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Story & Logistics
Heartbreak Town by Sarah Hall
With the help of her sarcastic best friend and her therapist, a directionless woman finds purpose using her super powers to heal the broken hearted people of the city.
TV Pilot Comedy, Fantasy For sale 35pp
Loitering - "Video Nasty" by Jonas Jay
It's Jason's first day at a new job, it's also the first day he's forced to dance at gunpoint, and publicly humiliated. At least his friends got his back. If they aren't taping his misfortunes.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 30pp
Preach by Kris Simonian
As a slick “Prosperity Preacher” nears retirement age, his two top pastors (his son and his protege) fight for control of the filthy rich ministry and all its legal and illegal money making ventures.
TV Pilot Drama For sale 60pp
Fargo, Spec Pilot by Phillip Hardy
After his daughter is killed in a car accident, a local politician hires his handyman for the dual job of murdering his son-in-law and fighting an out-of-town crime syndicate.
TV Pilot Action, Comedy, Crime For sale 67pp
None of the Above. by Shawn Decker
A truth telling beer loving Hillbilly decides to run against the corrupt small-town Preppie Millionaire Mayor, but a mistake gets him elected to the House of Representatives instead.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 41pp
Defy by Michael J
Locked inside a mental rehabilitation hospital due to a recent suicide attempt, a young adult revisits contributing factors to his mental illness and learns from the different personalities inside the hospital.
TV Pilot Drama For sale 53pp
Grave Girls by Brent Shepard
Four teenage girls return from the grave to investigate their own murders.
TV Pilot Drama, Fantasy, Horror For sale 46pp
Christs by Jasen Heffner
Two boys. One, the actual descendant of Jesus, raised in Vatican city, The other cloned. Both are thrown in the world's spotlight and have to make choices that could lead to the Apocalypse.
TV Pilot Adventure, Drama, Thriller For sale 85pp
Dumb as Thieves by Stephen Ko
A charming but incompetent man-child teams up with a ragtag group of con artists and thieves to steal a diamond necklace from a sweet sixteen party.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 33pp
Mind Games by Domingo Claudio
On the verge of losing his job, an NFL football coach finds an ally and a successful new strategy from a socially awkward teenage prodigy.
TV Pilot Action, Adventure, Drama, Family For sale 69pp
Black Retina by Juan Herrera
An unstable schizophrenic must use his clairvoyant powers to protect his family from a major drug cartel.
TV Pilot Crime, Drama For sale 73pp
Striders by Michael Charles
An alien race enlists an Earth man, a long-lost descendent of theirs, to compete against another alien race bent on the destruction of Earth and galactic domination.
TV Pilot Sci-Fi For sale 49pp
Basket Case by Matthew Portman
Days before Christmas 1914, three volunteer American soldiers mistakenly rescue a German body for burial and have to return it before their fellow soldiers find out.
TV Pilot Comedy, War For sale 27pp
Blubirds by Simon Wilkinson
A young, female pilot, tasked with delivering warplanes to the RAF during World War Two, battles to prove herself against friend and foe alike in the skies above war-torn England.
TV Pilot Drama, Romance, War For sale 52pp
Margo by Olamide Ogunde
Margo Dipazzio is a divorcee who's trying to put her chaotic life back in order, but when her dog is stolen, she'll go to the only person she can, her recently single co-worker, Ollie.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 38pp
Not Vain to Believe by Dave Miller
A TV Series that follows an intrepid American college student deciphering the lost quatrains of Nostradamus.
TV Pilot Adventure For sale 40pp
M.I.L.F.S by Tamara Herman & Cindy Aronson
Two 40-something women follow their dream of writing erotic romance novels; but what happens when their teenaged sons, conservative husbands, and judgmental community takes notice? Rife with innuendo, but clean on the screen, MILFS is exactly what...
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama, Romance For sale 57pp
Pantheon by Thabang Maphanyane
The Titanomachy reborn in corporate America. One of the most powerful families in New York City will be brought to its knees. A tale of greed, betrayal and murder.
TV Pilot Action, Crime, Drama For sale 49pp
The Seed Cloud by David Smith
Wales is in the grip of terrorists carrying out an anti-English genocide programme. Jane must walk a tightrope between all sides to bring terrorist murderers to justice.
TV Pilot Thriller For sale 75pp
An Insight into Marriage by Desmond Hughes
This mockumentary follows the marriage of a closeted gay man and a cold hearted gold digger.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 23pp
Lambda by Christopher Kluck
Little Pelican Island is a peaceful and tranquil place to retire. There is no need to lock your doors. That is until the Lambda project, rabid Rottweilers, and the infected turn it all upside down.
TV Pilot Action, Horror, Sci-Fi For sale 55pp
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Rivermeade by Siobhan E. McKendrick
A small village with a Big Bad secret.
TV Pilot Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy For sale 60pp
After dating for a couple of weeks, A couple decides to move their relationship to the next step by meeting family members with near dire consequences to their relationship.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 35pp
Wood by Dylan Petley
When the bumbling, oversized host of a kids show is scandalized by a sexual mishap, he chases his losses by acting in a porno.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 36pp
Comfortably Numb by Mark Haskins
You’re never an addict until you are. Comfortably numb, exposing America’s biggest epidemic, one pill at a time
TV Pilot Crime, Drama For sale 5pp