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The Boogie-Man by Naz Bader
An inside look at a traumatized Janitor working in a mental health facility as he becomes the "angel of mercy" while his mind deteriorates and his personal life implodes.
Feature Drama, Horror For sale 100pp
Rage in the Cage by Raymond (Ray) Scanlon
After an apocalyptic outbreak, a desperate fighter must battle zombies and himself in a deadly underground cage match where more than just the odds are against him.
Feature Action, Adventure, Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi For sale 92pp
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Joseph by Ian Davies
A ragtag battalion of Polish soldiers must dig in around the home of a mysterious old man, as they await the onslaught of the Nazi SS, in the earliest days of World War 2.
Feature Adventure, Fantasy, War For sale 109pp
on the road by Pablo Cesar Mendez
Drinking and pummeling the dashboard under heartstrung recalls, reeling off the fog before the windshield eyeful a shadow aside a forgotten cemetery. He draw in, to meet a pallor face a bit confuse and afraid.
Feature Thriller For sale 144pp
Finding Forever by Kimberly Britt
Sparks fly when an idealistic psych student butts heads with a jaded introvert while doing research for her thesis on the origins of love and marriage.
Feature Comedy, Romance For sale 108pp
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Dutchess County by Michael De Sapio
Struggling writer Washington Irving goes on a journey of self-discovery through the Hudson River Valley, resulting in the creation of his two most famous tales.
Feature Biography, Drama, Fantasy, History For sale 106pp
The Tesla Loop by Gabriel Gambetta
Two scientists chosen specifically by Nikola Tesla in a letter from the past must complete a mission through time to save humanity.
Feature Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 110pp
Dick Black by Ashoka Chowta
A man hangs in there while he lives a troubled life.
Feature Fantasy, Horror For sale 1pp
Ethereal Vanity - We Are Legion by J. Quinzelle
REVISED JUNE 2019. The boy who surrendered his soul to a demon must fight for his life with the help of the last Catholic priest in a post-Armageddon world.
Feature Action, Adventure For sale 135pp
Philo by Eren Suzer
Ambitious Philo chases his dream to become a filmmaker since childhood, but his strict mother tries everything to push him away from the dream to become a doctor instead.
Feature Drama For sale 88pp
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The Balcony Boys by Jonathan Dula
Eight friends wake up the morning after a party and discover each other's personal demons throughout the day.
Feature Comedy, Drama For sale 87pp
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Bailing Back The Tide by Larkin Thompson
The good old days or the present, which is more important? Ten year old Emily only knew 'now' until her great grandfather took her on a hundred year journey through family history.
Feature Family For sale 84pp
Pottersville by John Maudlin
Christmas Eve:Ricky,redundant, separated and drunk, crashes his car and ends up in Pottersville, the nightmare town from his favourite film. Can Clarence the Angel get both Ricky and George Bailey home?
Feature Comedy, Drama, Fantasy For sale 91pp
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When the Dog Comes Home by Jeff Lewis Mr.
You're a feminist and somebody is trying to kill you but how can you find the killer when 93.4% of men (according to surveys) hate you? Every living Y-chromosome specimen is a suspect.
Feature Comedy For sale 106pp
The President's Dick by Corey Dowd
Following the assassination of a world leader, a Secret Service agent must protect the American President from a vengeful nine-year-old.
Feature Action, Comedy For sale 86pp
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Scar Tissue by Iannis Aliferis
A facially scarred woman roams the streets at night fighting crime but gets targeted by a fascist group of criminals who vow to destroy her, starting with her interracial romantic relationship.
Feature Action, Drama For sale 95pp
The Great Neptune Heist by Dale Swaby
Neptune may seem uninhabitable but technology provides answers into a universal progress that supply how we all get ahead. A collection of rogues make a plan for now.
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 100pp
Irma's Not Amused by Eric Chapman
A costume princess scandalizes the amusement park named after her when she tries to trash her image to spite her cheating Prince Charming.
Feature Comedy For sale 100pp
The Education of Adam Fisher by David McEwan
Adam Fisher, the man that every woman wants and every man would like to be, turns a routine boys' night out into one the guys will never forget.
Feature Comedy, Drama For sale 96pp
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The Fatal Heir by Nicholas Zingarelli
For Harry Townsend, murder is what dreams are made of. For his Father, Harry's dreams represent the nightmare of recognition. But for the ghost of Harry's murdered Mother, vengeance is all that matters.
Feature Adventure, Crime, Mystery, Romance, Thriller For sale 90pp
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Lost Aviators by Steven Yuskaitis
True events, great nephew of a B24 navigator lost during WWII over the Himalayans takes a journey to discover the heroes of the forgotten theater and a lost family treasure hidden deep within the jungle.
Feature Adventure, Drama, Family, History, War For sale 110pp
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Knees & Toes by Elvira Drake
An awkward taxidermist seeks revenge on her former bully. Body parts start turning up all around Memphis and a detective with her own tormented past seeks to connect the dots.
Feature Crime, Drama, Film-Noir, Horror, Thriller For sale 101pp
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Caught in Katonah by D Scott Mangione
Trapped because he has to support his family, an impoverished teen-aged boy in 1956 New York must earn money, a scholarship or a baseball contract to escape his small town existence.
Feature Drama For sale 120pp
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18% - Based on a True Story by Brandon M Freer
Marc has planned an ideal life but when Sara gives birth to a premature son, his controlling behavior rips apart their marriage. Marc must confront his troubled past to become a good father and husband.
Feature Drama, Family For sale 88pp
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Believer by B. S. Carter
After escaping the clutches of a killer, a traumatized survivor desperately tries to hang onto her sanity while helping police in the last twelve hours before the next promised victim.
Feature Thriller For sale 117pp
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