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Broken by Will Hare
A young man's fragile existence shatters when he's forced to care for the brother who abused him as a child.
Feature Drama For sale 99pp
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Operation Coldfeet by Clinton West
When a Soviet Arctic spy station is abruptly abandoned, an eclectic group of Americans plan a covert mission to steal the top secret technology but when the Soviets get wind of the plan it's a race to see who gets there first.
Feature Action, Adventure, History For sale 101pp
The blacc rose family by Bernard Mersier
Twenty years after witnessing the murder of his mother, a man returns not just for vengeance, but to carry on his mother’s drug empire.
Feature Drama For sale 137pp
The Last Contact by David Danfulani
When police and heavily armed volunteers track a serial kidnapper, who seems to be an accomplished magician, to Bandy woods, it becomes a race between the police and volunteers to escape the woods or become certain victims of the kidnapper.
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 122pp
Night of the Living Deadwood by Richard Hudson
When a plague brings the dead back to life as ravenous cannibals, a town's new lawman and a stone cold killer must work together if they are to have any hope of surviving the night.
Feature Horror For sale 104pp
Nutmeg by Anthony Silverwood
An unconventional therapist who finds he better understands his patients while tripping on nutmeg must now diagnose and cure an apocalyptic disorder known as metapsychosis,
Feature Comedy, Thriller For sale 106pp
Christmas Rush by Phil Clarke
A documentary crew visits the North Pole to interview Santa only to discover numerous problems that could jeopardize Christmas.
Feature Animation For sale 102pp
Shootin' The Shorts Reader 1 reader loves this script
Twin Blades from LA by Michael Good
Two female twins embark on a mission to save the world from time traveling assassins before the continuity of time is written for the worse.
Feature Action, Sci-Fi For sale 105pp
The Rise of Skellios by Mike Krause
She can't run away forever.
Feature Adventure, Fantasy For sale 124pp
Culling Of Society by daniel lopez
A boy unlocks the secrets in his brain from a chemical to save people from Deadly Cancers and a corrupt private company planning to destroy humanity.
Feature Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 114pp
119: Assignment Manipulation by Kyle Williamson
Fast and The Furious meets James Bond
Feature Adventure For sale 189pp
The Vine by Max Hoven
An aging veteran infiltrates a small-town crime ring hoping it will lead him back to his latest sexual conquest.
Feature Action, Crime, Film-Noir For sale 110pp
Living on the Edge by itai hlatshwayo
Three days before Armageddon,a drug addicted lawyer faces a terrible war with demons who wish to drag everyone to hell.
Feature Drama For sale 92pp
Grand Old Lady by Kyle Williamson
A trip back through time changes a great war KYLE RIDLEY has memories to change the events to undo the altered timeline. Can he help every in time before he is killed or re educated?
Feature Adventure For sale 109pp
Isabella Black Heart by Tina Balli
Highwaymen rescue a child whilst robbing a house, and teach her their ways. She lives to seek justice from the lawmen that ruined her childhood, and rob them blind on the way.
Feature Action, Adventure, Crime, History, Romance Available for Free 155pp
Priceless by John Hunter
Mutilated bodies lead an old school cop and his female rookie partner to a black market operation serving the rich and powerful.
Feature Crime For sale 94pp
Smile by Kimberly Britt
When a nerdy loner discovers he's dying, he embarks on a quest to fulfill the ridiculous items on his bucket list, including winning the heart of his unattainably beautiful co-worker.
Feature Drama, Romance For sale 111pp
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The List by Dwhyte star
A gun for hire sets out on a mission to rid the world of a criminal empire.
Feature Action For sale 97pp
Polarized by Warren Duncan
A high school senior living with undiagnosed bipolar disorder navigates her way through life and a new relationship. Ultimately she discovers that being herself comes at a price
Feature Drama For sale 81pp
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West Coast Over Achiever by C. Rob Dunphy
A gritty veteran seeks social justice by robbing drug dealers, but poor craft and even poorer life choices leads to escalating bloodshed.
Feature Action, Crime, Drama For sale 120pp
Mountain Of Love One by Ernie Johnson
For the four eighteen year old boys of Holden Valley Penticostal Church, the trip to Mount Manhadden was a reward for their graduating from high school.
Feature Adventure For sale 101pp
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Reckless Deeds by Henry Shorney
A college professor sleeps with one of his students and will do whatever it takes to keep the secret safe.
Feature Comedy, Crime For sale 84pp
As Cold As Any Stone by Laz Rojas
In 1968, a British pop singer/spy and her partner are caught in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse with a legendary KGB assassin pursuing a personal vendetta against their boss.
Feature Action, Adventure, Drama, Romance, Thriller For sale 141pp
Green Mansions by Clayton Emery
What we love, we destroy... 1840, the Amazon. A wanderer is enchanted by "Rima the Bird Girl", but the quest for her mysterious origin sparks tragedy... Based on the beloved 1904 novel.
Feature Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Romance For sale 112pp
18% - Based on a True Story by Brandon M Freer
Marc has planned an ideal life but when Sara gives birth to a premature son, his controlling behavior rips apart their marriage. Marc must confront his troubled past to become a good father and husband.
Feature Drama, Family For sale 88pp
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