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The Iron Horse of Lucy Steele by Paul Zeidman
1874. A fiery train engineer relentlessly pursues the ruthless outlaw who has stolen her one-of-a-kind locomotive to pull off the biggest heist in US history.
Feature Adventure, Western For sale 114pp
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Mysties by Conor Matthews
Denise McGarry returns to her estranged homeland of Ireland to spread her mother's ashes. What begins as a simple family reunion and ceremony spirals out of control in chaos, revealing the family secret; they're Leprechauns.
TV Pilot Action, Drama, Fantasy For sale 67pp
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The Blue Flame by Wilfred Esteves
After her boyfriend traded his body to a demon, a young girl must reclaim it before he passes on forever.
Short Fantasy For sale 10pp
Cassy Carter:Love Eternal by A. G. Schmidt
Upon her mother's death, a young woman discovers an unbelievable truth that sets her and her husband on a journey of revenge and redemption as she must answer the question: What is true love?
Feature Action, Romance, Sci-Fi For sale 86pp
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Santa Maria by DH Matthews
After being introduced for the first time, Maria Alvarez must work together with her boyfriend's mother Rhonda to rescue him from a kidnapping.
Feature Action, Comedy For sale 99pp
Suck-Up by Gil Saint
After a strange metamorphosis, a lowly office drone finds out how to make her way to the top of the corporate food chain.
Short Horror, Sci-Fi For sale 10pp
The Dead Ringer by Suzanne Lutas
Bearing an uncanny resemblance to the mistress of a London-based Chinese Triad boss, an ordinary waitress is trained by the MI5 to infiltrate the gang and bring them down.
Feature Action, Thriller For sale 102pp
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Breakaway Heart by Gary Piazza
A Vietnamese refugee barely escapes Vietnam after the fall of Saigon and embarks on a life-long journey to find her father and rebuild her family. Her story is one of hope and survival.
Feature History For sale 114pp
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Momentum by Dan O'Sullivan
A malicious shape-shifting alien banished to Earth arranges an escape ship with his race responsible for leaving him in exchange for a terminally-ill woman who holds the key to their survival in an interplanetary war.
Feature Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 124pp
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Utterly Different Cinderella by Natalie Ekberg
An overweight teenage girl discovers her beauty, defies her bullies and becomes an unlikely model.
Short Family Available for Free 10pp
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Coyote and the Dust-Devil by Jonah Jones
A young girl with a terrifying talent leaves the home she has destroyed but the Military and the FBI want to control that talent, forcing her to use her power to stay free.
Feature Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi For sale 95pp
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Planning for the Past by Fausto Lucignani
After fifty years and an ill-fated love story, a man and a woman meet again as residents of a nursing home.
Short Drama, Romance Available for Free 12pp
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Stuck Together by CJ Walley
Two female musicians find themselves in a surreal mental state that drags up dark events from their psyche when they get their car stuck in the desert badlands.
Short Drama, Horror, Thriller For sale 20pp
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Brush Creek Charlie by Dewey Speedy
One woman races against time to stop a psychopath who fuels a murderous cycle, in which he has the entire city of Kansas City, Missouri on edge.
Feature Drama, Thriller For sale 116pp
Wearing of the Green - The Girl From County Mayo by Rachel Paul
When the British slaughter her innocent family, mild-mannered Irish servant Reanna O’Neil becomes hell-bent on revenge, emerging as an integral part of the Irish Uprising of 1798
Feature Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama, History For sale 112pp
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The Shadowing by John Fallon
An elite team of Special Forces soldiers head into the wilderness to find their kidnapped wives. Once there, they are forced to face the culprit: a seemingly unstoppable alien organism.
Feature Action, Horror, Sci-Fi For sale 84pp
The Bridge Builder by Raymond (Ray) Scanlon
Howard is haunted by childhood memories of a visitor from somewhere else. He moves back into his childhood home to try and solve the mystery, but he uncovers more than he expected.
Feature Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi For sale 94pp
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I Complete You by Peter Stead
When a medical student makes a proxy boyfriend from body parts she amputated from the housemates who shunned her, a timid fresher must lead the survivors, including the love of her life, to safety.
Feature Horror For sale 88pp
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Lighthouse Nights by Jake Vander Ark
Jules and Trevor take advantage of suicidal teens by encouraging them and profiting off their deaths.
Feature Drama, Romance, Thriller For sale 107pp
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Ut by Mohammed Yusuf
A Jewish school boy is accused of stealing money from the cash box of his class in the early days of Nazi occupation in Norway.
Short Drama Available for Free 15pp
Heartbreak Town by Sarah Hall
With the help of her sarcastic best friend and her therapist, a directionless woman finds purpose using her super powers to heal the broken hearted people of the city.
TV Pilot Comedy, Fantasy For sale 35pp
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Calendar Girl by Mike Murphy
A calendar from your ex? Time flies!
Short Horror For sale 1pp
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Hopscotch by J.E. Clarke
Fleeing the massacre of her family, an old Obeah woman takes shelter in the Bronx. But when she takes an abandoned brother and sister under her wing, she finds worse horrors lie in store.
Feature Horror For sale 105pp
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No word man by Amaya Álvarez
In a not too distant future, while a young female social worker tries to bring the best to everyone around her, some unknown disease is growing among the male population: they suddenly lose their voices.
Feature Drama, Mystery For sale 100pp
Mum by Cristina Noguera
This is the story of Laura, a pregnant woman who loses weight instead of gaining it.
Short Drama For sale 12pp