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Story & Logistics
Decisions by J.E. Clarke
A battered woman reconnects with the little girl she once was.
Short Free (subject to permission) 7pp
Evolutionary Course by J.E. Clarke
First contact is made by three scientists: aided by a robotic interpreter. What they hear may change everyone's perspective... in strange and ominous ways.
Short Free (subject to permission) 8pp
The Killer Instinct is Alive and Well, and Living in Chicago by J.E. Clarke
A down and out FX artist runs across an unexpected employer...
Short Free (subject to permission) 9pp
On The Pull by Craig Thomas
A woman flees from an unstoppable force, that will stop at nothing to catch her.
Short Free (subject to permission) 3pp
The Box by Craig Thomas
When a man who discovers a mysterious box in the desert is set upon by two strangers, he has to choose between the find, and his girlfriend.
Short Free (subject to permission) 12pp
Satan's Revelation by Michael Piccard
God and Satan meet to discuss old times and negotiate a truce.
Short Free (subject to permission) 16pp
Strange Specimens by J.E. Clarke
Kidnapped by aliens made solely of light, four humans struggle to convince them not to destroy the Earth.
Short Free (subject to permission) 11pp
Papercut by J.E. Clarke
Hassled by school bullies, a strange little boy proves that the root of all evil ISN'T money.
Short Free (subject to permission) 8pp
White Light by J.E. Clarke
Two close friends are hit by a truck. But has their age-old debate on religion been decided... yet?
Short Free (subject to permission) 4pp
Infinite Possibilities by J.E. Clarke
Rescued from a life of poverty, an adopted inner city girl turns to Quantum Physics - to save both herself, and her old family.
Short Free (subject to permission) 17pp
Slasher by Craig Thomas
When Two drunk teens wander into the woods, they stumble upon a masked serial killer.
Short Free (subject to permission) 3pp
Attempted Suicide by Chris Todd
A man unable to commit suicide, turns to Craigslist to find his way out.
Short Free (subject to permission) 8pp
Punishing Jesus by Michael Piccard
God punishes his rebellious teenage son Jesus by sending him to live on earth for 33 years.
Short Free (subject to permission) 14pp
Cherry-Fire Red by Steve Miles
A happy-go-lucky bum reflects upon his love of bicycles - other peoples’ bicycles…
Short Free (subject to permission) 6pp
Repentance by Fausto Lucignani
While walking the streets, a young, terminally ill prostitute experiences a spiritual event.
Short Free (subject to permission) 8pp
Hush by Warren Duncan
Father and daughter enjoy a day at the park. A perfectly innocent moment, until it’s not.
Short Free (subject to permission) 2pp
Back in the River by Elvira Drake
A local sheriff stumbles upon a frantic teenage girl crawling out of a river. She was nearly murdered but when he finds out who the perpetrator is, he must complete the job of drowning her.
Short Free (subject to permission) 7pp
The Role of The Dice by David Lambertson
A single roll of the dice determines the fate of a man cheating with his friend's wife.
Short Free (subject to permission) 13pp
Prank by Allen D
Two journalists are harassed by a caller who claims to have planted a bomb in their room. But is he telling the truth, or it is merely a prank?
Short Free (subject to permission) 14pp
Movie Store by Daniel Kemp
A magical DVD store transports it’s down and out store clerk into the worlds of it’s movies.
Short Free (subject to permission) 9pp
Grounded by Ron Houghton
A struggling luddite navigates the hardships of dating in the digital age.
Short Free (subject to permission) 11pp
Lombard-Street To A China Orange by CJ Walley
When a rag-tag gang of London City robbers decide to hold up a trading office, they face off with criminals far darker than themselves.
Short Free (subject to permission) 8pp
Blackpool Pleasure by CJ Walley
A young druggy chasing the ultimate high and avoiding the pornstar she’s stolen from is faced with a disgraced friend in need of her charity.
Short Free (subject to permission) 18pp
The Sorceress by Elizabeth H. Vu
To save her dying sister, a young woman travels through an abandoned city to steal a time-travel device from the Sorceress – a powerful telekinetic from the future.
Short Free (subject to permission) 16pp
The Dinner Guest by Elizabeth H. Vu
A young couple invites an alien-obsessed professor over for an unforgettable night.
Short Free (subject to permission) 9pp