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Detective Priest by Denny Dirksen
A streetwise priest reverts to some unholy behavior from his former life as a Green Beret to find an old army buddy kidnapped by a sinister V.A. psychiatrist.
Feature Comedy For sale 89pp
The Settlers by Reid Eccles
In an apocalyptic world a family settles off the grid, but when a band of punks arrive a sheltered, teenaged girl must save herself from being sold into a dystopian sex-trade.
Feature Action, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 134pp
Kashmantou by Ernie Johnson
Rebecca Buckwell's brother was missing in a place called the Kashmantou, a jungle in South Africa, and it was her desire to go there in search of her twin brother Kevin.
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 103pp
Witches & Warlocks by Max Wilson
Three generations of witches team up with three generations of warlocks in order to break a curse that has plagued both of their dysfunctional families for hundreds of years.
Feature Comedy, Drama For sale 107pp
Ash Wednesday by Joe Kordzi
A team of Russian scientists and Chechen terrorists unleash a bioweapon during Mardi Gras.
Feature Action, Thriller For sale 126pp
Haunted by horrible dreams, a medium races against time to save her best friend from a serial killer who uses online chats to steal people's identities and create a new personality with their body parts.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 119pp
THE GHOST IN MY ROOM by Eric Dickson
A single mother and her teen daughter move to a new home where they are tormented nightly by a crew of evil delinquents bent on offering the young girl to a blood thirsty incubus.
Feature Horror For sale 90pp
Baby Blue by Rhonnie Fordham
After tracking down an iconic rapper long believed to be dead, a documentary filmmaker unravels a conspiracy that threatens the lives of both her and the rapper.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 113pp
Grizzled combat veteran Whitlock and computer hacker Munz are ordered to locate and shut down an army of military droids programmed as experts in guerilla warfare.
Feature Action, Sci-Fi For sale 90pp
Ascension by Matthew Waters
A young man is lured off-world to a distant desert planet, where he learns he is the only member of the human race who can right the great wrong an alien race dealt humanity.
Feature Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi For sale 116pp
Good Boys by D.C. Copeland
Two clueless private dicks caught up in planning a daughter's wedding while on a case, discover a secret as big as the "Da vinci Code."
Feature Action, Comedy, Romance, Thriller For sale 120pp
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The Janitor by Matthew Blackburn
Mob rib breaker turned high school janitor seeks to redeem his violent past by mentoring a young girl, but when drugs and gangs overrun her school, he must risk his cover to clean it up.
Feature Crime, Drama For sale 110pp
The Wife & Death of Hank Williams Sr. by Mat Raymond
The true story of Audrey Mae Sheppard, the sole inspiration and primary driving force behind history's greatest country & western artist.
Feature Biography, Comedy, Drama, History, Music For sale 117pp
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Dead Kisses by Jesse Jamieson
A neo-western/noir tale of small town vengeance in Lost City, America.
Feature Mystery, Western For sale 93pp
White Corvette by Robert Cole
Baby boomer siblings get a second chance at life and love.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Romance, Sport For sale 108pp
Legacy by Steven Brown
Six different African Americans in six different time periods must overcome tremendous obstacles in order to pass down their legacy.
Feature Drama, History, Horror, Romance, Sci-Fi For sale 85pp
The Beginning of The End and The End by David Lambertson
A series of sophomoric pranks erupt when an arrogant divorce lawyer moves into an office next door to a strong willed marriage counselor. A building fire interrupts their battles and inadvertently sparks a relationship.
Feature Comedy, Romance For sale 118pp
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Where we stand by Sarans Pandey
The death of a mother strains the relationship between the surviving father and son as they go their own separate ways in a failed attempt to make sense of the frustrating reality.
Feature Drama, Family For sale 74pp
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Pretense by Richard Russell
To fulfill a contract, a private investigator must revisit the places he swore he would never see again.
Feature Thriller For sale 89pp
Lost Girls by Wes Jones
A hemophiliac searching for a cure finds it when she joins a sorority, but discovers they are hunting her family for past crimes.
Feature Action, Crime, History, Horror, Thriller For sale 107pp
Between Floors by Bradford N. Smith
An earthquake traps six strangers in the middle of a murder mystery fraught with disaster when their elevator is wedged between two floors.
Feature Thriller For sale 75pp
Code Red. by Steven Brockwell
A rescue diver, becomes trapped inside a cave while cliff hanging. He soon finds out what it’s like to be on the other end of the stick, when he is the one that needs rescuing.
Feature Adventure, Drama, Family For sale 87pp
The Chickens Are Coming! by Rick Garrison
Citizens of a small town become convinced they are under attack by a horde of giant, genetically-mutated, flesh-eating chickens!
Feature Action, Adventure, Comedy For sale 110pp
Till Death Do Us Part by Derek Hutchins
A newly married woman begins to suspect that her husband is involved in a local series of murders after she discovers that he has been lying to her about his past.
Feature Thriller For sale 99pp
People around the city are being abducted by what appear to be alien beings driving super fast cars.
Feature Action For sale 95pp