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Mooselight Serenade by Ron Micci
Family friendly comedy with ne'er-do-well teen brothers crashing out of summer school to rescue camp cuties from a monster moose stampede in the wilds of Maine.
Feature Action, Adventure, Comedy, Family For sale 105pp
Rules of Day Drinking by Jess Parker
When Joy’s relationship goes up in the flames, she decides to let loose and have some fun, navigating the worlds of dating, drinking, and heartache.
Feature Comedy, Romance For sale 90pp
Royal Hunt by Clayton Emery
Robin Hood and Marian scour the forest for The Wild Huntsman and his Hellhounds -- and stumble on a witch cult out to sacrifice King Richard on a bloody altar!
Feature Adventure, History, Mystery, Romance, Thriller Available for Free 95pp
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Last Stop by J.E. Clarke
7 strangers are trapped in a NYC subway car, following an accident that could be terrorist related. They survived the crash - but will they survive each other?
Feature Thriller For sale 95pp
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Betrayed by his brother, Vlad Tepes Dracula is brought back from hell and becomes an undead creature growing a desire for revenge and truth.
Feature Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Romance For sale 125pp
Last Cup of Sorrow (Stageplay) by Jeremy Storey
From a hospital room in middle America to a jail in Mexico, the destinies of three strangers intertwine as each seeks redemption and penance for the sins of their past and present.
Feature Crime, Drama Available for Free 120pp
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Soul Hunter by Désirée Nordlund
A scientist finds proof of existence of the human soul, but also an unequal share of it in each person.
Feature Drama For sale 106pp
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Mis[s]taken by Bryce Thomas
A distraught mother is determined to find out what happened to her missing daughter after a mysterious teenage girl assumes her daughter's identity.
Feature Thriller For sale 77pp
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Ascension by Matthew Waters
A young man is lured off-world to a distant desert planet, where he learns he is the only member of the human race who can right the great wrong an alien race dealt humanity.
Feature Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi For sale 116pp
De rigueur by Daniel White
A crooked cop sets out on a bloody rampage when his past sins and crimes come to light.
Feature Action, Crime For sale 108pp
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familiar strangers by Kirk Lohse
An estranged family prepares to welcome home their son, missing and feared dead. But the homecoming day joy soon turns to shock, as the young man who appears on their doorstep, is not their son.
Feature Drama, Mystery, Thriller For sale 81pp
The Ballad of Big Mama Thornton by Mat Raymond
Biographical drama showcasing the tumultuous life and arduous career of legendary blueswoman Willie Mae "Big Mama" Thornton, original vocalist of "Hound Dog", and close friend of Janis Joplin.
Feature Biography, Comedy, Drama, Music For sale 109pp
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Crystals and Rainbows to You by Steve Cleary
When an obnoxious old college friend blows into his peaceful beachtown, an aspiring spiritual charlatan struggles to make a case study of him in order to secure a prized speaking position at a new-age expo.
Feature Comedy For sale 95pp
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A Texas skip tracer named "Scarecrow" travels to the Pacific Northwest to nab a fugitive cyber criminal before he's taken out by aging hitman "Snowman".
Feature Action, Thriller For sale 125pp
How I Rescued Santa Claus by Paul Barlow
A smart but under-achieving teen uses her puzzle-solving skills to help a stranded space alien (who looks a lot like Santa) reach a secret rendezvous point before time runs out.
Feature Adventure, Comedy, Family, Sci-Fi For sale 104pp
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Brighton and Hove by Steve Garry
Hiding in a compound with survivors after a pandemic wiped out humanity, a man who tends court for the despotic leader seeks redemption by switching places with a rebel hero he had to lock up.
Feature Comedy For sale 98pp
Planet What? by Doug Pike
Planet What?, a parody of 1950s-era science fiction films, is the story of a crew of dense, incompatible astronauts who crash land in the year 5088, but can't figure out where.
Feature Comedy, Sci-Fi For sale 93pp
Corpse Flower by Michael Kospiah
After a brutal home invasion, a psychotic mother must go head-to-head with a sadistic plastic surgeon to save her abducted little girl -- a little girl who isn't as innocent as she seems.
Feature Horror For sale 97pp
The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles by Kat Bosworth
Three siblings and a professor embark on a fantastical journey to reach Whangdoodleland, a secret realm that protects forgotten mythical creatures.
Feature Adventure, Fantasy For sale 120pp
The Tale of Us by Russell Davis
Suburban citizens of all walks of life and ages cope with interweaving stories about emotional distress, pain, and overcoming their demons, leading to a carnival where one of them commits suicide.
Feature Drama For sale 106pp
The 5 O'Clock Shadow by Cory Wilson
Carl has struggled to keep his dangerous facial hair a secret from his girlfriend, Alyssa. On their first trip away together, the secret will come out whether he wants it to or not.
Feature Drama, Horror For sale 90pp
The Exiled Heart by Mark Olmsted
Set against the backdrop of occupied France and 1948 Manhattan, a haunted death camp survivor falls in love with the Spanish pilot who may know the fate of the newborn son she smuggled to safety during the war.
Feature Drama, Film-Noir, History, Mystery, War For sale 101pp
The Man in the Floor by Erik D Griffin
A deranged young man who lives in a mountain cabin is told to kill by an enigmatic voice that comes from beneath his floorboards.
Feature Horror For sale 90pp
Them.... by Ridzwan Ahmad
"The greatest trick that the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that they did'nt exist" The Usual Suspect
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 87pp
Traditionalist by Matthew Mosley
When a champion cage fighter opens an MMA gym opposite an established Karate dojo, it's only a matter of time until a fight breaks out.
Feature Action For sale 95pp
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