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Enchanted by Clevie J Padmore
After the tragic death of their father, three brothers discover a dark and twisted underbelly secret of witchcraft and demons in their home island Barbados.
TV Pilot Drama, Fantasy For sale 54pp
S I X by Jeffery Mack
What if you only had six seconds to change the world?
TV Pilot Action, Adventure For sale 30pp
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Toni and Marconi by Dan Alex
Two catholic priests end up in hell after death, and try to weasel their way into heaven by striking a deal with the prince of darkness, Loo-c-fur.
TV Pilot Animation For sale 27pp
Inferno: The Series by John Bias
Gateways to Hell open up with demons flooding out of them attacking everyone. In New Orleans, La, a disgraced U. S. Marine must overcome his own sins and lead his unit to close the gates.
TV Pilot Action, Animation, Horror, Sci-Fi For sale 39pp
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The Expedition: Into the Abyss by Rachel Fischer
When a disgraced soldier's brother goes missing on an uncharted island, she joins a military expedition to the island and they confront a hostile world where humanity is at the bottom of the food chain.
TV Pilot Action, Adventure, Mystery, Romance, Sci-Fi For sale 54pp
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Vaughn Viper (Bloodlyrics) by William H. Holla
Under cover of night , artistic, sophisticated vampires with modern-day technological advancements ponder their ultimate place in modern society.
TV Pilot Horror For sale 59pp
Daughter of God by Wilder Carnes
It's the second coming of Christ, except, God decides to send a daughter. The jovial architect doesn't have the stomach to decide who to save and who to leave burning in hell for eternity.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 35pp
Inside The World of Zoe Sander by Suzanne Lutas
When a 10 year old dreamer becomes a trendy designer overnight, she must struggle in the cut-throat fashion world, with the help of her working-class mom, and a talking magazine cut-out of her favorite supermodel.
TV Pilot Animation, Comedy, Family For sale 37pp
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Peach Blossom Land by Yvonne de Ryotte
When a devilish scheme threatens a dream all hell is let loose
TV Pilot Drama, Family For sale 63pp
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Original Sinners - No Law in Limbo by Shaun Needham
Using methods not of this world, a faithless priest teams up with a near-death experiencing CIA agent to bring down the mafia family responsible for the murder of his wife.
TV Pilot Crime, Drama, Sci-Fi For sale 57pp
Bang by David Finley
Devastated in the wake of a break up, a young creative hot shot decides to leave her life in London and move to Dubai, hoping she’ll find the “clean slate” she so desperately needs.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama For sale 31pp
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Hunger by Samuel Blue Gibson
The precarious polyamory of two junior teachers is off-balanced when a conservative and disabled younger brother moves in.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama For sale 47pp
The Bicycle Day (a tv pilot) by Kevin Jay Broome
In 1953 Beverly Hills, two psychiatrists flip the fabric of reality on its head when they begin offering LSD therapy to their glamorous clientele.
TV Pilot Biography, Drama, History, Romance For sale 51pp
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Grandma Squad by Kevin Gerke
Tired of retirement 4 Grandmas start a private investigation business and butt heads with the local police department and DA office plus rival Pi Firm that wants them out of business
TV Pilot Comedy, Crime For sale 21pp
Orphans by jonathan murnane
After the death of their father, five adult siblings struggle to make sense of his legacy while unraveling the mysteries he left behind.
TV Pilot Drama, Family, Mystery For sale 58pp
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Obsolete Future by Greg Fish
After two astronauts exploring a distant planet have a chance encounter with three very strange Earthlings running from their home world, they're thrown into an interstellar war that could decide the future of humanity.
TV Pilot Adventure, Sci-Fi For sale 57pp
Monster Town by nick black
Sheriff Jack Warren and his deputies fight to maintain control in Monster Town – a city inhabited by the monsters from our worst nightmares!
TV Pilot Thriller For sale 57pp
Taymen by Michaela Kale
Death, supernatural hunters, a manic father and a curse that could destroy his humanity. One crazy life, will he find the missing pieces to break the curse? Or will the curse break him?
TV Pilot Action, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Sci-Fi For sale 51pp
Band Geeks by Brian Thomas
After years of bad luck, Catherine is excited to relive the good times at her High-School Marching Band reunion.
TV Pilot Comedy Available for Free 31pp
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Grist For The Mill by Jerry Bader
Things get complicated for Grist and Dime when they run into a case of murder that reeks of corruption. Finding a murderer in a town thick with sex, betrayal, and revenge is no easy task.
TV Pilot Mystery For sale 49pp
OUTED by Lena Athane
1992 - A poster child for the Republican party leads a successful campaign for district attorney whilst trying to prevent the press from finding out about her same-sex relationship with an opposing attorney.
TV Pilot Drama For sale 7pp
A one hit wonder Nu-Metal band plan their triumphant return, but first they must roll a strike at their gig at the local bowling alley.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 33pp
Lycanville by Rye Dramon
Emma Grand Saul Academy seems the perfect escape from a recent family secret discovery for transfer student Rebecca until she realizes it holds its own deeper and darker secret.
TV Pilot Action, Drama, Fantasy For sale 55pp
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Nomadism by Henrich Horvath
Home steady residents and wanderers - what makes two cultures oppose to the verge of warfare is the perpetually unchangeable approach over the living which only higher power sorts out.
TV Pilot Adventure, Mystery For sale 125pp
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The Esoteric Library by Christian Maxwell
A library of books on the occult is stolen. A librarian and a thief join forces to recover them, before the knowledge in the books can be used for nefarious purposes.
TV Pilot Action, Crime, Fantasy, Horror For sale 68pp