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Greens Out of Regulation by 6String Mercenary
Sometimes cannabis can be a Performance Enhancing Drug (PED), and in the case of Lenry, he finds that he has a real shot of being a pro golfer...just as long as he's high.
TV Pilot For sale 24pp
Loitering - "Video Nasty" by Jonas Jay
It's Jason's first day at a new job, it's also the first day he's forced to dance at gunpoint, and publicly humiliated. At least his friends got his back. If they aren't taping his misfortunes.
TV Pilot For sale 30pp
Lycanville by Rye Dramon
Emma Grand Saul Academy seems the perfect escape from a recent family secret discovery for transfer student Rebecca until she realizes it holds its own deeper and darker secret.
TV Pilot For sale 55pp
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The Other Empire by Claudia Garcia-Mendoza
An international terrorist escapes from jail, but powerful people need her out due to she's discovered a secret capable to destroy the world as we know it...
TV Pilot For sale 68pp
Dead Star by Gregory Mandarano
A young lord and a mysterious stranger must oversee a desperate peace summit, while in the North, a man stalked by wolves is driven to insanity as he confronts a danger which threatens the world.
TV Pilot For sale 70pp
The Wolf by Cooper Knight
In the shark tank of America's leading news network, a hungry wannabe reporter sinks her teeth into everyone and anyone standing between her and her rise to power. Looks can be deceiving.
TV Pilot For sale 51pp
Animated Backstreet Boys by Felipe Herrera
In this SATIRE on late 90's television shows, the Backstreet Boys are here to save the world through the Power of Pop.
TV Pilot For sale 32pp
Licensed by J.E. Clarke
When served with divorce papers, a Nevada politician's wife is forced to make ends meet by becoming a brothel prostitute. Orange is the New Black - you ain't seen nothing yet!
TV Pilot For sale 60pp
The Last Man from Gondo by Michael Good
Abel Mercher gets a second chance in life with another pact with the devil. Using his second chance, Abel roams the Wild West to find his brother, who took everything from him.
TV Pilot For sale 53pp
Source by Jessica Waters
In the near future people depend on city-wide energy sources to survive. Drusilla, a bookstore owner with a traumatic past, must fight off intruders or face the upheaval of her town and the loss of thousands of civilian lives.
TV Pilot For sale 54pp
Uncle Bert by Doug Robbins
Screenwriter, Uncle Bert, is dealing with a divorce and clashes with his wisecracking janitor son, Chase.
TV Pilot For sale 19pp
Roommates by Joao Nsita
How does a man fair when he moves out of his parents house, to live with two woman, one being neurotic and the other with the IQ of a teenager.
TV Pilot For sale 38pp
TurncoaT by Kris Simonian
A Boston mobster turns rat and forces his family to enter Witness Relocation. However, old habits die hard, and their new criminal activities might cost them everything.
TV Pilot For sale 65pp
Dreams For Sale by Ron Houghton
An ambitious, young woman rises to fame during the zenith of Hollywood's silent era.
TV Pilot For sale 51pp
Rivermeade by Siobhan E. McKendrick
A small village with a Big Bad secret.
TV Pilot For sale 60pp
Wood by Dylan Petley
When the bumbling, oversized host of a kids show is scandalized by a sexual mishap, he chases his losses by acting in a porno.
TV Pilot For sale 36pp
Heart to Heart by Joao Nsita
A man slowly starts to fall in love with someone he shouldn't.
TV Pilot For sale 38pp
Plainsville by Siobhan E. McKendrick
The town on the edge of the final frontier
TV Pilot For sale 50pp
Junkie by Kelly Stanphill
Lauren, a desperate single mother of a heroin addicted teenage son, becomes so obsessed with exacting revenge on his drug dealers that she goes undercover and infiltrates the dark world of the illegal drug trade while performing her normal job as an...
TV Pilot For sale 62pp
Out With A Bang by Avtar Takel
Seniors living in a retirement home try to have as much sex as they possibly can before they die. Even if it kills them.
TV Pilot For sale 30pp
Sellouts by Chris Weber
Set in the New York fashion industry, Sellouts follows the crew of a small creative agency as they balance their artistic aspirations with their love of money.
TV Pilot For sale 35pp
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Invasion by ML De La Garza
A worldwide invasion by indigenous humanoid lifeforms from the deep waters of Earth who seek the extinction of man.
TV Pilot For sale 61pp
Millennia by J.E. Clarke
A cyberneurologist must confront his wife and son, whose minds he transferred unwillingly into android bodies in order to save them.
TV Pilot For sale 54pp
The Asylum by Kelly Stanphill
After losing a traditional corporate job, a seemingly straight-laced woman finally lands a job at a Hollywood production company and struggles to keep her wild bosses, demanding clients and needy employees happy while trying to stay sane and...
TV Pilot For sale 38pp
Gold Mountain by Kris Simonian
A trio of Chinese immigrants hired to work on the transcontinental railroad run afoul of their racist Boss who tries - and fails - to have them killed. They meet up with a grizzled mountain man and set out on the trail to not only get revenge on...
TV Pilot For sale 60pp