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The Billion Dollar Search: by Fred Leavitt
A young man learns that he has an identical twin and, if he finds him within a year, will inherit a billion dollars that will otherwise go to projects to help the homeless.
Feature Adventure, Comedy, Drama For sale 91pp
The Seventh Diamond by Daniel Abah Idoko
a power driven scientist, who desires to take over the earth kidnap the parent and girlfriend of a timid teenager, he must defeat a sorcerer to save his love ones .
Feature Fantasy For sale 114pp
Butcher's Kill by Robert Remy
A group of teens on a no-budget vacation at a rustic lake house are being murdered one by one, and tensions mount when it starts to appear that the killer is one of their own.
Feature Horror For sale 92pp
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THE VULTURES by Eric Dickson
A crew of graveyard ghouls invade the consciences of a guilty cop involved in a hit and run and a troubled teen mourning the loss of his parents to a traffic fatality.
Feature Horror For sale 98pp
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Chrysalis by Nicole Jones-Dion
After suffering a traumatic brain injury, a young man is forced to convalesce in a halfway house, only to discover his room may be haunted by the ghost of the previous resident.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 96pp
It's six years later and ex scream queen Scarlett McTierney learns that The Doo Wop Killer is now targeting a young actress tasked with portraying her in the film based on her life.
Feature Horror For sale 88pp
Black Vein by Luigi C. Saracino
When four guys decide to steal rock samples from Mars, they didn't count on getting an invasive and hungry alien and prehistoric life-form, with them.
Feature Horror For sale 54pp
Trust Me by Earl Javorsky
A down-and-out drug dealer follows his sister's suicide to a sex predator in the LA recovery community--and to his next target.
Feature Drama For sale 109pp
Gandhi et al Versus Zombies by Steve Garry
British Intelligence recruits Gandhi and friends for a mission to Occupied Europe in late WW II, where they uncover a Nazi plot to turn the tide of the war using monsters.
Feature Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, History For sale 105pp
A Killer Musical by Chris Hicks
In 1985, an eager teen in search of an exciting summer signs up to work at a musical summer camp where the counselors are stalked and murdered by an unknown assailant.
Feature Comedy, Horror, Musical For sale 97pp
Irma's Not Amused by Eric Chapman
A costume princess scandalizes the amusement park named after her when she tries to trash her image to spite her cheating Prince Charming.
Feature Comedy For sale 100pp
Locked-In by Robert Mcbride
While rushing to save her dying son's life, a desperate mother is taken hostage by a troubled teen on the run.
Feature Thriller For sale 86pp
The Wizards of Dunley by Charles Kerr
A family of wizards that live in a small town protecting the people, are attacked by an evil opponent.
Feature Action, Adventure, Drama, Family, Fantasy For sale 97pp
Dick's out by Sunny Grayson
Dick Johnson, A premature goofy cop's life turns for disaster when he's demoted from a detective to a beat cop
Feature Comedy For sale 94pp
Merry Freaking Christmas by Gregg Fidelibus
A child-averse, Christmas-hating actress must foster a 7-year-old girl for the month of December to help her get the movie role of a lifetime.
Feature Comedy For sale 98pp
God's Plan Tv by Ekene Ikeme
These friends know they have to get rich when their house gets struck by lightning and their TV is set to ONE WEEK IN THE FUTURE.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 115pp
Darkness Visible by David Balfe
Kes meets Pan's Labyrinth on a nightmare canal journey.
Feature Fantasy, Horror, Thriller For sale 107pp
Deep State by David Murphy
The 2016 presidential election was one of the most misjudged in modern history. Fearing exposure of their crimes while in office, Obama, Rosenstein, and their co-conspirators plot to invalidate Trump's Presidency.
Feature Biography, Drama For sale 93pp
The Aleppan by Dave Miller
The inspiring true story of Qusai Abtini, Aleppo Syria's one and only child sitcom star.
Feature Drama, History For sale 92pp
Training Taylor by April J. Miller
A boy, orphaned by a tragic accident, is sent to his uncle’s ranch where they learn how to understand each other and God’s plan by training a Border Collie puppy named Taylor.
Feature Adventure, Family For sale 122pp
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Being by D. Westfall
A lonely woman living in a secluded cabin in the mountains is visited by an injured hunter seeking refuge from an approaching snowstorm.
Feature Horror For sale 89pp
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The Dependables by Daniel Lauder
When the primadonna star of a movie is kidnapped, three supporting actors put their acting chops to the test to save him, the movie, and most importantly, their IMDB credit.
Feature Comedy For sale 109pp
Planet What? by Doug Pike
Planet What?, a parody of 1950s-era science fiction films, is the story of a crew of dense, incompatible astronauts who crash land in the year 5088, but can't figure out where.
Feature Comedy, Sci-Fi For sale 93pp
New Beginnings by Linda Bean
Rain Man meets dysfunctional family.
Feature Crime, Drama For sale 112pp
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Before by G. Howard Gutshall
In a long-forgotten time, a scientist must overcome treachery and tragedy while striving for the betterment of all humanity.
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 98pp