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Satan's Prison by Lance Ness
Science and Satan collide: A group of researchers must fight for their lives and souls while investigating a prison haunted by demonic entities.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 98pp
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Highgate by Jordan Tate
In London 1970, a paranormal investigator and an anti- conformist priest- exorcist battle over this mysterious case that the media nickname « The Highgate vampire« .
Feature Fantasy, Horror, Thriller For sale 122pp
Dagon: Waterworld Extreme by April J. Miller
An extreme sports enthusiast wanting revenge on her controlling mother, takes her sister with her to the planet Dagon to ride clear spheres in hurricane seas only to be attacked by a gigantic apex predator.
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 104pp
My Stepmom is a Pornstar by ShaDon Manigault
Two teenagers adapt to their new stepmother, who is a famous pornographic actress.
Feature Comedy, Drama For sale 117pp
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Stolen by C. Guinosta
Three Rappers go to war with a group of Car Thieves who crashed their party and stole the master tapes to their latest album.
Feature Action, Crime, Drama For sale 83pp
Yes Virginia, They are Eating the Flesh or: How Moondoggy and Gidget Got George W. Bush his Christmas Present by Nicholas Zingarelli
A US mercenary must fight zombie commandos and their black op leader, in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Chicago in order to deliver Saddam Hussein to George W. Bush for Christmas.
Feature Adventure, Horror, Thriller For sale 118pp
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The Rule by Ray Newell
If you can survive a holiday together then you were meant to be together forever.
Feature Romance For sale 67pp
Court of Public Opinion by James Barber
When a dedicated husband and father finds himself at the center of another murder trial, he must rely on the talents of a high-powered defense attorney to save his life and reputation.
Feature Crime, Drama, Thriller For sale 103pp
ZOMBIE, CA. the prequel by C. Rob Dunphy
The government genetically engineered a contagious mutant strain of radiological empowered, mind paralyzing rabies, stored in a super-secret California lab, until a father and son adventure goes awry.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 92pp
Runaround by Kyle Williamson
Death from the shadows a man second guessing his reality, life, family, mind, and if he is a cold calculating murderer
Feature Thriller For sale 230pp
Misguided by Cannon Rosenau
When a straight-laced bachelor finally meets his Miss Right, his screwball best friend ruins her chance at adopting her foster son and their chance at true love.
Feature Comedy For sale 94pp
The FAQs of Life According to Sara by J.E. Clarke
A tomboy horror buff finds her world crumbling when her parents separate, she's bullied by the meanest girl at school, and confronted by puberty. She's got a lot of FAQs to learn!
Feature Comedy For sale 120pp
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The Land That Time Like Totally Forgot by Steven Tsapelas
A comedy about a small town trapped in the past that gets an update thanks to the relationship between a Blockbuster Video clerk and the rebellious grifter he meets online.
Feature Comedy, Romance For sale 96pp
The Stormcrow by Tennyson Stead
Following the unspeakable visions of a haunted young woman, an occultist and adventurer known only as the Stormcrow hunts down a powerful and long-forgotten tome.
Feature Horror For sale 92pp
Orangutan by Frankie Gaddo
A vivacious aspiring social worker brings together five peculiar strangers for an afternoon to help solve their existential problems while she copes with her own.
Feature Comedy, Drama For sale 71pp
What's the Big Idea? by Steve Cleary
A pair of slacker junior studio execs struggle to keep up with demand, and appearances, after finding an old box of unproduced screenplays and turning them in as their own.
Feature Comedy For sale 1pp
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Dead Kisses by Jesse Jamieson
A neo-western/noir tale of small town vengeance in Lost City, America.
Feature Mystery, Western For sale 93pp
Old Virginia by Connor McAulay
While exploring an abandoned house, four black teens stumble upon a time machine and are thrust into a bloody fight for survival against America's most notorious terrorists - The KKK.
Feature Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 85pp
Jagged Edge by Tamara Herman & Cindy Aronson
In her search for restoration from the childhood sexual abuse that scarred her, Lily Stone gives her heart to Ryder Bishop, who alone carries a secret that binds together their shared tragic pasts.
Feature Drama, Romance For sale 110pp
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Super-Human by Chris Cena
After "the incident" occurs the majority of earth's people are eradicated ,however, most that remain are granted super human abilities including Marcus who will do all that he can to find his long lost daughter.
Feature Fantasy, Sci-Fi For sale 119pp
Atomic Dummies by Steve Garry
Good-hearted but disaster-prone teens take jobs setting up mannequins for atom bomb testing in Nevada in 1955, leading to a weekend they won't forget.
Feature Comedy, Fantasy For sale 104pp
The Payment Plan by Daniel White
A revenge for hire guy finally locates the people who destroyed his family.. and he revenges them.
Feature Action, Comedy, Crime For sale 113pp
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12 Clicks Kim Kardashian saves the world by David Murphy
The first test was when an autonomist vehicle ran over a bicyclist. As the computer gained knowledge and personality, it took control of a nuclear submarine. An encounter with Kim Kardashian derails its plan.
Feature Drama, Mystery, Thriller For sale 109pp
Transference by Benjamin James
A female exorcist must find the possessed girl who was kidnap while in her care
Feature Thriller For sale 84pp
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Creamed by G A Knights
Side by side restaurants vie for custom, reputation and survival in the cut throat environment of food service.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Film-Noir For sale 120pp