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Spartans/Redwing by Steve Rouse
James Spartan, perform jobs which governments can't authorize. A raid on a U.S. UK cargo ship, of Malacca straights, turns into a global investigation bringing in Spartans men
Feature Action For sale 120pp
Duck Soup by Ben Clifford
A young boy's life is complicated as he develops a crush on his irresponsible mother's new boyfriend, right around the time his addict father returns from rehab.
Feature Comedy, Drama Available for Free 80pp
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Post Trauma by Susan Elaine Smith
After discovering her husband has a secret life in organized crime, a wife must flee and stay in shelters.
Feature Drama For sale 92pp
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Stacey by Steve Hanisch
When an awkward young man recruits his lesbian best friend for help in his pursuit of the older woman of his dreams...when he finds out he wants differently after all.
Feature Adventure, Comedy For sale 103pp
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Hail Mary by Brian Weston
Joby is convinced his superstition of saying the Hail Mary has helped Liverpool win many trophies , will his beliefs and superstitions help him when his Dad dies and turns his world upside down .
Feature Biography, Drama, Family For sale 126pp
Climb by Jerry Robbins
Magically transported to the perilous world of their own Christmas tree, a brother and sister race to find the Star Angel before morning sunbeams freeze them into ornaments.
Feature Adventure, Animation, Family, Musical For sale 109pp
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THE VULTURES by Eric Dickson
A crew of graveyard ghouls invade the consciences of a guilty cop involved in a hit and run and a troubled teen mourning the loss of his parents to a traffic fatality.
Feature Horror For sale 98pp
Deliver Us From Evil by Clint Williams
A war-weary knight home from the Crusade is forced to fight again as he leads his comrades and a motley band of refugees in a battle for survival against an army of the undead.
Feature Horror For sale 100pp
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Impasse by John Staats
Ambushed and besieged, a US Cavalry Command struggles for survival until reinforcements arrive. It's a Wild West 'Black Hawk Down' in 1879.
Feature Action, Biography, History, War, Western For sale 98pp
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The Body Shop by Joshua Boultwood-Neale
Two lowlife, cannibalistic brothers have their addiction- and their fraternity- pushed to the limit, when a female city slicker moves in as lodger.
Feature Comedy, Horror For sale 120pp
Banks & Llamas Cattle Co. by Kristen Butler
When a notorious con man's teenage son is tried for crimes committed by his father, the con man teams up with a retired sheriff for an action-packed week to set things to right.
Feature Western For sale 101pp
Assassin's Confessor by Allen Buice
A young college professor has one chance to bring his ambassador father's killer to justice by extracting a confession from a trained assassin.
Feature Action For sale 97pp
A Portrait Of The Serial Killer As A Young Man by Rhonnie Fordham
Hiding from her abusive husband, a troubled woman and her rebellious daughter stay at a remote motel where they meet an attractive yet suspicious male clerk.
Feature Crime, Horror For sale 85pp
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The Extraterrestrial Highway by Steve Sorenson
Klaatu's grand-daughter and her earthling female drinking buddy, a Paiute Indian, battles meat eating aliens and now they must somehow prevent the earth from being reduced to a burnt-out cinder.
Feature Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 120pp
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BEYOND US by Jordan Tate
Captive on a twin-eath a cosmonaut tries to flee the experiements he's victim of.
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 102pp
The Girl, The Ogre & The Boy Dressed As Hitler by Patrick McConnell
Gabriel is a dysfunctional, hallucinating assassin; the result of a military experiment gone wrong. He has one last job, then he has to run.
Feature Action, Comedy, Crime, Horror For sale 104pp
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The 13th round by Mike Boss
Fueled by inner demons and pure blind hatred, a boxer stumbles down the path of self-destruction until transcendental guidance from a female boxing trainer transforms his heart and his entire worldview.
Feature Action, Drama, Sport For sale 106pp
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Tornado Rider Rhodes by stevie T
Destiny’s a bitch, especially if you’re the chosen one fated to save the world from Nazis and ninjas using your superpowers, the only problem, figuring out how to summon those powers since you never studied.
Feature Action, Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi, War For sale 130pp
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The Girl From Hicksville Finds Herself by Peter Gartner
You get out of Hicksville to find your Ease Spot, where you can be yourself.
Feature Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Family, Fantasy For sale 74pp
CRY NO MORE by Craig Mellinger
A young bounty hunter struggles to fight battles both past and present, leaving a path of destruction in her wake.
Feature Western For sale 92pp
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The Devil of Felman's Peak by Tommy Garcia
When a struggling couple and their autistic daughter attempt a mountain getaway, they must unite as a family to escape a madman who may be possessed by the ghost of a Civil War soldier.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 106pp
Space Fish by Hank Biro
A one-armed young man obsesses over becoming an astronaut after a final discussion with his girlfriend, and turns to criminal actions to fulfill his desire after the space agency rejects him.
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 74pp
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Bob & Ray by Michael De Sapio
The story of the legendary satirical comedy team of Bob Elliott and Ray Goulding, from their unlikely beginnings on Boston radio after World War II to their triumphant comeback on Broadway in 1970.
Feature Biography, Comedy, Drama For sale 60pp
Disciple by R.L. Galbraith
When a female Afro-American FBI agent chases down a dangerous psychopath, considered the devil in the flesh, it’s apparent the evil he unleashes is so horrific, it sends shivers down the spines of the wicked.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 89pp
Blue Christmas by Nicholas Zingarelli
Sid’s brother dies after he puts him in a coma while protecting his mother. Now he’s gotta survive paying his brother’s debt to a gangster by pulling a diamond caper with a psycho-killer rodeo clown.
Feature Crime For sale 116pp