale 111pp
Justice Confused - Codename Justice part 4 by Kyle Williamson
Government betrayal leads James to question everything his decisions, all of his actions and whether he wanted to still do his job
Feature Action For sale 215pp
21 Days by Simon Stewart
When the loved ones of a young girl start turning up dead, she begins to question everything around her. The most important question, who can she trust?
Feature Crime, Horror, Thriller For sale 66pp
Free to Play by Chris Todd
Two recent college grads, and best friends, fend off adulthood by forming a band to go on a poorly planned cross-country tour.
Feature Comedy For sale 100pp
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The Settlers by Reid Eccles
In an apocalyptic world a family settles off the grid, but when a band of punks arrive a sheltered, teenaged girl must save herself from being sold into a dystopian sex-trade.
Feature Action, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 134pp
Hell on Earth by Gary Blake
When everyman William Whitman thinks his life can't get any worse, he falls asleep at the wheel, dies, and finds himself damned to eternity in Hell.
Feature Comedy For sale 93pp
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Charlie by Aaron Kent
Oliver embarks on a road-trip with his estranged alcoholic father, Stanley, hoping to make amends before the birth of his child, but he didn't count on the arrival of Mildred and her precocious teen daughter.
Feature Comedy, Drama For sale 106pp
Banshee Awakening by Eoin O'Sullivan
In famine era Ireland, a devious landlord’s lust for an innocent and beautiful tenant that occupies his land, will set in motion a choice that awakens a terrible curse, to haunt his lineage for eternity.
Feature Fantasy, Horror, Mystery For sale 91pp
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Christopher by Ed Hernandez
In the near future, a policeman struggling with PTSD stumbles upon a cyborg and helps to expose a secret project to create super soldiers.
Feature Action, Sci-Fi For sale 111pp
An Atmosphere Of Angels by H. C. Turk
As part of a treaty with a primitive race, Terran space explorers agree to dispose of an abandoned stellar craft. Trapped inside the ship, the Terrans find numerous alien corpses, and one ghost.
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 108pp
Speechless by Tom Helberg
To advance to the state speech competition a depressed high school senior must kiss his acting partner who is dating his best friend.
Feature Comedy, Drama For sale 81pp
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I Dream of Jimmy by Michael Akobi
An ex-surfing pro, now hapless and obese, inherits the family business and becomes a genie, along with all the pitfalls of having unlimited powers that come with it.
Feature Comedy, Fantasy For sale 105pp
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The Pitcher, The Hitter and the Diamonds by Joseph Deegan
Billy West, a witless ex-major league baseball pitcher works for the Chicago Outfit doing odd jobs and executions despite being criminally and intellectually challenged.
Feature Crime, Drama, Film-Noir, Thriller For sale 97pp
The Non Existing Loot by Wal Friman
A creative genius of a crime gang decides to go straight, with the consequence that his partners start demanding their share of a non existing loot.
Feature Crime, Thriller Available for Free 100pp
Finding Happiness by Michael Good
Unfortunate luck to troublesome friendship, three best friends travel to Washington DC to have a thrill of a lifetime.
Feature Comedy For sale 119pp
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Escoria by Peter Turner
15 years after being sent from Cuba, Nicolas returns for the first time to attend his father’s funeral. But ghosts of the past threaten to cause more anguish and danger for Nicolas’ future.
Feature Drama For sale 82pp
Christmas Rush by Phil Clarke
A documentary crew visits the North Pole to interview Santa only to discover numerous problems that could jeopardize Christmas.
Feature Animation For sale 102pp
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Territory by J.E. Clarke
A young girl volunteers for service in the Philippines, and finds herself embroiled in a world of sex, corruption and dark local legends...which may ultimately prove to be all too real.
Feature Horror For sale 107pp
Rockstar Patreon Supporter Shootin' The Shorts Admin 1 reader loves this script
Perfect Girl by Stefanie G
Jordan Hanchett has a 4.0 GPA, is a star basketball player, and is considered the "good child", but she harbors a serious illness that consumers her. Can she realize there's a cost to being perfect?
Feature Drama For sale 120pp
The Devil You Know by Chris Weber
Unhappy with his bad reputation, Satan comes to Earth to prove he is a nice guy with with the help of his new therapist and some eccentric worshippers; but before all Hell breaks loose, he must learn that sometimes you must sacrifice your ego for...
Feature Comedy For sale 110pp
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The Lonely by Matthew Corry
A broken man in a search for redemption finds himself in a life or death struggle to save a young girl from supernatural forces old as the human race.
Feature Horror, Mystery, Thriller For sale 100pp
Past Life by Rob McNeil
A loner college student is thrust into a dangerous investigation when he suspects his biological family may have been involved in his hometown's most notorious cold case.
Feature Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller For sale 94pp
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On the Edge of the Sword by Christine Skarbek
Countess. Free Spirit. Iconic Beauty. Nazi Fighter. WWII's most decorated woman, unheralded in her homeland. The remarkable, true story of the enigmatic Pole whose amazing exploits thwarted Nazi war efforts in Europe and N. Africa.
Feature Action, Biography, Drama, History, War For sale 113pp
For Love Or Music by Scott Sawitz
When a bar singer goes viral she discovers her creativity is linked to her heartbreak.
Feature Comedy, Romance For sale 102pp