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Story & Logistics
Dirty Real, The Bukowski Biopic by Phillip Hardy
A boy raised in an abusive home, avoids the draft, becomes a postal worker, serial womanizer, gambler and alcoholic and one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century; but not before his jealous girlfriend tries to run him over.
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The Caller by Matthew Mosley
With no help around for miles, two young women fight to stay alive when a killer from their past calls from outside the house, then tries to get inside.
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Offline by Gary Rowlands
When a bed-ridden teen discovers his online crush has been murdered, he investigates her death, leading him on a hunt to stop her killer - before the serial psychopath strikes again.
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HORRORible Art by Tony De Lombardo
A group of teens travel to a cabin where they accidently spawn savage creatures.
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Partners In Crime by Rodney Bradley
Busted for smuggling drugs to bankroll their flight home, two spring breakers escape jail time by becoming snitches for a DEA agent, in order to take down a Mexican drug lord.
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Vegging Out by J.E. Clarke
A college girl and her friends take a vow to go veggie - and quickly discover that the lifestyle is wilder--and more complicated--than it seemed at first glance.
Feature For sale 108pp
Dumbheadz by Steve Garry
A teenage supermarket clerk, his slacker co-workers, and their incredibly cantankerous supervisor battle a horde of zombies that invade the store.
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Malicious Intent by Mike Briock
An incessant and unstoppable psychotic parole violator turns the tables on a female deputy parole officer and two detectives who are assigned to apprehend him. He goes after them with unimaginable deadly vengeance.
Feature For sale 95pp
The Journey by Linda Bean
As Americans we are all born with indisputable rights, is The Right To Die one of them?
Feature For sale 112pp
Glamazons by Cynthia Garbutt
"Girls" just are - fabulicious! Four cat-fighting "realness" drag queens get the last minute chance to fulfil their dreams on a whirlwind tour of the US.
Feature For sale 160pp
Therapist of the Year by Gregory Mandarano
A marriage counselor's quest for the coveted therapist of the year award gets jeopardized when the world's worst couple blackmails her over her husband's affair.
Feature For sale 116pp
In God We Trust by Gabriel Bush
An anti-religious extremist, seeking revenge for a lifetime of pain, gains an unlikely ally in his pursuit to destroy the Catholic Church.
Feature For sale 97pp
Vampire Age by Shane Grant
Earth is populated by vampires rather than humans, for upon becoming an adult it is mandatory. Aside from drinking blood and cold bodies, life is relatively unchanged, however there are some who refuse to relinquish their humanity and have created...
Feature For sale 117pp
Infamy by 6String Mercenary
Chinese Government Officials decide to use their Prison population as unwilling organ donors - all they need are skilled, corrupt surgeons to perform the work...until it comes crashing down.
Feature For sale 88pp
Xeno by Tony De Lombardo
An alien travels to Earth to destroy it, but changes his mind when he falls in love with an Earthling.
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Life, Death, Lager and Lies by Anthony Hudson
A family funeral brings up memories that some didn't know, and others would rather forget.
Feature For sale 92pp
Bleeding & Chuckling by Wal Friman
A creative genius of a crime gang decides to go straight, with the consequence that his partners start demanding their share of a non existing loot.
Feature Free (subject to permission) 100pp
Atomic Dummies by Steve Garry
Good-hearted but disaster-prone teens take jobs setting up mannequins for atom bomb testing in Nevada in 1955, leading to a weekend they won't forget.
Feature For sale 109pp
Black Butterflies by Karen Hardin
An African American female version of The Skull and Bones secret society targets a corporate climber who lies about her heritage to join their exclusive club.
Feature For sale 120pp
Her Soul Intention by Linda Hullinger
A mischievous ten-year-old soul is given three days on Earth to stop her mother from marrying the wrong man, but first she must borrow a comatose body and persuade a guilt-ridden musician to help her.
Feature For sale 117pp
One Way Tickets by John Hunter
A retired combat veteran leads misfits and discount heroes to the Dominican Republic to free his kidnapped brother.
Feature For sale 76pp
New Beginnings by Linda Bean
A struggling contractor collides with a local Director when his mother passes and he inherits an unknown sister that lives in a local institution, and the place she calls home is thought to be abusive. The journey to save her creates many new...
Feature Free (subject to permission) 112pp
Arzamas-16 by Steve Garry
In 1949, a war-weary Soviet army colonel and a by-the-book NKVD agent go into action when communications from the top secret bomb-making city go dead just days after the country tests its first atom bomb.
Feature For sale 116pp
The Christmas Pageant by Richard Gustason
A man has lost his Christmas spirit due to a tragic event has been asked to run a church pageant. Can he pull it off or will the past ruin it?
Feature For sale 55pp
End of the Line by Kris Simonian
A charming, former Union soldier with a history of violence arrives in a small town on the verge of a violent revolt between a corrupt railroad official and the townspeople.
Feature For sale 97pp