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Julie by Stephen Cottage
An exploration of conductor Julian's disastrous marriage, torrid affair, dubious proclivities, and his relationship with a wheelchair-bound blind woman.
Feature Drama, Romance For sale 83pp
ABDUCTION by Dale Gillespie
Reality and fiction combine to create a fantastic adventure for a Hollywood screenwriter.
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 110pp
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Haunt Me No More by Anthony Fertino
A family must survive after escaping an actually haunted house. It was constructed by a traveling murderer, who uses every Halloween to purge the demons that haunt him onto innocent visitors instead.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 89pp
Seahorse Cove by Randy White
The daughter of an ocean researcher befriends a life size seahorse who has emerged from another world under the sea.
Feature Animation, Family, Fantasy, Sci-Fi For sale 105pp
Horace Bell by Steven Wayne Knight
Two men fueled by their own justifiable vengeance, Horace Bell and Juan Flores cross purposes as dual protagonists seeking 1850s California as the prize.
Feature Biography, Drama, Romance, War, Western For sale 94pp
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Hunter by ShaDon Manigault
A grandfather tells the dark and grisly story of his life before his death.
Feature Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller For sale 125pp
Salvatore: Arcus Iudicium Part II by Stefano Pavone
5 years after defeating the Sol Federation, Salvatore Pasquale and ARCUS are plunged into a conflict against the Majestic 12-inspired organisation DIVIETO, who are intent on using Miranda Ekerot for their own clandestine plans.
Feature Action, Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller Available for Free 105pp
W.W. III by David Murphy
This drama takes current events to show how the war between the United States and radical terrorist is being played out. As WWI was fought differently than WWII, WWIII is a war yet undefined.
Feature Drama, Family, Thriller, War For sale 86pp
Wild soldiers and the Neanderthal by Tobias Nchindo
When ecologically aggressive Neanderthal arrives in the rain forest of Anakoka (Ape land), king Mundjita (orangutan) ruler of four species of great apes is pushed towards the tipping point.
Feature Action, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Sci-Fi For sale 94pp
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Tinseltown by John Etterlee
A small town guy from Alabama moves to Los Angeles to overcome his shyness and pursue his dream of stardom; instead, he meets the girl of his dreams.
Feature Comedy, Drama For sale 102pp
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Renaissance by Oscar Moreno
In a dystopian future, two astronauts must travel to space to seek human refugees and the works of art they may have taken with them to recover Earth's culture.
Feature Adventure, Sci-Fi For sale 100pp
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Bad Ivory by Phil Mitchell
Trained by the British SAS, nine volunteers are sent on a covert mission to kill Elephant poachers. But when the British Government pulls the plug on the operation it turns into something more sinister.
Feature Action For sale 97pp
Travel Centre by Richard Hudson
Tonight, werewolves, ghosts, vampires, killers, and general scum of the Earth will all cross paths at a run-down Travel Centre, and tricks and treats will take a back seat to bloody violence and terror.
Feature Horror For sale 105pp
A Happy Life by Art D'Alessandro
A slightly slow but lovable, hardworking man who communicates with pelicans and smiley-face balloons takes drastic measures to shake loose his houseful of freeloaders to pursue his dream.
Feature Comedy, Drama For sale 107pp
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The blacc rose family by Bernard Mersier
Twenty years after witnessing the murder of his mother, a man returns not just for vengeance, but to carry on his mother’s drug empire.
Feature Drama For sale 137pp
Friendly by Jackson Gary
Matthew is sent to boarding school and ends up meeting the kind of friends he's never had.
Feature Comedy, Drama For sale 101pp
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Bollywood Dragon by Ben Trebilcook
Informed that her twin sister has been killed in Mumbai, a young woman decides to impersonate her, discovering a violent underworld beneath the glamorous, model lifestyle she once had.
Feature Action For sale 109pp
The Non Existing Loot by Wal Friman
A creative genius of a crime gang decides to go straight, with the consequence that his partners start demanding their share of a non existing loot.
Feature Crime, Thriller Available for Free 100pp
Abby by Gilbert Cuevas
Doctors race to save a five-year-old before her synthetic genes transform her into a monster.
Feature Horror For sale 92pp
Cuckoo by Ba Kiwanuka
After the suicide-death of her son a psychiatrist seeking redemption fosters a traumatized kid which unleashes a series of terrifying events that almost destroy her family.
Feature Drama, Horror, Thriller For sale 99pp
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Rudolph by Rob McNeil
A depressed college graduate resorts to desperate measures to resolve his financial problems when his best friend convinces him to embark on a daring heist.
Feature Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama, Thriller For sale 91pp
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Rose by John Wilkins
A disturbed, rejected man will further complicate a love triangle.Blinded by jealousy, he talks to his rival´s agressive wife who tries to fight for her husband but something goes tragicaly wrong.
Feature Thriller For sale 110pp
Shots by Max Hoven
Two young roommates drunkenly kill their neighbor and struggle to hide the evidence as people keep arriving to their apartment for a surprise birthday party.
Feature Comedy, Crime, Horror For sale 100pp
Charon of Vilna by Rimgaudas Kiliulis
SS officer saves Jewish gold found decades after the WWII by a couple in Vilnius what leads to their persecution by court.
Feature Drama Available for Free 92pp
The Jihadist's Opera by Sal Kapoor
A born-again Christian is set to move to Ireland but receives cryptic messages from a stranger which threaten to reveal his past and destroy his family life.
Feature Drama, Thriller For sale 95pp