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Story & Logistics
Divorcejoy by Wal Friman
A woman kept as a wife by her kidnapper is left in the gutter and continues on his career-criminal path to make up for the lost years spent in marriage hell.
Feature For sale 96pp
S.C.A.M. by Beth Geyer
In a world where internet scammers run unchecked, lifelong friends conspire to get the sweet revenge they deserve, if they can survive it.
Feature For sale 91pp
Dragon Chronicles by Elisha Woods
The Nitrozien Galactic Empire is on the cusp of extinction. To save his father's Empire, Lord Nakara enslaves the Armayans, an elite race of warriors to battle the Antarians and conquer their Galaxy in order to obtain their infinite resources.
Feature For sale 124pp
Ampersands by Steve Garry
A race of super-advanced but diminutive aliens crash lands inside a sprawling department store and can't get out.
Feature For sale 108pp
The Lazaretto by Steve Garry
Plunged into an appalling, makeshift quarantine, a mother, father and a very special little girl struggle to survive as a terrified world fights to contain a hideous plague of unknown origin.
Feature For sale 104pp
The Balcony Boys by Jonathan Wesley
Eight friends wake up the morning after a party and discover each other's personal demons throughout the day.
Feature For sale 87pp
Taking The Reins by Rick Hansberry
An equestrian struggles attempting to make history as the youngest winner of the elite Rolex championship, but his destructive personality poses the biggest obstacle to the title.
Feature For sale 109pp
King of the Sea by Lance Wallick
A rogue man eater is terrorizing the California Coast. In order to stop the gruesome killing spree, a marine biologist must swallow his pride and seek help from his estranged brother... An outlaw shark poacher.
Feature For sale 97pp
Suffer the Children by Anthony Cawood
Troubled siblings start a new life for themselves running a gas station in an isolated community, but their plans are thrown into a dangerous tailspin when a dark shadow from their past escapes prison and returns to exact a brutal revenge.
Feature For sale 95pp
Hillbilly Hay by Nicholas Jordan
A trailer trash alcoholic inadvertently exposes a secret CIA mind control program, and stumbles his way into leading a cultural revolution.
Feature For sale 120pp
Seahorse Cove by Randy White
The daughter of an ocean researcher befriends a life size seahorse who has emerged from another world under the sea.
Feature For sale 105pp
Little Sister by Darlenne Susan Girard
Michelle and Anne make a promise to be best friends forever… and not even death would keep them apart.
Feature For sale 103pp
Skeletons by Liz Strange
While helping settle his father's estate a young man learns the truth about the grandfather he'd believed dead, and the crimes that kept the man behind bars for forty years.
Feature For sale 95pp
Judgement at Siddim by Steve Garry
A man reassesses his plan to avenge a violent crime against his family after a stranger crosses his path who is set to mete out his own final brand of justice.
Feature For sale 107pp
Monkano by Ben Trebilcook
A CIA Agent, a bar tender, a backpacker and a scientist find themselves joining up to flee an erupting volcano in Colombia, however it isn't just ash and lava that's being ejected, it's fire-breathing monkeys.
Feature For sale 70pp
The Olympians by Ryan Herring
In 1874 the "Far West" is the rugged and isolated Washington Territory. A young sheriff's deputy eager to escape his famous father's shadow runs away to the Olympic Peninsula where he falls into the shadowy and savage world of logger barons, crimps...
Feature For sale 118pp
Shredder Saves the World by Steve Garry
When a boy receives a chilling video from the future, he recruits his friends to try to save the world’s animal kingdom from demise that somehow starts with his own cat.
Feature For sale 107pp
Christmas Cards by D. Scott Mangione
Discovering there will be nothing for Christmas, a poor, Italian boy, 9, in 1949, NY, must overcome a bully, the trolls under the bridge and abject poverty to save Christmas.
Feature For sale 110pp
The Grind by Jacob Mynatt
A pair of office slackers face an uncertain future when their equally slacker boss is fired. But when they discover their new boss is a former porn star trying to hide from his past a battle of will ensues.
Feature For sale 100pp
Madhouse Shenanigans, or A Private Method by Brian Aldrich
A greedy asylum administrator's plot to convert a state hospital to a private for profit madhouse backfires.
Feature For sale 140pp
Journey Of Mortals by Phillip Hardy
Saul Persecutes Christians, sees a vision, becomes Paul the Apostle, journeys throughout the world preaching, healing and facing the wrath of the Roman Empire and violent anger from his own people.
Feature For sale 136pp
The Golden Nightingale by Hammoudi Abdelouahab
A troubled cop saves three Native American hostages to discover that they possess a small golden nightingale which is more than just a family heirloom.
Feature For sale 114pp
Vegging Out by J.E. Clarke
A college girl and her friends take a vow to go veggie - and quickly discover that the lifestyle is wilder--and more complicated--than it seemed at first glance.
Feature For sale 108pp
The adventurer by Jordan Tate
A chronicle of adventurer, soldier and film maker Merian Cooper and the real life experiences that inspired the creation of his most famous character: King Kong.
Feature For sale 115pp
Expedition to Svalbard by Steve Garry
A journalist accompanies an international team of biologists to explore the permafrost for genetic remnants of a deadly disease of the Middle Ages, and they are completely unprepared for what they unearth.
Feature For sale 103pp