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Story & Logistics
Transgate by J.E. Clarke
James Kelman has a unique job - alien linguist for the S.S. Asimov, isolated on the outskirts of Saturn. As tensions build, Kelman and the crew face obstacles on all sides. Can the crew of the Asimov find middle ground, before the situation...
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 108pp
The Ghost Inside Me by Elizabeth H. Vu
After moving to a secluded mansion, a guilt-ridden artist with a fear of intimacy is plagued with visions of its ominous past. As she delves deeper into the mystery surrounding the place, her partner becomes possessed by the late owner – a cruel...
Feature Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller For sale 88pp
The Molniya Sanction by Anthony Dionisio
A retired astronaut must save seven world leaders trapped inside of a crippled space station before it crashes to Earth.
Feature Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi For sale 90pp
Momentum by Dan O'Sullivan
A shape-shifting alien stranded on Earth arranges for an escape ship with his race responsible for leaving him in exchange for a girl who holds the key to their survival in an interplanetary war.
Feature Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi For sale 108pp
Deadwater by Omid Abrams
A family must fight for survival after a pair of psychopathic brothers take them hostage on a yacht in the middle of the sea.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 85pp
For the Love of Erica by Kyle Williamson
Daughter lay in a coma, used as a pawn…tortured, brutalized in a test the sins of the father repaid upon the daughter
Feature Drama For sale 251pp
Smooth Flowing Ash by Shane Grant
A young black officer struggling to stop a drug epidemic in his neighborhood is kidnapped and forced into a test by a government agency looking to recruit him. They exist to stop the same drugs and other inner city problems on larger scale, but...
Feature Action, Crime, Drama For sale 123pp
Phase I by Mark Derbas
A renowned psychologist teams up with police to help solve a bizarre kidnapping case. Her patient: the only victim to have escaped the abductor.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 100pp
Mila's Shadow by John Serafinko
A former assassin comes out of retirement to protect a girl hunted by the same breed of killers he once was.
Feature Action, Crime, Thriller For sale 110pp
A Dead Good Idea by Anthony Hudson
When money's tight, a young man will do anything for cash, even if it means digging up things he shouldn't.
Feature Comedy For sale 98pp
A Superhero's Past by Tony De Lombardo
Two older men travel back in time and give their younger selves super powers in a bottle.
Feature Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Drama For sale 95pp
Again by Tony De Lombardo
An arrogant twenty-something-year-old gets a spell put on him that causes him to repeat certain situations throughout his day.
Feature Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance For sale 98pp
Mission to Borroloola by Steve Garry
When a negative bio-sample is uncovered 25 years after a pandemic brought Mankind to the brink, a doctor leads her team into unknown territory to retrieve a survivor who may no longer even be alive.
Feature Action, Horror, Romance, Sci-Fi For sale 109pp
Taken Away by Art D'Alessandro
Two very different 16 year-olds are snatched from separate states and brought to a mountain hideaway by an unlikely kidnapper and his mother, who's fresh out of prison and terminal.
Feature Drama, Thriller For sale 108pp
Highgate by Jordan Tate
In London 1970 at the height of sexual liberation, a mysterious entity terrifies the inhabitants of Highgate, plunging the village back into antique superstitions. Two opponents : A paranormal investigator and an anti- conformist priest- exorcist...
Feature Fantasy, Horror, Thriller For sale 122pp
221bCAUSE by Ben Trebilcook
A former NYPD officer working at 221b Baker St, receives letters to Sherlock Holmes. She discovers one letter from the President of the United States' son, who has been kidnapped and takes up the case.
Feature Crime For sale 105pp
Planet Rock by CJ Walley
After accidentally shooting a visitor to Earth in self defense, a hip hop loving fast-food worker tries to hide him from the CIA while moulding him into the perfect boyfriend.
Feature Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller For sale 101pp
Bricks of Glory by Alison Parker
In the fast-rising sport of Bricklaying, an anti-doping agent must reunite with her father, a disgraced former champion, to take down his longtime nemesis and expose the ringleader in a massive doping scandal.
Feature Action, Comedy, Sport For sale 102pp
Thy Enemy by Brett Martin
After learning his estranged brother is a rogue spy, a disgraced FBI cadet becomes a fugitive to stop his sibling from detonating an experimental nuke in New York City.
Feature Action, Thriller For sale 112pp
Angela and Claire by Danial Couch
A woman holds her lover captive forcing an unwanted pregnancy.
Feature Crime, Drama, Family, Thriller For sale 116pp
"The Maneuver" by Matthew Emma
A tormented Socialite fights to prove her innocence after a wealthy industrialist frames her for causing a fatal car wreck.
Feature Drama For sale 112pp
lazy reason by Dwhyte star
A criminal seeks revenge against those he was most loyal to, and redemption for those he wronged
Feature Action, Crime, Drama For sale 96pp
The Undefeatable Penny by Steve Garry
A chronically unemployed young woman who dreams of a better life struggles to remain positive even as everything around her goes badly.
Feature Comedy, Drama For sale 104pp
Photographic Evidence by William Hodges
A young, New York City amateur private eye struggles to bring down a ruthless kingpin in the sinister world of illicit human body parts trafficking.
Feature Mystery, Thriller For sale 95pp
The Legend of Bat Johnson by Deen Gill
Bartholomew Johnson, a black American cowboy, is wary when a stranger shows up at his ranch and offers him a “can’t miss” six-shooter, but is fascinated by the gun's accuracy. Now Bartholomew (Bat) must decide if his new gun (and his ability)...
Feature Action, Western For sale 93pp