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Story & Logistics
Strange Smells in Dusty Hallways by J.E. Clarke
Sometimes, possession isn't the worst danger from ghosts...
Short Comedy Available for Free 5pp
The Hunter Hunted by Tina Balli
A girl who thinks her boyfriend is cheating, gets a frightening surprise when she sees the truth.
Short Horror Available for Free 5pp
Some Things Last A Long Time by Ben Clifford
Thirty years after his sister disappeared, a family man has a lot to say when she suddenly re-appears.
Short Family Available for Free 6pp
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My Race Has It Harder Than Yours by Michael Piccard
A small group of college students challenge racial stereotypes during a discussion on race in order to figure out which race has it harder in America.
Short Comedy Available for Free 12pp
Good Morning Sunshine by Matthew Portman
A woman struggles to gather her bearings after a crazy night in a hotel suite.
Short Comedy, Mystery Available for Free 2pp
Tube by Toby McShane
On a short trip between Finsbury Park and Leicester Square, a jaded, gentrified Middle-Englander must navigate the social politics and unwritten etiquette of the London Underground, and his own crippling millennial anxiety issues.
Short Comedy Available for Free 13pp
Two Kooks in a Kitchen by Ian J. Courter
Oil and water truly do not mix... even in cooking, but the morning show must go on.
Short Comedy Available for Free 9pp
Movie Store by Daniel Kemp
A magical DVD store transports it’s down and out store clerk into the worlds of it’s movies.
Short Comedy, Drama Available for Free 9pp
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Touche by David Lambertson
A young man discovers that the only cure for his phobia is vengeance.
Short Drama Available for Free 12pp
He Dies Alone by Warren Duncan
An estranged father makes the most final decision.
Short Drama Available for Free 5pp
2 readers love this script
En Garde! by Josh McDonald
You know what they say about those who live by the sword ...
Short Action, Adventure, Comedy Available for Free 2pp
A Mother's Burden by Chris Keaton
A police officer responding to a noise complaint discovers the disturbing fate of a woman dealing with a demon.
Short Horror Available for Free 6pp
Therapy for Future Improvement by Jurij Fedorov
An Asian American house wife goes to couples therapy with her husband to talk about her culture shock. But there is a deep twist on the tale.
Short Mystery Available for Free 8pp
Casualty of War by J.E. Clarke
On a routine drug bust, Officer Janice Mitchell kills her first suspect. Then she gets to know him...face to face. An exploration re: the War on Drugs - with a supernatural twist.
Short Horror Available for Free 23pp
1 reader loves this script
The Terms of Service by Martin Samoylov
Four moviegoers attempt to stop a cashier from doing split transactions with MoviePass cards.
Short Comedy Available for Free 3pp
A Damned Fate by Navid Mehraban
The life of a benevolent witch is imperilled after her courageous act backfires...
Short Drama, Fantasy Available for Free 8pp
Eye for An Eye by J.E. Clarke
Two attorneys battle over the fate of four men, accused of rape and murder. But in the future, what does perfect justice entail?
Short Drama, Sci-Fi Available for Free 6pp
5 readers love this script
Waiting For Tony by Craig Thomas
A two criminals wait for the aforementioned Tony, they discuss what the future holds.
Short Crime Available for Free 3pp
1 reader loves this script
The Horse Man by Simon Wilkinson
A paraplegic man who dreams of a better future for himself sees all his wishes come true following an unorthodox surgical procedure.
Short Fantasy Available for Free 7pp
Where The Wild Thyme Grows by Steve Miles
A curious young boy stirs the ire of a local witch when he stumbles upon a long buried treasure.
Short Drama, Horror, Mystery Available for Free 10pp
The Long Man by J.M. O'Farrell
Two acquaintances mark time in a yellow house discussing war, old times, and women.
Short Drama Available for Free 9pp
Grady (The Last Dog) by J.E. Clarke
An old woman takes her dog on a walk... triggering her neighborhood's trip down memory lane.
Short Drama Available for Free 6pp
Unmasking Stella by Fausto Lucignani
A lonely clubber and a boinkable woman spend an unwonted night together.
Short Comedy Available for Free 7pp
Stayin' Alive by J.E. Clarke
You know what they say. Vampires and Disco don't mix.
Short Horror Available for Free 6pp
The Best Candidates by J.E. Clarke
When the colonists for a new world are chosen - what are the crucial traits to select?
Short Sci-Fi Available for Free 6pp