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Wish of a Spirit by SHIVANI SHARMA
The Spirit lures six friends into a small vacant room to complete their wishes. Hiding his identity and without using any powers, he has only one night to make them kill each other.
Feature Thriller For sale 118pp
Infinitia by Buters Gerthfeld
After losing his wife in an endless furniture store, a struggling writer must team up with a group of strangers living in Returns & Exchange to go on a Tolkienesque journey to find her.
Feature Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi For sale 92pp
Death Lives Here by Nicholas Zingarelli
When thugs crash your Halloween Party. Torture your girlfriend. And massacre your guests. As you try to save everyone. You'd think the party's over. But when the Grim Reaper's DJing. The party never dies.
Feature Horror For sale 95pp
Darkness Visible by David Balfe
Kes meets Pan's Labyrinth on a nightmare canal journey.
Feature Fantasy, Horror, Thriller For sale 107pp
Just Kill Me And I'll Be Fine by Nadia Meirovich
When her depressing life starts falling apart, a hard-boiled atheist Don Phoenix constantly fails to commit suicide as two brazen angels try to convince her to believe in god.
Feature Comedy For sale 82pp
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Zombie Park by Jerron Spencer
To keep their affair secret from a selfish billionaire, young lovers brave a dangerous new theme park where they discover that the living are as dangerous as the undead.
Feature Horror For sale 100pp
Sirian, an alien race, whom has the ability of interstellar traveling in space and even untied the mystery of the black hole phenomenon. What if one of them stumbles across Earth?
Feature Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi For sale 129pp
Recycle - a love story by Tony Curtis
When a Groupie shoots him, he wakes in a sterile world of recycling gone wrong. Where beautiful women create playthings for work and pleasure. To fall in love with his creator will kill him again.
Feature Fantasy, Film-Noir, Romance, Sci-Fi For sale 107pp
The King of Birds by Jason K. Allen
When a hapless birdwatcher learns that he is the son of Mother Nature and that she has fallen ill, he attempts to become a superhero and save the planet.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance For sale 101pp
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Knees & Toes by Elvira Drake
An awkward taxidermist seeks revenge on her former bully. Body parts start turning up all around Memphis and a detective with her own tormented past seeks to connect the dots.
Feature Crime, Drama, Film-Noir, Horror, Thriller For sale 101pp
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Bad Bargain by Richard Russell
To keep his dying wife alive, a mystery writer makes a bargain with a demon. Not all trades work out.
Feature Drama For sale 93pp
Mister Buttle’s Great Odyssey by Steve Garry
During the Great Depression, an old man wants his estate to go to someone needy, so he launches a quest with his trusted valet and his attorney in-disguise to find the perfect candidate.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Family For sale 108pp
Rematch by Antoine Mizel
A victim of child abuse, now an adult boxer, challenges his former tormentor to a fight.
Feature Action, Drama For sale 102pp
The Journal of Ezekiel Walker by John Zelenski
An ancient evil arises in a small, Pennsylvania town and threatens to devour its children unless one man can find the courage to unleash the powers of Heaven against the very soul of Hell.
Feature Adventure, Family, Horror, Mystery, Thriller For sale 88pp
R.H.E.T. by Clark Ransom
Eighteen years after the apocalypse, a boy raised underground by a robot makes his first human contact: a young girl running for her life.
Feature Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 101pp
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ZOMBIE, CA. the prequel by Rob Dunphy
The government genetically engineered a contagious mutant strain of radiological empowered, mind paralyzing rabies, stored in a super-secret California lab, until a father and son adventure goes awry.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 92pp
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A Creggan Journey by David Dinning
The Creggan Estates, Derry, Northern Ireland. A young artist, Kevin, looks to escape the violence and find peace on a Kibbutz in Israel. Fate has other plans.
Feature Drama, History For sale 104pp
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The Fallen by Robert Newton
As the forces of Heaven fall to darkness, the Archangel Michael is cast down to earth to save the last guardian of mankind from an unthinkable evil that threatens to swallow the world.
Feature Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller For sale 14pp
The Passion of Dreams by Nikki Lee
In a posh 18th Century society where image and reputation is everything, a spirited young woman meets a daring female landscape architect who will make her risk everything to be together.
Feature Drama, History, Romance For sale 200pp
Escoria (Human Waste) by Peter Turner
15 years after being sent as a child from Cuba by his parents, Nicolas returns to attend his father’s funeral. But ghosts of the past threaten to cause more anguish and danger for his future.
Feature Drama For sale 82pp
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Hot Stuff by Dan Guardino
The beautiful Tempe Walsh finds herself in the middle of kidnapping and murder, romance and a musical in Mumbai, India.
Feature Action, Adventure, Crime, Romance, Thriller For sale 97pp
The Boy Who Rejected Hitler by Gregory Lewis
A young German boy falls in love with a Jewish girl amidst a thriving swing culture and the impending Second World War that threatens to tear their world apart.
Feature Action, Drama, Family, History, Romance For sale 70pp
The Last Night by McDalan Francois
Be careful the choices that we make, as some choices, there are no coming back from.
Feature Thriller For sale 115pp
Snowflake by Julie Redfield Young
A playful puppy helps a little boy reunite his mom with her childhood sweetheart.
Feature Family For sale 80pp
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An Unsettled Hero by Nicholas Zingarelli
War is hell. And your enemy is the Devil. So you got to fight like the Devil to beat him. But what happens when you bring the Devil home with you?
Feature Adventure, Crime, Fantasy, Thriller, War For sale 91pp