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Guilt Trip by John Staats
A short fare across town turns into a guilt trip down memory lane.
Short Drama, Thriller Available for Free 8pp
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Necessary Evil by Adam Rocke
A child must commit a terrible crime to keep an even greater atrocity from occurring.
Short Sci-Fi, Thriller Available for Free 5pp
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Little Fart by Bradford N. Smith
A shy little girl farts ghosts who help her cope with a school bully and same-sex crush.
Short Animation, Family Available for Free 8pp
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Wreckage by Kris Thompson
In the aftermath of a catastrophic accident, two survivors cling to each other for survival.
Short Drama Available for Free 13pp
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Divine Retribution by Naz Bader
A man on death row who can't die gets visited by a priest who tries to make him accept the truth.
Short Drama Available for Free 10pp
Change of Guard by J.E. Clarke
They say that AI could be the death of humanity. Perhaps the reverse is true?
Short Sci-Fi Available for Free 5pp
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Pocatello by Janine Annett
After an outrageous concert, a town tries to ban rock n' roll. But one young woman won't let it happen. She and her friends save rock n' roll in Pocatello, Idaho.
Short Comedy, Drama Available for Free 13pp
Inside ( Or Hope) by sepehr Golmakani
A shocking tale of the life of the little boy and the little girl in an arrogant and brutal country.
Short Drama, War Available for Free 7pp
Blue No Matter Who by J.E. Clarke
In 2032, two women wait in line to vote for POTUS. But in the future, slippery slopes hurt! (A political satire on the concept of lesser evils.)
Short Drama Available for Free 5pp
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The Disappearing Trick by Jurij Fedorov
A student comes into conflict with her teacher. He seems to have something that can make him win the fight by weird means.
Short Mystery Available for Free 8pp
The Corpuscle by Matthew Portman
A light particle travels through space and muses on the things it encounters as well as the fleeting moments that pass it by.
Short Animation, Comedy, Family Available for Free 5pp
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Aphasia by Javier Torregrosa
Rob suddenly finds it hard to speak. He believes he's understood. But the words he thinks he's saying, aren't what people hear.
Short Comedy, Drama Available for Free 5pp
A single gay man finds love, with help from an old-fashioned source - his Father.
Short Action, Romance Available for Free 6pp
Poisonous Affair by Jurij Fedorov
A man decides to go his own way in life instead of staying at home with his girlfriend. But something is amiss, why is his health getting worse?
Short Mystery, Romance Available for Free 8pp
Butchery Bakery by David A. Lloyd
Sometimes you get pushed to far and you - DING - the hot cross buns are ready.
Short Comedy, Horror, Romance, Thriller Available for Free 26pp
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Wild Gingers Wine by Darren Seeley
For their annual party in the forest, three women break in a new but reluctant member into the inner circle by drinking the blood of her boyfriend.
Short Horror Available for Free 11pp
One Summer Night by Cesar Saldana
Two kids attempt to rescue a man that has been imprisoned in the trunk of a car.
Short Adventure, Horror Available for Free 7pp
Azért is..! (Despite everything..!) by Alan C. Baird
Even though this European nation has existed for more than a thousand years, over 70% of the country "vanished" after World War One. Today, the exiles' great-great-great-grandkids still think in Magyar.
Short Adventure, Animation, History Available for Free 11pp
Ken by Darren Seeley
An obsessive medical student conducts an experiment that will win her ex-boyfriend back even after death.
Short Horror Available for Free 10pp
Past + Future by Max Hechtman
A 19 year old receives two phone calls, one from the future and one from the past. They force him to make a decision: let life go on, or do something to change it.
Short Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller Available for Free 6pp
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The Woman in the Picture by Paul S. Wunderberg
A Swanky barroom, and vengence on the menu.
Short Crime, Film-Noir, Thriller Available for Free 5pp
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The Window by Luke Dawson
Trapped in a room, bedridden and unable to move an inch, John relies on other people's accounts of the world outside of his window.
Short Drama Available for Free 5pp
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My Mornings by Luke Dawson
How hard could a shower be with two kids getting ready for a school, a mess of a husband and a meeting to get to?
Short Comedy Available for Free 4pp
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Pay Day by Stephan Dwarika
A group tries for the almost perfect heist
Short Crime Available for Free 14pp
Lady Justice by David González
The life of a crooked Mexican police officer is turned upside down when a woman walks into the police station with an old gun she found.
Short Action, Fantasy, Thriller Available for Free 10pp