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Glass House by Dan Guardino
The mysteries of Australia may just hold the answers mankind has been searching for when a scientist who studies the paranormal mysteries finds an obelisk of carved volcanic rock on sacred Aboriginal land.
Feature Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi For sale 101pp
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Incessant by Deepak Karamungikar
If you murdered someone in your dream, would you start looking for your victim in reality?
Feature Crime, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 93pp
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Hair Band by Lance Wallick
Reflecting on his days as a debaucherous rock star, an aging author must find a way to keep a promise that he made many years ago, or risk dying with a guilty conscience.
Feature Drama For sale 97pp
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The Final President by Doug Pike
When democracy becomes unworkable, Boyd Lamm, President of the United States, resorts to the unthinkable – returning America to a monarchy.
Feature Comedy, Drama For sale 106pp
Patches' Peril by Christine J. Whitlock
With the help of family and friends, a teenage runaway gains the confidence to rescue her two younger sisters from their abusive mother. Based on a true story.
Feature Biography, Drama, Family, Romance, Thriller For sale 85pp
Myth by John Maudlin
A family disturb an ancient evil lurking in The Badlands of South Dakota and seek the protection of an ancient good for their survival
Feature Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Thriller For sale 85pp
Encounter at Hopkinsville by Jerry Robbins
After a UFO descends upon a remote Kentucky farm, a world-weary farmer must defend his family against small alien creatures intent on capturing their investigative young son.
Feature Horror, Sci-Fi For sale 105pp
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Jelly Donuts by Johnny Francis Wolf
A Student teaches. A Teacher learns. A plastic knife cuts good.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance For sale 295pp
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King of the Winged Monkeys by David Wagner
A lonely 10-year-old boy in Kansas finds the mysterious relic that compels sinister flying monkeys to obey commands.
Feature Adventure, Family, Fantasy For sale 124pp
Vampire Teacher by J.E. Clarke
Four fifth grade friends are terrified when they begin to suspect their new teacher's a vampire. But when classmates start to vanish, the situation gets far worse! (Cowritten with Chris Shamburger.)
Feature Adventure For sale 120pp
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BIG *AMERICAN* FREE (female buddy comedy) by AC Maki
Two female German defectors desperately want to become Texans, but when they can’t secure the coveted, American “Express” card from a handsome Francophile in Paris, they risk their one chance to live Big, American, Free.
Feature Action, Comedy For sale 81pp
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Destiny's Divas 2 - Angel Of Mercy - Episode 2 by Ernie Johnson
D & D heads to the West Coast. Destiny finds the skeletal bones of a young girl in Seattle and her elite team works with an (FBI agent).
Feature Crime, Drama, Fantasy For sale 119pp
FORGIVE NOT by Paul Owens
Unable to forgive. A psychologically damaged investigator's life spirals out of control as he decides to use the person he despises most in the world as bait to catch a serial killer.
Feature Action For sale 95pp
Deep State by Marcus Pinto
A sheltered US government interpreter, falsely accused of being a Russian spy, must expose a nuclear conspiracy that threatens millions while being the target of an international manhunt led by a shady mercenary.
Feature Action, Thriller For sale 92pp
The Jihadist's Opera by Sal Kapoor
A born-again Christian is set to move to Ireland but receives cryptic messages from a stranger which threaten to reveal his past and destroy his family life.
Feature Drama, Thriller For sale 95pp
The Strangers 3 by Daniel Viglietti
"The Three Strangers Return.... Reborn"
Feature Horror For sale 76pp
The Cursed by Gunel Huseynova
Betrayed and forsaken Lynn Logan succesfully escapes from the women's prison with two fellow inmates seeking overt retribution.
Feature Crime, Drama For sale 136pp
The Boy Who Rejected Hitler by Gregory Lewis
A young German boy falls in love with a Jewish girl amidst a thriving swing culture and the impending Second World War that threatens to tear their world apart.
Feature Action, Drama, Family, History, Romance For sale 70pp
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Damsel by J.C. Young
The junkie girlfriend of a Latin mobster is on the run when the family thinks she’s a snitch.
Feature Thriller For sale 95pp
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First Dance by Rick Hansberry
A DJ meets a girl that could be ‘the one' but his former girlfriend reappears. Should he play a classic or try something new? In music and love – it all comes down to timing.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Music, Romance For sale 114pp
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The Stonecarver by Rob Barkan
Deep under Manhattan a vision-haunted Native American tunnel worker and his sandhog crew unearth an ancient time-warping pyramid that threatens to destroy the city.
Feature Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 117pp
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The Whistleblower by Samuel Blue Gibson
Wanted by the US and UK, two rival whistleblowers are exiled in the same cramped room of Panama's London embassy-- until Panama realizes just how much their Knightsbridge real estate is worth.
Feature Comedy For sale 117pp
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Ultimatus by Grace Nguyen
In a world with powerful, elemental weapons; one young girl goes on a quest to retrieve one such weapon with one of the sons of a tyrant who killed her brother.
Feature Action, Fantasy For sale 92pp
Nuclear One by Michael Toay
Small-town sheriff Lee Hammond must save his girlfriend and the entire town of Russellville, Arkansas from a well-armed anti-government terrorist who plans to cause a catastrophic meltdown at the Nuclear One power plant.
Feature Action, Thriller For sale 109pp
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Policy N by Dare Kent
Arrested for rudeness, and thrown into a secret government rehab facility to teach him to play nice, a slacker must rally his fellow inmates to escape or wind up a mindless, politically correct drone.
Feature Adventure, Comedy For sale 95pp