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Savior-in-Chief by Chris Dahl
President Donnie gets stuck in The White House security bunker because of some stupid protestors, so he and his pal, AG Bill Barr, cook up a scheme to spring him.
Feature Comedy Available for Free 85pp
VietCom by Steve Hanisch
A crack career soldier and his band of misfits bond as they brave the Vietnamese jungle to retrieve a high-value target.
Feature Action, Adventure, Comedy, War For sale 93pp
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Monster Without by Jurij Fedorov
A teenage girl is haunted by a ghost. One of her classmates sees this not as a problem for her but as a solution to his problems.
Feature Family Available for Free 100pp
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Haunt Me No More by Anthony Fertino
A family must survive after escaping an actually haunted house. It was constructed by a traveling murderer, who uses every Halloween to purge the demons that haunt him onto innocent visitors instead.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 89pp
THE FIVE ALIVE by Eric Dickson
Five bottom of the barrel street cops become the targets of a Jamaican revolutionary who's declared war on the Miami Police Department.
Feature Action, Crime For sale 124pp
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Going Home by Jason K. Allen
Sci-fi novelist Jack Curry is visited by four odd characters claiming to be from another planet. What's worse, they insist that Jack is from their planet -- and they have come to take him home.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Sci-Fi For sale 92pp
The Night of the Reaper by Anthony Fertino
80’s teen loner Amelia runs away after her stepfather beats her. She's subsequently trapped at a motel, when police secure the area to catch a killer that uses a treated human spine as a scythe.
Feature Drama, Horror For sale 94pp
Ninja Zombie Death Island by James McCann
After an ancient master is kidnapped, four sisters must reunite to stop an evil scientist and save the world.
Feature Action, Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi For sale 91pp
John Chen - The Sprite by Ashoka Chowta
John Chen sets out in search of three evil charms.
Feature Comedy, Fantasy For sale 1pp
The Dagos of Baseball by David Murphy
Players such as Joe Garagiola and Yogi Berra came from a place called, "Dago Hill," in St. Louis. This is their story.
Feature Biography, Family, Sport For sale 73pp
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Spandex & Fake Tan by Chris Welch
To save a beloved community building a stuck in a rut wrestling fan will try to organise the event of a lifetime.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Sport For sale 105pp
Revelations by Francisco Antonio Seguin
When a mourning teenager on a die-hard mission to rescue a stolen generation, discovers a Vampire prepared to unleash Hell on earth, a broken community’s fate lies in choosing their faith or war.
Feature Action, Adventure For sale 110pp
Just Friends, Actually by Nick Assunto
When platonic best friends discover they're trapped in a romantic comedy, they team up to try to escape their fates, but the movie they're in will stop at nothing to make them fall in love.
Feature Comedy, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 99pp
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Mountain Of Love Two - Six Years Later by Ernie Johnson
While having his devotions, at home, Cal Long sensed God was calling them back to Mount Manhadden, but this time they would be taking their wives along.
Feature Drama, Family For sale 116pp
Life, Death, Lager and Lies by Anthony Hudson
A family funeral brings up memories that some didn't know, and others would rather forget.
Feature Comedy, Drama For sale 92pp
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Crocodile Man/Sobek 1: Survival of the Fittest by Neil Sutherland
When a female praying mantis ET seeks to destroy the Earth’s food supply, a science nerd and ancient Egypt's crocodile hero must match the ET's intelligence and technology, to save the world.
Feature Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi For sale 84pp
The Last Light by Andrea Scanu
When home is gone- What's left?
Feature Action, Drama, Sci-Fi For sale 119pp
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The Coverups by Doug Pike
When the world's most famous painting is stolen, Marigold West, an unwitting accomplice, suddenly becomes the most important person in the world of art.
Feature Comedy, Crime For sale 97pp
Bella Loba by FLORENCE NAHON Flopsy
A special wolf’s blood helps a father cure his daughter’s lupus. Russian agents try to steal the DNA altering cure for their Super Agent Army after finding out about Bella’s new superhuman abilities.
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 90pp
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Hellfire And Brimstone by Rhonnie Fordham
Amidst a weird outbreak, a young couple seek vengeance against a group of vicious vampires. Twilight meets The Purge
Feature Action, Horror For sale 85pp
Carhopping by Tsara Shelton
A soul searching homeless hitchhiker explores the challenging lives of four drastically different travelers while carhopping. Along the road he uncovers some intriguing truths about stories and, ultimately, about himself.
Feature Drama For sale 99pp
The Funny Thing About Death by DARSHIT A.V.
Mockumentary on the final days in the lives of residents of a small town as the apocalypse approaches.
Feature Comedy For sale 104pp
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Birds by Anthony Fertino
A struggling young actor moves in with his judgmental uncle, and falls for an unavailable journalist. When unexplained bird attacks escalate, inciting the worst of humanity, he traverses Los Angeles to get to her.
Feature Action, Comedy, Drama, Horror, Romance For sale 117pp
Pride of Love by Kev D
2 broken young gay victims haunted by memories of their past. Their friendship blooms into romance, where scar hidden secrets will be revealed.
Feature Drama For sale 92pp
I've already forgotten what happened last friday by Adam Young
A horror comedy based on IKWYDLS with a serial killer with anterograde amnesia.
Feature Comedy, Horror Available for Free 1pp
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