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2 Watch by Stephen Ko
A time travelling filmmaker teams up with his future self to make a biopic about the inventor of time travel, but starts to distrust his future self after he finds he is addicted to cocaine.
Feature Comedy, Sci-Fi For sale 106pp
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The Magic Pen by Claire Hutchinson
After he discovers a magic pen that gives him the power to write masterpieces, a desperate screenwriter struggles with his conscience and coming clean about his ruse to both his colleagues and his true love.
Feature Comedy, Family, Fantasy For sale 123pp
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The Creation by C. Guinosta
After a Scientist finds out that his daughter is dying, he tries to test bringing the dead back to life which turns into a disaster when the wrong corpse is tested.
Feature Horror For sale 80pp
Corked by Nikki Wheeler
A career driven LA woman must restore a Texas Hill Country winery to save her inheritance and change her life.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Family, Romance For sale 116pp
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Malevolent by Mickey Hatewood
A family are tormented by a sadistic psychopath when he invades their home.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 83pp
The Action Pack by Clint Kelley
Good guy mercenary crew, The Action Pack, bite off more than they can chew when a simple contract turns into all out war with the Yakuza, and an ancient demon with his own agenda.
Feature Action For sale 118pp
Haunt Me No More by Anthony Fertino
A family must survive after escaping an actually haunted house. It was constructed by a traveling murderer, who uses every Halloween to purge the demons that haunt him onto innocent visitors instead.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 89pp
The Debt Collector by Johnathan Burns
A lonely businessman finds success by exploiting others until he falls in love with a new client. Now he must choose between wealth and love.
Feature Comedy, Romance For sale 117pp
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Dorothy Triumphant! (A Young Woman's Adventures At The Other End Of The Rainbow) by M. E. Lee
A more grown up Dorothy leaves the family's Kansas pig farm, and heads for Los Angeles just in time to get tossed into her next great adventure.
Feature Action, Adventure For sale 106pp
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Transformers: Sins of War by Luis Filipe Araujo
A young woman finds herself in the middle of a war between two alien factions that have come to Earth.
Feature Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi Available for Free 132pp
The Poster Girl Stewardess by Peter Gartner
Can Gina, the Poster Girl Stewardess, find love and contentment in her job ?
Feature Drama, Romance For sale 76pp
Knowledges by Zachary Brenner
Residents in Idaho live in safety and peace in post-apocalyptic bunkers when a group of friends uncovers a treasure detailing how and why the world ended.
Feature Drama, Thriller For sale 101pp
Missing woman. by Pablo Mendez
Beth walks by the blind alley where has been revealed the swack off fingers of an unidentified body. While cops accosts her, Beth find out mirroring her own portray in a poster headlining: 'Missing woman.'
Feature Horror For sale 55pp
Pieces of Summer by Jennifer Moricz-Goodwin
A young woman's memory of one summer is lost to her as a result of shock therapy, until an old photo of her resurfaces in a photographer's gallery, and she remembers... or so, she thinks.
Feature Crime, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller For sale 99pp
Hot Spring by Katya Stiletti
When an inscrutable female lawyer stricken by a 'misfortune trifecta' is ensnared in a labyrinth of deception and betrayal, she inadvertently destroys a corrupt political system and finds life's 'paradise' as a fugitive.
Feature Adventure For sale 110pp
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Layla by Frankie Gaddo
Two craft store co-workers must retrieve a toy duck connected to a monetary windfall for a crime boss before sundown to avoid being whacked.
Feature Comedy, Crime For sale 83pp
Almighty Gloria by Mara J
For Gloria Boudreaux, unforeseen changes and unexpected occurrences are a way of life. Eventually, she learns that you can't run from your problems, the only way is to battle through them.
Feature Drama For sale 89pp
The Escape Route by James McCann
After robbing a casino, three dim-witted criminals make an attempt to escape to Scotland on a double-decker bus.
Feature Adventure, Comedy, Crime For sale 92pp
Pure Romance by Christine J. Whitlock
What if a klutzy teacher sells sex toys at women's parties to raise money for dog shelters and discovers that her uptight lawyer boyfriend is her slum landlord, who later rescues the women from attack?
Feature Comedy, Romance, Thriller For sale 119pp
The Diva Code by Reico Cartwright
When a tenacious 70s R&B Diva rise to the top; a duet partner, crooked record label, and rival set on stealing her man, all get in the way of love, marriage, and business.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Music For sale 113pp
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In A Moment's Landing by Karl Scarff
How hard can it be to get arrested and get dental and a free education?
Feature Comedy For sale 90pp
Midnight Dreary by Joel and Valerie Reeves
Both inspired and haunted by the deaths of everyone he loves, Edgar Allan Poe fights poverty, enemies, and his own demons to become one of America’s most famous writers.
Feature Biography, Drama, Horror For sale 118pp
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Rapture Island by Jackie Hayes
Evil loves to disguise itself, especially in the innocent.
Feature Horror For sale 113pp
Fiddling At Dawn by Fausto Lucignani
An elderly Jewish man, chased by the FBI and a loan shark, struggles to overcome his deep-rooted prejudices when an Arab sheik offers to help him.
Feature Drama Available for Free 107pp
Down the Devil's Road by Liam McCann
Ex-con Jack is forced to rob a bank to clear an old debt but he discovers something unexpected in the vault. Now he has the police on his tail and the mob after his family.
Feature Action, Crime, Drama, Film-Noir, Thriller For sale 114pp