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Old Timer by Jacob Mulgrew
After an incident in a nightclub exposes his hidden identity, a up-and-coming boxer will be put at odds with his former trainer - emotionally and physically.
Feature Action, Drama, Sport For sale 109pp
The Princess Test by Kyle Brink
Peanelope is a Wicked Witch of a Woman, who wants nothing more than to have her own fulfilled selfish desires. That is until she hears about The Princess Test.
Feature Animation, Fantasy For sale 88pp
Dagon by David Quiroz Jr
A young American naval officer in WWII must protect his crew from a deadly sea monster stalking their torpedo boat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Based on the short story by HP Lovecraft.
Feature Action, Horror For sale 99pp
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The Chimes by David Wagner
When an elderly porter loses his faith in mankind, the supernatural occupants of a bell tower work to restore the man's hope. Adapted from the story by Charles Dickens.
Feature Family, Fantasy For sale 90pp
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Rome 4100 by Aaron Buck
After an apocalyptic event, a futuristic-Ancient Rome rises to dominate the Galaxy. Ultra violence, family drama and a flying, mechanized Legionary suit of armor. Are you not entertained?
Feature Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi For sale 184pp
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The Homeless Crusaders by Hank Biro
A young patriot who fought and received accolades in the Laser War is recruited for efficiently leading a double life, to seduce and spy on an ex-politician and perceived threat to his country.
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 69pp
SHADE TREE MAFIA "The Last Real Saga" (Part 1) by Kenneth Thomas
A young African-American kid finds himself trapped in a world of drugs, murder, and racism when he’s adopted into a Dixie Mafia family where he is groomed to become boss.
Feature Drama For sale 91pp
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Leia - A Star Wars Story by Simon Wilkinson
Along time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... With the galaxy on the verge of domination by an evil Empire, one plucky space princess decides to make a stand.
Feature Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi Available for Free 10pp
The Journal of Ezekiel Walker by John Zelenski
An ancient evil arises in a small, Pennsylvania town and threatens to devour its children unless one man can find the courage to unleash the powers of Heaven against the very soul of Hell.
Feature Adventure, Family, Horror, Mystery, Thriller For sale 88pp
Reckless Deeds by Henry Shorney
A college professor sleeps with one of his students and will do whatever it takes to keep the secret safe.
Feature Comedy, Crime For sale 84pp
Grisly by Walon Costello
Trapped in a secluded cabin, a father and his pregnant daughter fend off attacks from a relentless grizzly bear hell-bent on vengeance for the death of its cub at their hands.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 83pp
The Green Hag by J.T. McCallum
It’s days before Halloween and children are going MISSING. Aided by his family, a police officer searches for his missing partner, but finds much more.
Feature Adventure, Horror, Mystery For sale 96pp
Mean Spirited by Thomas Bell
Clara and the ghost of her sister travel the country with a washed-up magician performing "seances" as a scam. When they perform at a swanky mansion with a dark past, they awaken something unexpected...
Feature Comedy, Horror For sale 130pp
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Salvadora by Oscar Moreno
In a future America where immigrants and refugees are hunted down by a fascist government, a young woman must use her newfound teleportation powers to rescue them while she fights her own mental illness.
Feature Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 103pp
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Risk by Aaron Buck
1 Arena. 18,000 people. 99% chance of death. A rock band plays at center stage with an M.C. about to announce the next way you might die. Welcome to Risk.
Feature Action, Horror, Thriller For sale 110pp
Her Soul Intention by Linda Hullinger
With a borrowed comatose body and the help of a guilt-ridden musician, a mischievous ten-year-old soul is given three days on Earth to stop her mother from marrying the wrong man.
Feature Comedy, Family, Fantasy For sale 117pp
Savior by Bo Sanders
After the tragic death of his pregnant wife, a Muslim-to-Christian convert and biblical scholar travels back in time in an effort to confirm Christ's divinity.
Feature Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi For sale 107pp
No word man by Amaya Álvarez
In a not too distant future, while a young female social worker tries to bring the best to everyone around her, some unknown disease is growing among the male population: they suddenly lose their voices.
Feature Drama, Mystery For sale 100pp
Catherine's Treasure by Anthony Lucas
A young girl embarks on a quest to solve a forty year old treasure hunt in the hope it will lead her and her mother out of an abusive relationship.
Feature Drama For sale 86pp
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Frankenstein, Part II by Dave Begley
Following the death of his creator and alone in the world, the civilized Frankenstein’s creature is determined to find a mate and love despite being pursued for murder by obsessive London private investigators.
Feature Action, Drama, Romance, Thriller For sale 105pp
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MARS GENERAL by William Gunn
DR. JACK GREYSON travels to MARS in 2187 to become the Chief-of-Staff of MARSPORT GENERAL HOSPITAL. The Job turns out to be more trouble than he thought. A Lot More!
Feature Action, Mystery, Sci-Fi For sale 100pp
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Eclipse by Mike Anderson
When his fiancée is mysteriously kidnapped, Peter is drawn into a conspiracy to alter the world’s gene pool. To get his girl back, this unlikely hero must first save the world.
Feature Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 121pp
Amber by Gary Piazza
Tormented by her dead father, a child ghost tries desperately to adopt an unwilling couple so she can have the loving family she always dreamed of.
Feature Drama, Family, Horror, Thriller For sale 115pp
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Blind Leonard's Blues by PAT CHANEY
Even The Devil Cannot Fool A Bluesman Who Conquers The BluesWarp.
Feature Thriller For sale 100pp
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Teresa of Heru by Kofi Poku
Set in ancient times, a young mother must team up with a champion of the gods, a fire mage, and an archer to rescue her son from his immortal father.
Feature Fantasy For sale 100pp