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SuperFreaks by Chaz Fatur
A Scientist develops robotic technology for three everyday unsung Heroes to combat the crimes of Steel Town.
Feature Action, Adventure, Crime For sale 121pp
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MISS CLARK by Jordan Tate
When her boyfriend gets killed by a werewolf before her eyes a teacher turns into a hunter in order to track down the creature behind the crime.
Feature Adventure, Fantasy, Horror For sale 102pp
Snow Worms by John Hunter
A strong and resourceful young woman leads a desperate struggle for survival when a long frozen terror awakens in the Alaskan wilderness.
Feature Horror, Sci-Fi For sale 76pp
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Several months after a devastating accident, a recovering PTSD-prone Rock Climber and her Friends find themselves trapped alongside the same cliff - this time as the targets of a Sadistic Sniper.
Feature Action, Adventure, Horror, Thriller For sale 84pp
The Attic Wars by J. Phillip Wilkins
A psychic detective and an FBI agent pursue serial killers connected by an existential thread.
Feature Crime, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi For sale 87pp
Rehab the Musical by D.C. Copeland
A Felliniesque look at the lives of seven celebrities as they battle drugs, alcohol, and each other while in rehab.
Feature Biography, Musical For sale 103pp
7 days in La Suerte by John Iannucci
A former NYC cop, running a diner on the Mexican / Nevada border to find that his little oasis isn't what he thinks. Later he wakes up to find his life isn't either..
Feature Drama For sale 115pp
They Were Golden by Kirwin Sullivan
Set in golden age Hollywood, a wandering World War Two veteran is sent to collect his old friend, a reckless movie star, after a scrape with the mafia.
Feature Drama For sale 105pp
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The Warrior Reborn by John Sanderson
After a promising Indigenous boxer suffers a devastating loss, he struggles with his own dark addictions, while seeing his daughter grow into the fighter he once was.
Feature Drama For sale 83pp
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The Midday Murders by Jazzlen Breeze
A serial killer is using clever and inventive ways to murder unsuspecting victims in the confines of precinct in midtown Manhattan.
Feature Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller For sale 298pp
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Murderhorn by Richard Adrian
A troubled boy finds an ally against his tormentors in the form of a dark unicorn, but when its murderous attentions turn on the boy's family, he realizes the true cost of its loyalty.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 97pp
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Screech by Mark Millicent
'A talented soccer player bonds with an injured hawk while recovering from a devastating car wreck as he needs to save his family from an unhinged psychopath - his brother.
Feature Crime, Family For sale 103pp
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A Deliberate Rebellion by R.L. Galbraith
A naive British businessman ventures to India to make a fortune until a nasty civil war subsumes him; inspiring him to join the military while admiring a servant girl, and imprisoned for disobeying a superior.
Feature Drama, History For sale 119pp
The Sword of Calais by Paul Maher
1536. Jean Rombaud has a royal commission to behead Anne Boleyn. But when his nephew injures a noble's son, old wounds are opened and Jean has a predicament, execute his nephew or commit treason.
Feature Action, Drama, History, Romance For sale 46pp
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Shaken from Within: EMERGENCE by Paul Egli
When a mysterious young girl emerges from a demonic underworld and ignites a hell-fed firestorm, a reluctant new sheriff must face the merciless fury of those he once called friends.
Feature Mystery, Thriller For sale 120pp
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Blue Sea Fish by Andrés Ramírez-Sánchez
A defiant Journalist goes to China where life will show him a rough lesson to him and to the whole world. A novel virus (Covid-19) will change the world's view on life.
Feature Drama, Mystery, Thriller For sale 96pp
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The Cartographer by Tom Kalaj
After discovering a manipulable map that can alter the real world, a student must reverse the consequences of ripping off the war-torn country his father is deployed at or risk losing him forever.
Feature Action, Adventure For sale 100pp
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The Lady of Sunshine by Marcos Fizzotti
She’s in our homes, our lives, our minds, I don’t have much time. I can’t stand much longer. I’m even afraid that just by reading this, you’re also in danger. You’re our only hope, Apocalily.
Feature Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller For sale 132pp
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Not Yours To Give by Kirk Lohse
Ask most people about Davy Crockett, and they will likely describe a coonskin capped, bear-fighting frontiersman, who fought and died at the Alamo. But this is the story of Davy Crockett the honorable statesman.
Feature Biography, Comedy, Family, History For sale 78pp
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The Chickens Are Coming! by Rick Garrison
Citizens of a small town become convinced they are under attack by a horde of giant, genetically-mutated, flesh-eating chickens!
Feature Action, Adventure, Comedy For sale 108pp
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Timothy Scott: Shadow Island by Tobey Alexander
Discovering a magical world an outcast twelve-year-old boy must overcome his insecurities and self-doubt to face a dark spectre that haunts his nightmares. Discovering the creature is real he must protect his newfound friends.
Feature Action, Adventure, Family, Fantasy For sale 114pp
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The Girl From Sorek: A Delilah Story by James Pappoe Jr.
A former escort falls prey into betraying the man she falls in love with in order to save herself and family.
Feature Action, Drama, Romance For sale 98pp
The Cruciverbalist by James Shearer
A teenage deserter from the Foreign Legion becomes the captive, feminized maid of a deranged woman. By learning his captors hobby, compiling crosswords clues, he sends a coded plea to the outside world.
Feature Drama For sale 125pp
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FAKE by Erick Freitas
An aspiring gangster in New Jersey tries to run a scheme within the pro-wrestling world, without being caught by the FBI.
Feature Comedy For sale 107pp
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American Cars by F.J. Hubert
When a car designer competes to become CEO against the woman of his dreams, he must face his lifetime fear of abandonment as the ultimate test.
Feature Drama, Romance For sale 95pp
4 readers love this script