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Underdog by Fiona McPhillips
A hard-partying single mother is forced to fight for her life after she kills a gangster in a drug-fuelled hit-and-run.
Feature Drama, Thriller For sale 93pp
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Motown Inn by James McCann
Stephen King spoof Finding themselves trapped in a hotel where they are the only guests, two couples must fight for their life as they attempt to escape an insane caretaker.
Feature Comedy, Horror, Mystery For sale 96pp
Where Water Tastes Like Blood by Rémi Brandely
A man and his robot propagate new plant life in a secret bunker that harbors the antidote to a deadly virus, but the arrival of a feisty young girl threatens everything.
Feature Drama, Sci-Fi For sale 111pp
Hopeless Romantic by Kimberly Britt
Desperate to meet a famous romance novelist whom she believes to be her soulmate, a lovelorn woman must overcome a series of obstacles orchestrated by her jealous best friend in order to fulfill her destiny.
Feature Comedy, Romance For sale 114pp
COOP by Joe Leone
An inspirational drama about a disabled dog who assists a recently disabled young athlete find renewed purpose in his life.
Feature Drama, Family For sale 102pp
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A Lady Boxer by Leon Segers
A young female goes from girlfriend, to wife, to domestic violence victim, to female fighter defending her honor, and her life.
Feature Drama For sale 92pp
Nothing but Love by Doug Pike
A lonely toy store owner in a failing mall is duped by a scheming female consultant, and only prevails when his young, widowed employee proves to him that love is the key to success.
Feature Romance For sale 95pp
The Journey by Linda Bean
As Americans we are all born with indisputable rights, is The Right To Die one of them?
Feature Drama, Romance For sale 110pp
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EXTRA LUGGAGE by Lee Squires
A struggling social media influencer tries to start a new life abroad with an unexpected companion.
Feature Comedy For sale 85pp
Beyond Letters by Muhammad Castallani
An oppressed Woman struggles to find her inner strength and resolve to defy her parents and follow her own path, until one day she meets a terminally ill screenwriter who lives life to the fullest
Feature Drama, Romance For sale 112pp
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Discord by Joseph Laramore
In a small town, three women struggle to survive the night, holding to their humanity, as an infection transforms the female population into unstoppable killing machines.
Feature Drama, Horror, Thriller For sale 114pp
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Residual magic by Doug Robbins
Hoping it will improve her social status, a lonely seventeen-year-old girl tries to have her doll disenchanted but all Hell breaks loose.
Feature Fantasy, Horror For sale 89pp
Back Country by Hank Kellerman
A small town sheriff struggles to close in on a child killer following the abduction of a young girl, while a well known community members aids in the search to keep his murderous secret safe.
Feature Thriller For sale 68pp
The Second Coming by Chris Dahl
God’s plans for the End Times are messed up when Trump & Pence take over the White House.
Feature Comedy Available for Free 108pp
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Fallen from Grace by Kimberly Marasco
Based on the Non-Fiction book, Fallen from Grace, is Ann's story of dealing with adversity and how others tried to silence and discredit her, however, she developed a plan to expose many hidden truths.
Feature Drama For sale 103pp
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Squid Jiggers by Judi Blaze
When barmaid and aspiring writer Monique catches her husband Toad with his latest romantic conquest, it leads to a chase which ends with Monique losing her arm.
Feature Drama For sale 105pp
Back in the Saddle by Kyle Williamson
tremendous storms and dimensional inversions occur. One man, a lost soul can fix the problem. Will the people causing it find him and kill him first?
Feature Adventure For sale 102pp
Deadshot by Michael Hoffman
Follow a convoy of no-nonsense-survivors hellbent on staying alive in a post-apocalyptic America, after a new strain of parasite begins turning humans into undead puppets
Feature Action, Horror, Sci-Fi For sale 134pp
The Action Pack by Clint Kelley
Good guy mercenary crew, The Action Pack, bite off more than they can chew when a simple contract turns into all out war with the Yakuza, and an ancient demon with his own agenda.
Feature Action For sale 118pp
Calling out to Tommy by Shaun Needham
Disillusioned with the horrors of World War Two, a compassionate British soldier forms an alliance with a German prisoner of war as he attempts to get home to see his new born daughter.
Feature Drama, War For sale 98pp
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The Tale of Carobhill by Marconi O'Kilimanagh
A group of friends find some paranormal activity in a slaughterhouse. Instead of getting scared they take advantage of it creating a business that gets out of control.
Feature Action, Adventure, Horror For sale 113pp
Family Friendly by Rhonnie Fordham
Tormented by memories of her serial killer parents, a teenager attends a party on the ten year anniversary of the night her psychotic father went missing. Two locations, low-budget, small cast, twist ending.
Feature Horror, Mystery For sale 92pp
PARALELL by Howard Tubbs
After a man and woman subconsciously seeking love find it through mutual daydreams, they ultimately realize they have a shared experience in another existence battling the loss of a loved one.
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 97pp
Sword of honor by Mark Sercye
A hot tempered young noble returns from fighting in France to learn he must fight his own brother for hand of a beautiful woman.
Feature Action For sale 120pp
Almighty Gloria by Mara J
For Gloria Boudreaux, unforeseen changes and unexpected occurrences are a way of life. Eventually, she learns that you can't run from your problems, the only way is to battle through them.
Feature Drama For sale 89pp