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Monarch of Mulligan's Bay by David Mathias
Not for saleNot for saleNot for saleNot for saleNot for sale Not for sale
Feature Adventure, Drama, Mystery For sale 108pp
Rocket Roll by H. C. Turk
Melody Rich is on vacation when an alien thrusts the key to a planet down her throat. Following a path of galactic ordeals, Melody strives to remove the key before it kills her—again.
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 110pp
Rich and Poor by Carl Washington
A struggling Screenwriter has been in a relationship with his millionaire girlfriend for 3 years. But the conflicts between both of their families seems to try and get in the way of their relationship.
Feature Comedy, Romance For sale 80pp
Brass Ring by Phil Clarke
Ten years after college, four friends debate the wisdom of continuing to pursue their dreams, in the face of failure and stagnation.
Feature Comedy, Drama For sale 112pp
Shootin' The Shorts Reader 1 reader loves this script
Guilt by Kimberly Britt
After a young girl dies in a drowning accident, her ghost begins appearing to those who loved her most, threatening to unearth a secret they thought was buried for good.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 98pp
Smokin' Jack! by Paul B Allen III
By delivering a bullet to the brain, an elusive criminal mastermind turns an average man into the Jason Bourne meets Sherlock Holmes genius who will track him down.
Feature Action, Crime For sale 118pp
Double Trouble by Steven Wangsness
A young doctor takes a desperate gamble to prove his innocence when confronted with incontrovertible evidence showing he is a serial rapist.
Feature Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller For sale 108pp
Black Magic by Dillan Lawless
A young miner with magical powers must save himself and the town after being unknowingly seduced into a demonic cult posing as a mining union before they unleash an ancient evil back into the world.
Feature Drama, Horror, Thriller For sale 113pp
Crocodile Man/Sobek 4: Order out of Chaos by Neil Sutherland
Team Sobek must prevent a human-sized praying mantis ET and ancient Egyptian god Seth from turning Earth's entire landmass into a desert.
Feature Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi For sale 100pp
Love Pains by William H. Holla
Ultimately, Breanna ends up questioning herself, God and family and the dire alerted path that follows is nothing short of the most harrowing experience of her life.
Feature Drama, Thriller For sale 120pp
1 reader loves this script
With Monsters by Rob Herzog
An online dater seeks companionship, but his childhood fears and boogeymen return at the worst possible time--while he's on his first (and possibly last) date.
Feature Horror For sale 93pp
2 readers love this script
Space Vikings by Lance West
At the advent of warp technology, pioneers from Earth travel to a remote solar system and are never heard from again. Twenty years later, a reality television show sets out to find them.
Feature Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi For sale 88pp
2 readers love this script
Just Divorced, or how to rob the Maffia by Benn Flore
After 40 years of marriages, two 60-year-old men are happily divorced but broke. They start dating new ladies, lie about their ages and wealth and decide to rob the maffia to live happy ever after.
Feature Comedy, Drama For sale 91pp
To be a Vet by Audrey Layes
A young woman is dumped by her boyfriend just as they are set to begin vet college. She flees to a new college far from home where she plots to win him back.
Feature Comedy, Drama For sale 99pp
Love Will Lead You Back by McDalan Francois
Morgan's quest to get the girl that he wants, leads him to the girl tat he needs. He soon realizes in this romantic comedy, that true love will lead you back.
Feature Comedy For sale 95pp
Ghosts by Mickey Hatewood
A family face grave danger when they are possessed by the spirits of an evil cult.
Feature Drama, Horror For sale 114pp
1 reader loves this script
That Night In Buffalo by Arlo Thompson
On a road trip, Hannah and Ben debate the future of their relationship while reminiscing about the crazy night that brought them together.
Feature Comedy, Romance For sale 111pp
2 readers love this script
Second Impressions by Mike Anderson
A woman uses plastic surgery to assume the identity of her sister. After a 30-year absence, she returns to seek revenge against her father for trying to murder her as a child.
Feature Drama, Mystery, Thriller For sale 117pp
The Demon House by Kyle Williamson
Ten vastly unique people vie for a chance to meet a Hollywood star by staying the night at a haunted house owned by two eccentric people. The house has ideas of keeping forever
Feature Horror For sale 90pp
Two Sneakers In A Bucket by George Barnett
An elderly woman with terrible back pain, and her male, Puerto Rican, visiting nurse, have a rocky relationship before he helps with her assisted suicide, in this dramedy.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Family For sale 93pp
Pulp Horror by Ervin Anderson
A hitman with a drug habit, a lonely military nurse, and a naive girl carrying the Devil's child team-up to save the world from an Apocalypse triggered by the child's birth.
Feature Action, Comedy, Horror For sale 101pp
1 reader loves this script
Dead Wrong by Glyn Jones
Corrupted sheriffs steal gold from the Union to fund subversive legions intent on overthrowing the government. A renegade cowboy double crosses them for the gold as supernatural occurrences threaten all involved.
Feature Action, Comedy, Crime, Horror, Western For sale 103pp
The Green Hag by J.T. McCallum
It’s days before Halloween and children are going MISSING. Aided by his family, a police officer searches for his missing partner, but finds much more.
Feature Adventure, Horror, Mystery For sale 96pp
Freshmeat by ShaDon Manigault
A freshman befriends a group of seniors but they're only using him for their senior prank.
Feature Comedy, Drama For sale 113pp
1 reader loves this script
Intrusion by Michael Alderman
A young divorcee struggles to expose an unseen but increasingly deadly stalker who employs common household technology as a means of inflicting terror upon her.
Feature Mystery, Thriller For sale 98pp