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Finding Sunshine by Ellis Barrowman
A reluctant psychic, coming to terms with her abilities, falls for a detective on a missing child case. But the child they're searching for doesn't seem to exist.
Feature Romance, Thriller For sale 80pp
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Four Rich Men by Mark Jay
Four friends become actors and is enjoying the rich life; Two are faithful and married and the other two loves girls too much, but a secret is hidden that will soon be exposed.
Feature Drama Available for Free 1pp
Exposed by Terrence Sellers
An African American immigrant, his Taiwanese wife, and their dog try to survive in a quarantined Taipei during a global pandemic.
Feature Drama, Sci-Fi For sale 104pp
The Rake by Erik D Griffin
A man battling depression begins having visions of the same demon that his wife saw moments before she died in a tragic accident.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 91pp
The Black Family by Jasmine Johnson
After his mother dies from cancer, a grieving teen battles his uptight father and his upper-class upbringing to chase his dream of becoming a rapper.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Family For sale 81pp
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Drew Dixon Adventures by Kyle Williamson
A genius madman plays a deadly game of chess with human lives
Feature Crime, Mystery For sale 141pp
Mountain Of Love Two - Six Years Later by Ernie Johnson
While having his devotions, at home, Cal Long sensed God was calling them back to Mount Manhadden, but this time they would be taking their wives along.
Feature Drama, Family For sale 116pp
A Bronx Story by Frankie Gaddo
A jaded cop quits the force to infiltrate a drug ring to find his brother's murderer.
Feature Crime, Drama For sale 109pp
PunchDrunk by Simon Rozee
An alcoholic er-boxer discovers that to save her troubled son she must teach him to fight. But as they train she realises that he must show her how to win.
Feature Sport For sale 107pp
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Time by Leon Segers
A very different fatal attraction
Feature Crime For sale 98pp
In Shades Of Blue by Ed Penney
Stephen and Vicky meet and fall in love. But can their love survive the passing years when they both have completely different aspirations in life?
Feature Comedy, Drama, Romance For sale 100pp
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The Last Wall by Gary Timleck
Assigned to retrieve stolen military weapons, an RCMP officer finds herself drawn into a plot to trade the guns for a new, party drug that may have fatal results.
Feature Action For sale 119pp
Hellfire And Brimstone by Rhonnie Fordham
Amidst a weird outbreak, a young couple seek vengeance against a group of vicious vampires. Twilight meets The Purge
Feature Action, Horror For sale 85pp
3 G by Eric Dickson
An ex con on probation is coaxed by his estranged cousin into pulling a hotel robbery and is set up for the murder of their team.
Feature Action For sale 84pp
Knowing Too Much to Live by Dave Miller
Modern screen adaptation of Hamilton Deane's 1924 stage adaptation of Bram Stoker's "Dracula"
Feature Horror For sale 73pp
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A Tale of the Shapeshifters by Zach Landis
A family of shapeshifters struggle to understand and fit into a relaxed society.
Feature Drama, Fantasy, Romance For sale 95pp
Destiny's Divas 2 - Angel Of Mercy - Episode 3 by Ernie Johnson
With a two week break before their gig in Dallas, the girls are expecting a mini vacation, but as they step off the plane in Dallas, they are informed of a contest.
Feature Drama, Fantasy, Mystery For sale 106pp
Battle Of The Bands (vampires vrs zombies) by George Snow
A human rock band believes becoming vampires will bring them the peace and happiness they've never known. They were wrong. But, winning the Battle of the Bands just might.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Horror, Musical For sale 116pp
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Quicksilver by Richard Hudson
Following a bloody encounter between the FBI and a pair of serial killers, a distraught woman travels across country, unaware that her fiance's murderer and the FBI are on her trail.
Feature Action, Thriller For sale 105pp
Renegades by Gregory Brown
Two Russian brothers live anarchistic lifestyles by robbing convenience stores across the modern American West. After a botched robbery their relationship is challenged when they encounter a female hitchhiker.
Feature Adventure For sale 93pp
Dorothy Triumphant! (A Young Woman's Adventures At The Other End Of The Rainbow) by M. E. Lee
A more grown up Dorothy leaves the family's Kansas pig farm, and heads for Los Angeles just in time to get tossed into her next great adventure.
Feature Action, Adventure For sale 106pp
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Firmaments Yonder: Stirring On The Red by Henri Ani
A Teenage Human/Martian Hybrid and her friends set aside allegiances in their stand against a rebel faction of Human/Martian Hybrid Slaves bent on sending their human slave masters on exile from Mars for good.
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 94pp
Bad Bargain by Richard Russell
To keep his dying wife alive, a mystery writer makes a bargain with a demon. Not all trades work out.
Feature Drama For sale 93pp
Shots by Max Hoven
Two young roommates drunkenly kill their neighbor and struggle to hide the evidence as people keep arriving to their apartment for a surprise birthday party.
Feature Comedy, Crime, Horror For sale 100pp
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Three By Five by Richard Silcox
Julie Downes creates too much drama in her life. A trio consisting of her gay roommate, carousing sister and shy best-friend, come together anonymously to help her out.
Feature Comedy For sale 93pp